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A Peak/Peek at Our High Ropes Course

Looking down from a 40ft platform, what does God whisper to you?

This summer we will be posting updates here that are written by Goodluck Ajeh, a staff member who is completing a college internship for his Mass Communication major. Please enjoy this post about our second session Junior Leadership program. Photo credits: Carli Walker

“It was outside my comfort zone…” “I’m scared of heights…” “It was terrifying…” These were some of the words said by Junior Leadership (JL) campers on their way to the high ropes course. The high ropes course tested the campers as fear tried to creep into their thought and whisper things to them, but they put on their armor of God (as well as their practical safety gear) and boldly took on the challenge.

Over 20 campers marched down to the high ropes course. Each of them had individual goals to accomplish and the support of their peers behind them for this challenge-by-choice activity. The course is designed and the staff are trained to challenge campers while also keeping them safe. The GriGri is an awesome tool used to belay participants up into the course. It is an assisted braking belay device that gives extra support to the staff belayer to help ensure that the participants are safe.

Photo by Carli Walker

Up on the course, the Lock'D lobster claws keep the participants always hooked into the course. Once connected to the cable using these clips, campers are unable to unhook both claws at once because one claw is always locked. They are able to switch from one obstacle to another using commands with a certified ropes instructor and "Tweezle" keys that are positioned on the cables.

As the fear of heights challenged campers while on the course, the positive thoughts and support shared by their fellow campers and counselors helped them persevere through the obstacles. “I’ve never gone on the high ropes course before. The encouragement I got from everyone pushed me to keep going. If it were just me, I’d have given up,” a Dome (JL girls' cabin) camper said.

Photo by Carli Walker

The beauty of the course isn’t just about completing the challenges, but the lessons learned after completion. “No matter how hard or severe things get, I can always persevere through it because I know things will get better. It’s also good to step outside your comfort zone,” a camper in the Dome said.

Those lessons aren’t just restricted to camp activities, but they can be applied outside of camp. “A little support to someone who’s struggling can go a long way. It’s easy to just give up on people, but that little support can change everything,” a Treehouse (JL boys’ cabin) camper said.

Campers learned to overcome the obstacles presented by the high ropes course and the F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) of heights, by holding their thoughts steadfastly onto the good and cheer on one another. The demonstration of being there for one another helped them to face their fears of heights and overcome the obstacles presented by the high ropes course.

Photo by Carli Walker
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