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Adult Helpers

Come, serve, and grow in grace with us this summer!  Adult helpers have a choice of serving in Food Service, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Office, Crafts, Riding Program, or Sports.  Adult helpers may opt for tuition credits, volunteering, or pay.  CedarS is very grateful for each team of adult helpers as their service meets valuable needs for camp.

Some reasons to join the adult helper team:

  1. Witness your child(ren's) camp experience from a comfortably-close yet comfortably-remote vantage point.
  2. Earn tuition credits. ($315-$355 per week)
  3. Take part in inspiring hymn sings, testimony meetings, daily Christian Science Practitioner talks, and more!
  4. Enjoy a change of pace in the great outdoors (with morning walks/runs, afternoon swims, cable watersports, Bible Lands Park tours, etc.).
  5. Experience meaningful fellowship with other spiritually-minded adult helpers, and make lifelong friends.
  6. Enjoy three meals a day, with salad and fruit bars.
  7. Embrace the challenge to consistently express Christly sharing.
  8. Serve in a place where your unique talents and best giving are definitely needed.
  9. "Make a fortune" in love and appreciation.
  10. Fulfill your reason for being:  "to impart truth, health and happiness" (My. 165: 20).

Testimonial from a first-time "Housekeeping Mom"

"I showed up to camp with pretty low expectations and prepared to rough it and fend for myself.  What I found was quite the opposite. I felt so special and privileged to have had such a beautiful place to stay and such wonderful meals lovingly prepared.  The food was really delicious and I haven't seen a salad bar that well-appointed since I was on a cruise ship.  Wade Wolfe and his team are to be commended for a job well-done.

You have a true gem in Amy Nisbet [Director of Housekeeping].  It was a pleasure to work with her and to learn from her.  She is a kind and gentle soul that just embraced each of the housekeepers right where they were.  I'm grateful for all I learned from her.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve CedarS and the wonderful good it represents while working in housekeeping.  I learned so much about humility from all of the other mothers there.

All the activities we were able to participate in were so fun.  We loved the swimming time.  I can't say enough about how nice the salt water pool is.  The water slide, the tie-dye event, the feet soaking spa night, the root beer floats, the opportunity to attend Big Surf. . . wow!

However, above and beyond all of these things for which I am so grateful, was the opportunity to be there to support my son.  I can't tell you what a difference that made.  I saw him at his best. . . lighthearted, free, happy, peaceful and expressing his strength, dominion, childlikeness and determination.  The gift of being able to be there and to witness him-- in his element of joy and freedom-- well, it was amazing.

I can't forget to mention how amazing it was to be in an atmosphere where healing was so vivid and everpresent.

I will be forever on the CedarS team now."

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