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Life Income Gifts

Support CedarS and help to build spiritual values

Since its God-guided founding by the Huff family in 1961, The CedarS Camps have flourished and been a wonderful blessing to tens of thousands of Christian Science Sunday School students— giving them “an appreciation of spiritual sense and an abundance of wholesome, joyous activity.” Your planned gift will enable CedarS to continue to benefit the 800+ campers and counselors who attend CedarS each summer, and will also bless their families and branch churches for many generations.

Planned Giving

Planned giving can take the form of a bequest for CedarS in your will or revocable trust, a beneficiary provision in your retirement plan or life insurance policy, or the establishment of a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust. The gifts described in this brochure could provide you or your estate with significant income and/or estate tax savings.


Will or Revocable Trust

To include a gift in your will or revocable trust, include the following provision: “I hereby give and bequeath [specify a dollar amount, specific asset, or a percentage of your estate] to The CedarS Camps, a tax-exempt corporation located in Lebanon, Missouri, for its general purposes [or specify the fund into which your gift should be placed].”


Retirement Plan or Life Insurance Policy

To designate CedarS as the beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy, include the following as the beneficiary designation: “The CedarS Camps, a tax-exempt corporation located in Lebanon, Missouri, for its general purposes [or specify the fund into which your gift should be placed].”


Charitable Trusts

charitable remainder trust enables you to provide income for yourself or loved ones either for life or a specified number of years. At the termination of the trust, the remaining assets will be distributed to CedarS and used for the purpose you specify.

Through a charitable lead trust, you can provide income to CedarS for a specified number of years, and then at termination of the trust, the assets are either returned to you or are distributed to your family or other individuals. Charitable trusts can be funded with cash, securities, or other assets, such as real estate.

CedarS Legacy Society

If you have named CedarS as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy, please let us know. We would like to welcome you as a member of CedarS Legacy Society and thank you personally for being a partner in our work to make a lasting difference in the lives of our campers and counselors by giving them fun and focused opportunities to apply Christian Science and grow in their relationship with God.  Members of the Society will be listed on a plaque displayed at CedarS that will be updated each year—although your gift can remain anonymous if you wish.


What our parents & donors say

“My son had the fantastic opportunity of experiencing a huge and loving Christian Science community in action.  At our branch church, my son is the only kid in Sunday School.  What a difference then to come to CedarS.  To hear the hymns as a choir.  To talk, play, share with fellow young people learning their way in Christian Science.”

- Parent

"Thank you again for the Sunday evening Hymn Sings. Your musicians are so lovely and caring and joyful. This has been a treasure for me during the lockdown. Every week it gets better and better!"

- Donor

Easy ways to give!

Send a Check:

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it out to "The Cedars Camps" and send it to:

June - September
19772 Sugar Drive
Lebanon, MO 65536

October - May
410 Sovereign Court #8
Ballwin, MO 63011

Give by Phone:

Call us both in the United States and from overseas by dialing +1.636.394.6162 and we can help you with your gift!

Give Securities:

To contribute stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares, please call (636) 394-6162. We will provide you with the instructions you need to transfer securities.

American Camp Association

(November - May)
410 Sovereign Court #8
Ballwin, MO 63011
(636) 394-6162

(Memorial Day Weekend - October)
19772 Sugar Dr.
Lebanon, MO 65536
(417) 532-6699

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