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PSST: Uncover blocks that attempt to separate us from God, and remove them one by one, rejoicing in the communion with our true Father.  (5)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on July 25, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

 Golden Text (PSST): See and feel the importance of this message for you, specifically!

Why does Jeremiah repeat “earth” three times? (Jer. 22:29)
How important is his message? Who is he writing to?
How can you help your students see and feel the importance of this message for them specifically to “hear word of the Lord”?

Responsive Reading (PSST): Know the Word to live better and fuller lives here and now.
Define “Word” with your students – both in a modern dictionary and looking at the original Greek.
What is the significance of all beginning with the Word? (John 1:1; 17)
How does knowing the Word help us live better & fuller lives here & now? (Prov. 8:1-35)

Section 1 Possible Sunday School Topics: Why pursue the revelation of Truth here & now? 
What is the source of Truth?
How do we learn more about & draw ourselves & our thought/understanding closer to Truth?
Why is Truth a “revelation”? (cit. S1/117:27)
What is the outcome of this revelation & why should we pursue it here & now? (S4/vii:18)
How will it help your students in “real time”?

Section 2 (PSST): Explore the transformative role of “humble fervent petitions” [cit. S8/2:11]
What is the source of wisdom? What qualities did Solomon portray that allowed him to seek wisdom above wealth, fame, personal glory? (cit. cit. B7/I Kings 3:5-28)
How are we to wait on God and how are we to seek Truth? (cit. S7/254:10-12)
How do these qualities portrayed by Solomon and highlighted by Mary Baker Eddy promise to make a difference in the lives of your students?
How can “humble fervent petitions” [cit. S8/2:11-17] help young people today in all ways, spiritually, socially, academically, professionally?

Section 3 (PSST): [Grow the noble confidence to “Go your way” trusting Christ’s Truth cure.]
What does it take for us to believe in the power of Truth? (“signs & wonders,” cit. B9/John 4:48)
How often are your students reluctant to believe until they see or feel the effects of Truth?
How did Jesus respond when the man pleaded a second time with him? (cit. B9/John 4:50)
How does this reflect the manner in which the Christ idea responds to our needs, daily?

Section 4 (PSST): [Perceive & accept Truth to redeem “the whole human family” cit. S20]
Why is it important to understand the Word of God?
How much do your students investigate the Bible, Jesus’ teachings and the foundation of Scripture on which they stand?
Have your students memorized citation S21/497:3 “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.”
Do they know where to find it? [on page 497, with the other Tenets of Christian Science, on the last page of Science and Health, before Key to the Scriptures)?
What is “the inspired Word of the Bible”?  [cit. S21/497:3]
How does it differ from the literal human words on the page?

What does it mean to bring even half of their faith in what they can see, feel, touch “to bear upon their study of the Science of Mind”? [cit. S20/202:6-13]

Section 5 PSST: [When you let the Truth defend itself, you can comfortably share it boldly!]
Do your students ever feel persecuted by false beliefs [like the apostles? in Acts 5:18/cit. B16]
Are they ever hesitant to stand firm for Truth [unlike those apostles? [cit. B16/Acts 5:21, 25, 42]
What is wise and comforting about Gamaliel’s message to his peers? [cit. B16/Acts 5:34-38]
What can your students learn by applying this to moments of persecution by erroneous thinking, sometimes coming to us “innocently” –“in sheep’s clothing” for a wolf]?
What is it that stops your students from fully relying on Truth for healing and progress?
Consider this last question honestly – uncover the blocks that routinely attempt to keep us separate from God, and then work to remove them one by one, and rejoice in the communion with our true Father.

Section 6 PSST: [Spell out what progress in practicing Truth will look like next week.]
What does it mean to practice Truth? [“The best sermon ever preached is Truth practiced and demonstrated by the destruction of sin, sickness, and death.” cit. S27/201:1]
How can your students make progress practicing Truth this week?
How will they know that their practice has been beneficial? [“Your fruits will prove what the understanding of God brings to man.” Cit. S28/496:13]
What will progress look like?

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