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[“Feed the famished affections”* with grace, gratitude and praise for God whence all good comes!]
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for THANKSGIVING
By Jared Eggers, St. Louis, MO [with bracketed italics by Warren Huff]

[The Met for this week's lesson on “Ancient and Modern Necromancy, …” will be coming from Rick Stewart either later today or Tuesday with a late-breaking confirmation of “the protection experienced by breaking through the mesmerism of mortality to the armor of divinity in Afghanistan.”]

The Golden Text [for this Bonus Thanksgiving lesson with its free, interactive version on MyBibleLesson] is mostly comprised of a sermon given by David. He was so overwhelmed with gratitude at this moment that these words came out at a feast and celebration. David credits God for creating and being all good and is simply grateful to be able to see and express that good. 
In this time of Thanksgiving it is natural for us to examine the experiences in our lives and give gratitude, but we would be better to practice recognizing God-given good so often that our hearts well up like David's on a regular basis. [To read from how a writer who was just “going through the motions” experienced a profound, healing change in church one Thanksgiving Day, click on The Thanksgiving that changed my life.]
Section 1
This section continues the theme of praising God. Everyone has a reason to be grateful (B2) and we should recognize the true source of good in our lives. Our source and the source of all good is from God, the one Mind (S3). We should only look for our blessings through our spiritual sense (or Soul) and not in material means (S6). When we realize the true source of good in our lives, then we will see that this good is unlimited for us and for all.
In return for the good and the blessings that God gives us, we simply need to be grateful. Not just grateful in word, but grateful in the very fabric of our being. Our gratitude for God's good must be a part of us so we will always recognize God's good and never waste his goodness. That way we will be ready for more blessings from God. (S5)
Section 2
God made man in his own image and likeness. “God is Love” (S7) so we must be made in the image and likeness of Love. In the Adam dream, man is not made of love, rather he is made of dust. Adam man may be loving or loved from time to time, but he is not Love. This difference between the two is that the mortal man falls in and out of love and can be swayed by hatred, anger, revenge. God's man is only Love, so he never knows evil or the claims of the devil. 
Christ came to teach the truth about man and free us from the Adam dream. When he saw the multitudes mesmerized by the material picture his heart went out to them and he healed their every sickness (B8). Many were tricked by matter, but even after watching Jesus heal and hearing him talk, few gained a true understanding of what Jesus was teaching. Many still see life in matter–so the harvest is still great. Few still understand that Life is not in matter, but God will supply all that we need for a successful harvest.
Section 3
This section drives home the idea that our gratitude is not sufficient if it is not lived. We have the story of the 10 lepers healed by Jesus (B12). Leprosy was considered in those days to be a punishment from God for sin. Only a priest could declare that a leper had been completely healed and thereby allowed to join society again.
It is interesting that Jesus did not heal them and then send them on their way. As always he required something of his patients and told them to show themselves to the priest first; then while they were on their way they were healed. They had to show their faith in order to be made clean.
After they were healed, only one returned to Jesus to say thank you and it was the Samaritan. The one that was normally seen as too low to even be in the presence of Jews. This Samaritan's heart was so filled with gratitude that the trip back to see Jesus was very worth his while. Weren't the other healed lepers grateful and happy? I'm sure they were; but the Samaritan so completely let gratitude fill his heart and his life that he grew much more for the experience.
Our actions attest our gratitude much more than our words (S14). If we are truly grateful, we will learn and grow along with our gratitude; and growth and learning will result [in infinite blessings for us and “fringe benefits” for all who our thoughts rest upon.”
Section 4
What the material world calls miracles should seem normal and natural to us (S19). Instantaneous healings, protection, infinite supply, these are the natural workings of God and we should expect to see them often in our lives. How do we see these so-called miracles more often in our lives? By following Christ's example and using the tools he gave us. [Click below to take advantage of a fun series of tools offered by TMCYouth: a string of podcasts in which, “Bible Scholar Barry Huff looks at each verse of the Lord's Prayer with fresh eyes, exploring how this prayer ‘covers all human needs.' (Science and Health, p.16)”]
Mrs. Eddy says that the Lord's Prayer “covers all human needs” (S21), but how often do we actually, [earnestly and thoughtfully] pray this prayer instead of simply recite it? It is a complete prayer for us, our families and the world; but if it becomes too familiar [so that our thought glazes over as we cruise through it] its potency to heal and redeem our thought and our lives will be greatly diminished. 
So how do we better see and the divine strength of the Lord's Prayer in our daily lives? By living what we pray [just as Jesus lived this prayer that he taught his disciple to pray] (S22).
We know that God is our Father-Mother. Then we should live a life that follows the teachings and example of the Christ.
We sanctify God's name. Then we should keep first things first and not be tempted to make gods of anything material.
We know that the Kingdom of Heaven is all around us. Then we should not be tricked by any claim of mortal mind to see and feel life in [the kingdom of] matter.
We know that God is in command and he maintains all in harmony. Then we should see no accident or evil effect.
*We know that God supplies all needs. Then we should admit to no lack for either ourselves or anyone [-and should take active and grace-filled steps to “feed the famished affections.” That was what our family did with memorable joy one Thanksgiving Day when our dog ate the turkey that was left out to cool before carving.]
We know that God forgives us for our mistakes. Then we should forgive others and never take offence.
We know that God never created a mortal man in a world of temptation, sin, disease and death. Then we should recognize mortal mind for the nothingness that it is and turn from sense to Soul to see the powerlessness of sin, disease and death.
We know that God is all power, Life, Truth and Love. Then we should see all around us, only the power, reflection and perfect action of God.
 [Attention athletes and campers: The following adaptation by our daughter of the last line of the Lord's Prayer was prayed in unison by popular demand in nearly every pregame circle by the University of North Carolina field hockey team during their strong and twice successful runs at the national championship between 1996-2000. “For Thine is the kingdom in which we play. Thine is the power with which we play. And Thine is the glory for which we play forever.” This affirmation of playing and working with God's protection and power and for His glory will be a guiding prayer in the building and use of CedarS latest addition to our Bible Lands Park of Stage One of a “Mediterranean S(k)ea”. Our not-for-profit Board, campers and staff are thankful beyond words that Stage One has begun and will be big enough for multiple campers to simultaneously feel like they are “walking on water” as they enjoy watersports in a sustainable way. To also help make Stage 2 of this lake an answered prayer before our coming 50th Jubilee season, please consider online or mailed contributions (one-time or monthly) as part of your God-inspired “Thanksgiving Giving!” Gifts of all sizes (ear-marked: for “Lake” or Mediterranean; or for “Maintenance Musts” Match (by 12-31); Unrestricted; Camperships; “Adopt the Herd” Match;… ) will all be gratefully received, acknowledged and put right to a richly-rewarding use as specified.]
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