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Program Overview:

Try a huge variety of sports and get lots of reps with a ball! Improve your coordination, fundamentals, strategic thinking, and overall athleticism.  CedarS has many venues for sports activities. Coached by Sarah Jarvis Grigsby.


Soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis/pickleball, track & field, and more.


Include CedarS Sports Center, Aquatic Center, Tennis Courts, and playing fields.

The CedarS Difference:

Play sports using the lens of Christian Science and grow as a teammate, leader, and competitor.

Junior Division (2nd-4th/5th grades):

Enjoy two periods of sports each day, with two periods of camp activities (i.e. cable water sports, horseback riding, swimming, crafts, canoe and kayaking) and daily free swim.

Senior Division (5th/6th-7th grades):

Enjoy two-to-three periods of sports each day, with one period of camp activities (i.e. cable water sports, horseback riding, low ropes teamwork challenges, high ropes) and daily free swim.

See Main Camp program for more activity details.


Fruitage from Parents

“I greatly appreciate the Camp administrators, counselors and volunteers for the wonderful work they are putting in with the kids. I truly believe that the theme of “Grace” is being lived to its true meaning at the camp this summer.”

- Parent

“Cedars has been a wonderful place for my kids and I to go during our summer. We always look forward to it and the kids thoroughly enjoy the programs provided not to mention the wonderful staff and the food. Each child had a chance to try a new program this year and they came out so fulfilled, energized and renewed by all the love and fun they had. ”

- Parent/Adult Helper

“Words will fail to describe the depth and detail of my gratitude for this experience for both myself and my girls.  It was incredible, it was intellectual, and invigorating in ways I never knew I needed. I really did feel at home here. Thank you both for the hospitality and the full immersion to Christian Science.”

- Parent/Adult Helper

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