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Adult Helpers

Come, serve, and grow in grace with us this summer!  Adult helpers have a choice of serving in Food Service, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Office, Crafts, Riding Program, or Sports.  Adult helpers may opt for tuition credits, volunteering, or pay.  CedarS is very grateful for each team of adult helpers as their service meets valuable needs for camp.

Some reasons to join the adult helper team:

  1. Witness your child(ren's) camp experience from a comfortably-close yet comfortably-remote vantage point.
  2. Earn tuition credits. ($315-$355 per week)
  3. Take part in inspiring hymn sings, testimony meetings, daily Christian Science Practitioner talks, and more!
  4. Enjoy a change of pace in the great outdoors (with morning walks/runs, afternoon swims, cable watersports, Bible Lands Park tours, etc.).
  5. Experience meaningful fellowship with other spiritually-minded adult helpers, and make lifelong friends.
  6. Enjoy three meals a day, with salad and fruit bars.
  7. Embrace the challenge to consistently express Christly sharing.
  8. Serve in a place where your unique talents and best giving are definitely needed.
  9. "Make a fortune" in love and appreciation.
  10. Fulfill your reason for being:  "to impart truth, health and happiness" (My. 165: 20).

Testimonial from a first-time parent adult helper

"I appreciate the existence of the adult helper program. I'm honestly not sure who experienced more growth during a week of Cedars, me or the kids! I was able to connect with other Christian Science parents and feel a part of a community of care, all the while feeling in some small way we were helping to make camp hum and of course receiving a meaningful tuition reduction. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and opportunity. Our kids were able to more fully enjoy camp knowing I was nearby if needed. The daily brief hug meant a lot. I'm not sure our kids would have attended camp at their ages without my ability to be nearby, so it means a lot that this opportunity is available, as they really grew so much in their one week away from home!"

Cedars Camps prohibits unlawful discrimination in employment and all camp-sponsored programs and activities. This prohibition applies to acts of unlawful discrimination by or against Camp employees, campers, volunteers, and visitors—including applicants—and it includes unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, religion*, gender**, sexual orientation, family status, disability, age, or military or veteran status.

* Cedars prioritizes its commitment to hiring counselors and year-round staff who are practicing Christian Scientists. Campers and their families must be interested in engaging intentionally with CedarS’ mission and growing in Christian Science. 

** Cedars hires according to the needs of the programs, looking for a balance of genders.

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