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[PSST: Answer NO to lies! Yes to Truth!]
ossible Sunday School Topics (PSST) for April 12, 2015:
“Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?”

Prepared by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon
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This week's Bible Lesson provides many opportunities for careful consideration of what God did, and did not, make. No matter how real something seems, only God and His manifestation is legitimate. I hope these starter questions / topics will be a help as you prepare for the coming week's classes.

I'll be embedding links into the text of this email, and in case you are reading this from a printout, I'll copy the full text of each link at the bottom of this email so you can manually type them in to your internet browser, to enjoy at your leisure.

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PSST for Golden Text: What are the hallmarks of effective watching? How do you make sure that when you're watching, you're not so focused on evil that you miss the good? How do you practice the habit of watching? What do you do if something seems to slip around your watch?

Your classes will enjoy this animation about Jesus and how he kept a good watch.

PSST for Responsive Reading (RR): What does it mean to "cry to God?" What does praising God have to do with keeping watch? Is there only one right way to praise God?

You will love this downloadable graphic about praising God!

PSST for Section 1: Since God knows only good, does that mean that He can't reach you if you're feeling surrounded by evil? If God is always taking care of us, what do we have to watch out for? Do we really believe that God heals EVERYTHING?

The familiar Bible story of the widow and the pots of oil is a lovely illustration of the importance of trusting God with all our needs, including health and supply. Here's a coloring book you can download and print out to enjoy with your class.

PSST for Section 2: Citation B8 may be a familiar story for you and your class. Lest 'familiarity breed contempt,' challenge yourselves to learn something new from this story, something fresh and invigorating that applies to your life.

Have you ever been in any situation remotely similar to this? Is it fair that the woman wasn't punished more severely? How does 'fairness' fit in to the divine Principle that is Love? How do you know when sin is truly forgiven (read: destroyed)? Is it possible to be completely free from sin? Why do you think Jesus 'wrote in the dirt?' What does it mean to be a “child of the day”? Fun stuff happens at night, too; what is wrong with darkness? And what's this about not sleeping? Don't we need our rest? What is citation B9 really saying to us today?

This Radical Act is based entirely on learning to see the good and Godlike in everyone, and what that correct seeing brings to everyone's lives. Read the stories, share with your class, and consider sharing your own story online.

PSST for Section 3: What would citation B10 look like, in practice? What is going on in the conversation in citation B13? Why is Jesus impressed with the sick man and his friends? Does this story bear any relevance to your life? What is the connection between destroying sin, and healing? Does Christian Science ever feel like a creed or just a human system to you (see S15)? If it does, how can you find the vibrancy and freshness of it?

Consider this spoken word poetry, both rejoicing in and questioning the Christ and Christ's relevance to us today. How would you and your class respond to these questions and ideas?

PSST for Section 4: Check out the story in citation B16. What are some key characteristics or qualities of all the people involved? What relation did those qualities have, to the healing? Were all the roles of the people involved equally important? Can you identity any qualities that particularly stand out as nursing qualities? Have you ever considered yourself as a Christian Science nurse?

Is death a really scary thing? Does death, or the consideration of death, ever figure into your daily life? If it does, should it? How can rid ourselves of any fear of death?

Check out this audio podcast about Jeremiah. He faced a lot of turmoil, doubt and struggle in his life; his example of being a prophet (check out the definition in the Glossary of Science & Health) is an inspiration for us all.

PSST for Section 5: Citation B19 says "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…" How important is it to give testimony of the healings and inspirations we've experienced? How is it possible that God could rescue us from any challenge? How can God's word heal people – what is that word (or Word)?

Have you ever felt the call and declaration of that standard spoken of in citation S28? What would freedom, true freedom, really look like in your life?

Here's a great video describing how a dancer found complete freedom after an injury. Your class will enjoy seeing how she really lives Christian Science!

Finally, here are two more offerings, one which may appeal more to the youngers, and one for the olders. Thanks for your time preparing for your upcoming Sunday School class; correct teaching, gracious engagement, and the love you pour out on your students is a light for their lives and a blessing for you all.

This is a maze, drawn by two early elementary students, showing how the journey to freedom requires no pit-stops with fear, laziness or despair! You can download and print the maze for your class to enjoy; the link to download is at the bottom of the blog entry.

This is a video interview with the founder of WorldBlu about how Christian Science and the example of Mary Baker Eddy inspired her to start this global organization. Your students who are considering internships, what college or major to choose, or even just how to bring inspiration to their daily life, will really enjoy this candid and enthusiastic interview.

Have a wonderful week!

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