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Christian Science Nurse

Reports to: Camp Director and Director of Operations

Job Description

To support the entire camp community, providing skilled care and practical support for those seeking healing through Christian Science.

Learn more about Christian Science nursing here.  If interested in nursing opportunities at CedarS, please contact

Essential Job Functions

These functions are specific to the role of a Christian Science nurse at CedarS Camps:

  • Communicating closely with the Christian Science practitioner and Camp Director about individual care needs;
  • Training camp counselors in preventative care and in recognizing situations that call for professional Christian Science nursing assistance;
  • Setting up Care House, the camp's Christian Science care facility;
  • Organizing, maintaining, and utilizing adequate resources for serving the health and care needs of the campers and staff;
  • Inventorying and ordering all necessary supplies;
  • Preparing and distributing care kits across vehicles and activity sites;
  • Providing feedback and leadership on the camp's risk management program and safety practices;
  • Maintaining accurate care records according to state and American Camp Association standards.


The job also encompasses the following functions, as listed in the official scope of services statement for Christian Science nursing care:

  • Accepting a case with the expectancy of complete and quick healing;
  • Giving care that is consistent with the theology and ethics of Christian Science;
  • Loving reassurance of God's tender care, ever-presence, and omnipotence; faithfully and consistently acknowledging each individual’s spiritual perfection;
  • Christian encouragement of a patient's appropriate expression of activity and vitality;
  • Reading to or with an individual from the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and additional literature published by The Christian Science Publishing Society;
  • Communication: maintaining an ethical, moral, and loving manner in all communications with the patient, family, friends, Christian Science practitioner, and others; observing ethical and legal requirements with regard to private information about the patient;
  • Surroundings: maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual healing and supportive of harmonious care;
  • Personal care and bathing: assisting with all necessary care to meet the needs of cleanliness and comfort;
  • Mobility: assisting with mobility including assisting with standing, walking, moving, and settling with or without mobility aids or comfort items;
  • Nourishment: preparing and modifying food; assisting with feeding; giving appropriate encouragement to eat;
  • Cleansing/bandaging: cleansing, covering and bandaging, to provide for cleanliness, protection, support, and comfort;
  • Instructing the patient or others in providing care for meeting individual needs;
  • Being obedient to the laws of the Iand.


Christian Science nurses work closely with the Christian Science practitioner and Camp Director. They directly support campers, staff, and adult helpers. The expectation is that these professional relationships will be harmonious, and that communication will be respectful and appropriate. The camp always has one Journal-Listed Christian Science nurse on duty.  At times, the lead Christian Science nurse may act as mentor to a Christian Science nurse who is new to the camp setting.


  • For a Lead Christian Science nurse:  current listing in the Christian Science Journal, documented experience working with youth in a camp setting, supervisory experience
  • For a Mentee:  Training completed through Level III of the Christian Science Nursing Arts training program or an equivalent level of another Christian Science nurse training program
  • Member of The Mother Church
  • 21+ years of age

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Love of Christian Science
  • Ability to connect meaningfully with young people
  • Thorough knowledge of how to provide care for a wide range of physical and mental health needs
  • Ability to drive a golf cart or "Mule" safely, with onsite training

Physical Aspects of the Job

  • Ability to lift/assist campers and staff.
  • Endurance to meet emergency needs.
  • Ability to quickly get to remote locations on camp property over uneven terrain.
American Camp Association

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(Memorial Day Weekend - October)
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