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PSST: Bring the fearless freedom of Soul to yourself and all around you, now! (6)
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

 “Soul and Body”
for classes on May 23, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

 Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST): Let God’s song and light save you!
The Psalmist calls God a song – what sort of song is God to your students?
How is our relationship to God enhanced by music?
Does music ever feel like a place of salvation to your students?
What is the light that God shows us and how can we see it on a weekly / daily / moment by moment basis?

Responsive Reading PSSTs: Find modern metaphors for God as buckler, fort, garden.
How is God defined in this Responsive Reading?
Why does the Psalmist define God in these terms?
What would be more modern terms that would replace the Psalmist’s and would carry the same meaning forward for a 21st century student?
Have your students think about what buckler or fortress does, and what might they see as a modern version of each.
Consider the garden metaphor at the end and explore with your students if there is another metaphor that they can utilize to make the description of our relationship to God even clearer to them.

Section 1 PSSTs: Share what it’d look like for your soul to long & faint for God’s courts.
One – why is it so key to understand God as One?
What is the everlasting covenant that this One God has made with His people, us?
Do your students’ souls long, faint for God’s courts?
What does this mean and what would it look like if they did?
Why should we desire God so much? C
onsider the second line of the Lord’s Prayer – we are to hallow God’s name, why?
How does all of this relate back to God, Soul, Spirit being one?

Section 2 PSSTs: Praise and grow closer to God daily!
What does it mean to say that man is the expression of Soul?
What does it feel like for your students to be expressions of Soul?
If there is no god besides Soul, what does that make possible for your students on a daily basis?
Do your students’ souls praise God on a daily basis?
How can your students use the insights from this section to grow closer to God?

Section 3 PSSTs: Share what it’d mean to deny provisions offered like the Hebrews did.
What is meat? Why would the king’s master of eunuchs want Daniel and his friends to eat and drink what the king had provided?
Why would Daniel not want to eat and drink these provisions?
Would this make the master of eunuchs afraid? Why?
When can your students reject the material provisions being offered to them?
Is the rejection enough? What else must we all do when we deny the sustenance of matter?

Section 4 PSSTs: See your origin as 1 with God to have a single eye & full-of-light body!
Eyes – what do they do?
What does it mean to have an eye that is single?
How does this relate to Soul being One?
How does having a single eye lead to a body full of light; prosperity and health; freedom from long term illness?
What is our origin – how can you help your students understand their identity as the offspring of Soul?
When we see where we truly come from, how does that contribute to having an eye that is single?

Section 5 PSSTs: Find oneness with Soul to unite all mankind & promote healing, peace!
Do your students’ souls wait on God, Soul?
How can we grow in our reliance on Soul?
Why is Soul worthy of this reliance?
Why is it absolutely critical that we learn to lean on Soul more and more?
How does Soul bring us closer to our fellow men and women, both near and far?
How does Soul combat against the divisions of human origins, beliefs, factions, and so on?
How does being one with Soul unite all mankind and promote healing and peace?

 Section 6 PSSTs: Bring the fearless freedom of Soul to yourself and all around you, now!
Fearless and joyful – is that a promise your students would like to obtain?
How can we move towards a fearlessness that is not subject to human circumstances?
How can we bring the freedom of Soul to us and all around us, now?

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