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Program Overview:

Gain practical instruction, hands-on experience, and mentoring in the art of counseling at CedarS. Attend morn­ing classes led by Staff Development Directors on engaging campers in Bible Lesson study, teaching safe and fun activities, caring for campers, fostering cabin harmony, hosting at meals, and more. Live in cabins (for 2 weeks of the course at least) alongside role-model senior counselors and learn how they work with campers. Assist with camp activities and prepare to lead your own. Apply Christian Science at new levels as you grow in selfless awareness, ego-free responsibility, and unconditional love. Top graduates hired back as paid staff.

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What our campers say

“I had been coming to camp as the camper, and now I was here to serve others. It was a humble blessing to give back to a place that had directly served me. I still feel the same unwavering Love and blessings from going from camper to counselor, if not more. Being a CIT was an invaluable lesson in selflessness, love, joy, humility, etc.”

- Katie C.

“If you have loved being a camper in the past and want to give back to camp, or if you are new and want to learn all there is to know, being a counselor is for you. Counselors get to continue enjoying the best part of camp- the incredible atmosphere, while having the responsibility to make a difference at camp and impact kid’s lives.” 

- Alex C.

“I value the trust the camp puts in new counselors to fully take on the responsibility of being a leader. We aren’t segregated or watching from a distance; rather, we are in on the hands-on learning experience. Outside of Cedars, I see my perspective of children has held more to the constant idea of pureness and innocence even when behavior seems challenging. I strive diligently to see that wholeness now, and it is a new way I am applying CS in my life.” 

- Katie C.

“Learning the significance of professionalism has prepared me for other work environments. I was able to learn more about school and careers options by having fellow counselors that were easy to consult with and ready to pass-on experience.”

- Alex C.

“I loved that throughout the CIT class we were able to demonstrate what we were learning daily in the cabins! The majority of our learning, I feel, took place in the cabins where we are indirectly trained by our amazing Co-Counselors! Through completing the CIT course, I have learned how to be a greater leader, how to be responsible, and how to be independent!”

- Addison C.

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