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Acknowledge God’s Day to Reveal Limitless, Everlasting Life As Ours
Metaphysical Application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Subject: Life
July 16-22, 2018

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer

Golden Text: I love the powerful command, “Choose life.” By making this choice we are able to love God, obey him, and be joined together with Him. And when we do that, we can expect to experience the promise of Life that comes from our oneness with limitless, eternal Life.

Responsive Reading: Notice the references we have here as to what God is and gives (light, salvation, strength, home, beauty, good, life — you may find more). God redeems. But, it is important to also pay attention to what is expected of us in order to experience these gifts. We need to seek, behold, inquire, praise and magnify God, trust Him, desire life and love God’s day, refrain from voicing evil, leave evil behind and do good, pursue peace, and hold on to what we learn about and from God. Notice, too, the references to day and years. These will continue throughout the Lesson and are seen to hold a key to experiencing limitless life!

Section 1: Understanding God’s Day eliminates the limits of time

There is much talk in this section about day, lengthened days, and time. The first Bible citation sets the tone … “This is the day which the Lord hath made;” (B1) It may be tempting to think about this from the perspective of God having made our human day. But, looking at it from the perspective of the definition of Day given in the Glossary of Science and Health, I see that the unfolding of good and the “irradiance of Life” is truly the day that God makes. This day isn’t limited to a sense of time. It is the day that we can expect to experience every moment — always. Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines irradiance as “beams of light emitted; luster; splendor.” It is this sense of day that eliminates the limitations of time and allows us to experience a sense of eternal Life that knows no beginning or end — and so eliminates all fear of death, limited opportunity, or separation from good. (S3,4&5) This sense of day has nothing to do with the rising or the setting of the sun — so we can experience the peace, vitality, and unfoldment of God’s day even when the darkness of night tries to bring with it discouragement, fatigue, or fear. (B2)

Sometimes it seems that a problem has persisted for ever — or it seems we’re going to have to wait forever for something good to happen. But, if we are dwelling in God and moving in accord with His timing, we can be free of those limits. The Psalmist says that for God, “a thousand years” are like “a watch in the night.” A watch is only 3 hours! (B3) And, Mrs. Eddy takes it a step farther, identifying time as only a “mortal measurement” or “limits.” (S4) So, how do we overcome this limit called time? I think that’s answered by our Pastor. We stay focused on God being the only Life and remember HIS law of Life — experiencing this sense of abundant Life by keeping thought aligned with the Commandments — loving God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves. (B4 & S1) When it feels that we have too much or too little time, the answer may lie in understanding more about God’s day — and rejoicing in the fact that we dwell in that limitless day forever!

Section 2: Expect progress every day

Progress comes as we follow God, trust Him, and understand Him. I suspect I would have been as discouraged as any of the Children of Israel … being led through the wilderness for a couple of months, wondering where I was going, and not knowing where my next meal was coming from. The circumstances may be different today, but the temptation to feel like we are aimlessly drifting with no sure answers in front of us can seem just as real. Yet, God did provide for the Hebrews, and the supply was regular and sufficient. Surely, the provision springing from our Father-Mother is no less real today. What I love about the story told in the Bible is that Moses didn’t tell each one how much they were allowed to gather. Whatever was needed by each individual for that day was there for them — no strings attached. The only requirement was that they put forth the effort to gather the manna, and that they only take what they needed. If too much was taken (out of fear or greed) the extra would spoil. (B6)

Surely we can trust that God is providing for each of us exactly what we need each day. This supply comes in the form of inspiration, as well as physical needs being met. Our job is to gather what Love is supplying each day, confident that fresh inspiration and supply will be evident as needed. A fountain — unlike a stagnant puddle — is always fresh. (B8) “Streams flowed from the rock, and manna fell from the sky.” (S7) Life, Truth, and Love dawn and then glow. (S8) To me, all of these images connote movement — and thus, progress! Manna was gathered in the morning. But, morning is so much more than a time of day. It is a state of thought. (S9) It is in this enlightened mental state of seeking Truth, revelation and progress that we are able to gather that which our Father-Mother is forever providing. As we read in our textbook, “Being is holiness, harmony, immortality.” Glimpsing that fact and holding on to it moves thought out of darkness into the light of immortality. (S12) That’s the manna of progress we can expect daily!

Section 3: The peace of Christ sustains us when evening falls around us [PS1, 2a & 2b]

God’s glorious day is ever with us. But there are certainly times when the apparent darkness of night makes it hard to see the light of day. The disciples were far from land and in the dark when a storm arose. They, at first, didn’t recognize Jesus as he walked over the waves to them. His appearance caused fear rather than comfort. And yet, when the fear was silenced and Christ Jesus was welcomed into the ship, they found themselves immediately on the other side of the lake. (B10) I was struck that there was no mention in this account of the storm ceasing. But, the disciples were removed from it. To me, that’s a reminder that we must not outline how relief from darkness and fear will come … but that Christ, Truth, will deliver us. And the relief can come instantly — as the perspective changes.

Just as day is a state of thought — rather than a designation of time — so is evening. I love how the definition for evening given in the Glossary starts with a sense of mistiness, weariness, and obscured views, but resolves into the peace and rest that the disciples experienced once the presence of Christ (light and Truth) was recognized. (S13) When immersed in what seems like an impossible situation, it can be tempting to be overcome by discouragement and fear. But, we can always move thought! As we divest ourselves (that is rid ourselves of — strip off) “the thought that there can be substance in matter” we will find movement of body (and circumstances) as natural as the movement of thought. (S17) Peace comes as thought is lifted up above the storm of night into the light of day. (S19) And Christ, Truth does the lifting! We just have to acknowledge the ever-presence of that light of Christ and trust it!

Section 4: Time and age have nothing to do with who we are! [PS#3, #4 & #5]

If we’re not alert, it’s easy to slip into believing that who we (and others) are, and what we can do, is largely determined by “age.” The Bible has wonderful examples of how commonly accepted limits of age were torn down. According to all human standards Elisabeth should not have been able to have a child at her age. And, yet, the angel Gabriel’s promise that she and Zacharias would have a child came true. (B15) Do we listen to the angels that reveal the infinite nature of Life — or do we shape our expectations according to the mortal beliefs regarding time and age? The Psalmist assures us that “the Lord” (the self-Existent or Eternal) is the light (morning), salvation (liberty, prosperity) and strength (rock) of our life. (B12 — with Greek translation in parenthesis). Each of these ideas indicates undeclining stability and freshness.

We read in Job what we need to do to experience the freshness of the morning and the brightness of noon. We’re told. “devote your heart to him and stretch out your hands to him.” (B16 — NIV) Devoting our heart (our thinking) to God and reaching out to Him in prayer and communion means turning away from the lies of time and age and to the infinite nature of Life. As Mrs. Eddy says … “Let us then shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness, and continuity, rather than into age and blight.” (S20)

I love praying with the line from our textbook, “Organization and time have nothing to do with Life.” (S22) I have applied that idea as I have worked to express more order in my life — seeing God’s order unfold rather than trying to make a lot of different elements fit together. It has helped me see that material organs have no intelligence to act, react, or stop acting. It has helped me achieve whatever needs doing regardless of what the clock says, and overcome all kinds of limitations related to so-called age. We can expect to have ongoing morning experiences and see things freshly as “each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love.” (S24) No stagnation or decline in the Kingdom of Heaven! No need to wish we were older or younger. We are just right and limitless always!

Section 5: The Consistency of Life!

Life seems to be full of ups and downs. Consistency often feels very elusive — in whatever it is we’re doing. And a pervasive belief is that after a certain age — or a certain event — we can expect to feel a sense of let-down … that from then on life will basically head downhill! And yet, the Psalmist tells us that God is “the same, and [His] years shall have no end.” (B18) That means that God knows no ups and downs, no decline, no downhill. And, because man is the expression of God, this consistency must be true for us, too. Paul wrote to the Hebrews that Jesus Christ is “the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever.” (B21) Jesus was the highest human expression of God’s Christ, or the divine manifestation and ideal man. What Jesus demonstrated to be true for him is true for us all — and can be demonstrated in our daily lives.

The mortal concept of time is what we need to give up. I don’t think we realize how much we make a god out of it. The temptation is to think we have too much time on our hands (and we’re bored) or we have too little (and we feel pressure); we can’t wait for something special to happen, or we dread the thought of when something unpleasant will be happening. It seems kids can’t wait to be older, and as we get older we wish we were younger. And yet, as the definition of “year” in the glossary of Science and Health echoes from II Peter, “One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (B20 & S25) No difference — life not moving too fast or too slowly — because time has nothing to do with the eternal unfolding of Life, always manifesting the goodness and completeness of infinite Mind — without beginning or end. (S28)

We have to be alert to not measure things according to duration and not allow ourselves to think in terms of birth and death. We can choose to live— praising God for His goodness and recognizing the victory (salvation) that comes from dwelling in the consciousness of God’s consistent presence. (B19) Our textbook brings out that we must choose “which mind-picture or externalized thought shall be real to [us] — the material or the spiritual.” The material is temporal (measured and limited by time) while the spiritual is eternal (perpetual; continued without intermission; existing at all times without change.) We must choose — even if we don’t seem able to fully understand or demonstrate our ideal. (S26) Choosing life enables us to move forward and experience to some degree the “everlasting grandeur and immortality of development (without decline), power, and prestige.” (S27) The longer we hold on to the limits of time (including the false labels associated with certain ages) the more elusive the ideal becomes. None of us really wants that! So, choose the consistency of Spirit and live — no matter what matter tries to tell you to the contrary!

Section 6: We are the children of the day … free to experience infinite blessings [PS#6, PS#7a-#7d]

How liberating to think of ourselves as children (united to God in affectionate intimacy) of the light (spiritual illumination) and of the day (the unfoldment of good without limitations of time), walking the “path of the just (right, lawful)” followed (being pursued or attended closely) by goodness and mercy, and dwelling “in the house of the Lord for ever (continually)”. (B22, 23 & 24 — definitions in parenthesis being either the Greek or Hebrew translation or from the Glossary of S&H) We can think of ourselves that way when we start with the fact that Life is God and man is the expression of Life. Because “Life is not limited”, we are not limited. (S30) Mrs. Eddy defined children as “the spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love.” (SH 582) Life is pursuing us. As we keep thought aligned with God as Life — as we “lean on the sustaining infinite,” — we are able to see and experience the big blessings that fill each day! Choose Life and live!!!

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