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From Wilderness wandering to the Promised Land!

On Wednesday (7-14) campers went down to the Bible Lands Park and learned about what it means to put all their faith in God.  They wandered in our CedarS ‘wilderness’ and considered what it would have been like for the children of Israel to wander in the desert for forty years.  “I feel like I’ve gotten a better understanding of what it means to lean on God,” one camper commented.  The children of Israel “really had to know that God was with them the entire time!”  The campers stood on top of Mt. Nebo and looked across the Jordan River into the Promised Land, and began to understand what the children of Israel would have seen and felt at the time.  As others have done, these campers also acted out the story of Joshua and the parting of the Jordan River and the faith the children of Israel had.  By acting it out and seeing where it would have taken place, campers gained a deeper understanding of what it would have been like back in Biblical times, as well as finding ways to apply these lessons to their daily lives right now!

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