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Program Overview:

Gain life skills in teamwork, creative problem solving, and leadership as well as hands-on work experience that will jumpstart your resume.  Try your hand at food service, grounds maintenance, project construction, and fix-it skills.  Learn from your program counselors, Property Manager Bill Nisbet, Food Service Director Wade Wolfe, and other adult specialists.

No prior experience necessary: just an interest in Christian Science, a good work ethic, and a willingness to serve.  Includes supervised time off and daily water fun. This program is strongly recommended as preparation for the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) course.

***NEW*** 3rd Session only: Choose to help on Horse Crew.  Take care of the CedarS herd and assist the Wranglers during the day while spending evenings and off time with your fellow Crew members.  Must have completed Wrangler-in-Training or have significant prior horse care experience and interview with the Horsemanship Director to be eligible for Horse Crew.


Choose from these options:

Community Service:  Crew members earn 40 hours of community service per week that can count toward school volunteer hours, a Congressional Award, etc.  CedarS is happy to supply documentation and verification as needed.


Tuition Credit:  We offer $100/week in tuition credits to be applied toward another program this summer, toward your CIT course in a future summer, or toward a sibling's tuition.


NLC Fulfillment Opportunities: Read our guide on how serving on the CedarS Crew can fulfill NLC Internship requirement and earn Congressional Award hours.

Program Video:


What our campers & families say

“As my wife and I have tackled fixing up our first home, I’ve found myself referring back often to the lessons I learned in Big G. Whether it’s how to mop properly, respecting lawn care equipment, or just quiet, selfless devotion to serving others, the life lessons I learned in those summers in the [Crew] program have proved invaluable for me.”

- CedarS Alum

“My son had the fantastic opportunity of experiencing a huge and loving Christian Science community in action.  At our branch church, my son is the only kid in Sunday School.  What a difference then to come to CedarS.  To hear the hymns as a choir.  To talk, play, share with fellow young people learning their way in Christian Science.”

- Parent

“I’ve found that I’m much better at making friends at CedarS because of the loving and comforting atmosphere CedarS provides, which gives me the courage to be myself. I’m grateful for the growth in Christian Science that I get to experience there as well. I don’t know many Christian Scientists where I live, so having an opportunity to go to camp every summer and be surrounded by so many people I can discuss and learn about Christian Science with is such a blessing. The experience at CedarS helped me feel closer to God than I ever have. It taught me how God’s love can provide you with all the strength you need to get through the obstacle’s life throws at you, and how sometimes all you have to do is be quiet and listen for God, and He will provide you with the answers you need. I am so thankful for all that CedarS provides to practice Christian Science and what is does for me.”

- Camper

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