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Hiring Announcement: Associate Horsemanship Director


We are grateful to announce that Kathy Whitmore will be joining the CedarS Camps year-round staff this May as Associate Horsemanship Director.  Kathy brings to the position a lifelong love of Christian Science and horses.  

Kathy comes to CedarS with a BS in Agricultural Business Management and decades of experience training and showing horses, teaching lessons, and working in and managing barns. While she has a breadth of horse experiences, her particular specialty is with Arabian horses. Kathy’s career has also included work in office and business management, sales, and campus security.  As a dedicated branch church member, Kathy has served in the volunteer positions of Sunday School teacher, Sunday School superintendent, lecture chair, and treasurer.

Kathy’s colleagues and supervisors describe her as a dedicated employee, a true team player, an incredibly hard worker, a harmonizer, a problem solver, and a person of the highest integrity.  We are so blessed to welcome Kathy to the CedarS team!

We are also abundantly grateful for the contributions of Assistant Horsemanship Director, Anastasia Nickell. Anastasia paused her college education for the past two years to serve as CedarS year-round Assistant Horsemanship Director, and after this summer, she will be returning to complete her undergraduate degree at Missouri State University.

Fun fact: When Anastasia was in middle school in Lexington, KY, Kathy served as her Sunday School teacher. This summer, Anastasia will be teaching Kathy about the CedarS herd and programs, alongside Horsemanship Director Kiersten Thompson. 

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