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TTT (Time Travelers Trail) Bible Characters — Micah

2011, Bible Lands Park

Micah (mentioned in Citation B-1 of the 7-11-11Christian Science Bible Lesson on Sacrament) Researched by Ben Gladden, Formatted by Warren Huff, CedarS Director Micah’s “Answered-Prayer/Promise (A.P.) History”: what he chose & did, one step at a time Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah in the southern Kingdom of Judah, during the divided kingdoms. He was […]

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From Wilderness wandering to the Promised Land!

Bible Lands Park

On Wednesday (7-14) campers went down to the Bible Lands Park and learned about what it means to put all their faith in God.  They wandered in our CedarS ‘wilderness’ and considered what it would have been like for the children of Israel to wander in the desert for forty years.  “I feel like I’ve […]

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Adventures in Bible Lands Park!

Bible Lands Park

Adventures in Bible Lands Park! Campers, staff, and visitors were introduced to CedarS new Bible Lands Park (BLP) for the first time during pre-camp and first session, 2010.  Through interactive exploration and Bible story-based scavenger hunts, campers saw their favorite Bible characters come to life!  This walk-through, scale model of the Bible Lands encourages campers, […]

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CedarS Bible Lands Park

Bible Lands Park

CedarS new “Bible Lands Park” (BLP) What exactly is this new “Bible Lands Park”? CedarS Bible Lands Park (BLP) is a walk-though, scale model of the Bible Lands with connected activities to experience first-hand how the Bible and its lessons relate to our lives. BLP is meant to be a fun place and an organized, […]

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Trips & Water Front Extravaganza!

Family Camp 2009

Yesterday was an awesome day at Family Camp! The first part of the day was spent going on Trips. Families were able to choose to go on the Caving Trip, the Float Trip, the High Ropes Trip, or the Bennett Springs Trip. All of these trips were amazing, so whichever one they decided to go […]

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