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Summer 2022 Fruitage & Gratitude

“As a camper, I grew more in Christian Science this year having great Bible lesson study and Sunday school with amazing counselors/staff that really care about you and making sure you understand the concept. I am extremely grateful to the donors that help all of us get a chance to go camping because it's definitely a life experience that I don't take for granted and each year I enjoy the feeling of home being loved and supported by everyone.” – Camper

“I go to Sunday School where me and my siblings are the only kids in church most of the time. So I really appreciate getting to come to camp where I can meet and collaborate with other Christian Scientists my age.” – Camper

“Everyone at Cedars is expecting (and demonstrating) that atmosphere of Love divine, which makes it such a joyful and safe place to learn and grow. I am so grateful to all the wonderful staff, counselors, volunteers and families who make Cedars such a wonderful place to send my children each summer!” – Parent

“I genuinely believe that world-peace could be established if every human visited CedarS Camps.” – Camper

“The donors who give to camp have a special place in our hearts. To see such an amazingly diverse group of children come together from all different backgrounds and walks of life is beautiful. So many kids would not have the chance to experience such harmony in action and the opportunity to learn to apply Christian Science to every single activity without it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!” – Parent

“I had a greater appreciation for all the counsellors do. I grew in confidence and independence learning valuable skills. I felt more at peace being surrounded by a group of like-minded people and learned how to take that feeling and skills into my everyday life. I am so grateful for camp as we get to work in a joyous and supportive environment and witness spiritual and personal growth in all we do from co staff to the campers and we get to create memories for the campers.” – Counselor in Training

“I'm grateful for the selfless counselors who spend the summer with the campers and make sure that they have a loving, safe, and fun experience at camp. I've noticed in recent years, as I've gotten older, just how much goes into running all of the programs behind the scenes, and for that, I'm very grateful to the directors for making everything work smoothly and safely for all of the campers. I'm grateful for all of the donors who make camp possible. Without the donors CedarS wouldn't be what it is, the donors make it possible for new buildings to be made, for campers to be able to come to camp, and for everyone's experience to be as memorable as possible.” – Camper

“Cedars allowed me to grow by practicing Christian Science in my daily activities and also allowed me to see the power of applying it.” – Camper

“We are deeply grateful for the camperships we received, making camp possible for our two children this summer. Having financial support like this during what we consider to be our ‘building’ years makes us feel so cared for by the Christian Science community, and we are committed to being donors ourselves once we are able. A sincere ‘thank you’ to each donor who has invested in this cause and is giving the gift of life-changing summers to so many children and families.” – Parent/Adult Helper

“There's just something different about the way Cedars can always leave you with a heart filled, and constantly wanting more. Cedars is the place you know you can always come home to. A place that will be open to you forever.” – Camper

“I grew my skills of skiing, and I grew my ability to make new friends. I became closer to God while I was here because I was constantly reminded of His presence every night and learned to love Him.” – Camper

“I am grateful for the year-round staff and donors who make CedarS possible for campers and staff.  The depth of spiritual enrichment that goes on at camp is immeasurable and I know that those who are blessed by a summer at camp are paying it forward in the remainder of the year and throughout their life.” – Parent

“I am so grateful for everyone who contributes to CedarS in any way possible/imaginable. Without generosity from donors we wouldn't be able to reach all the Christian Science youth that we have in the summer. I am so grateful everyone, no matter the financial challenges, gets to experience such a warm and welcoming environment where God is in action.” – Counselor

“I am grateful for the warm, inclusive embrace that EVERYONE receives at CedarS camp. There were several in my group (we came with several members of my family and close friends of theirs) new to CedarS and/or Christian Science.  They all remarked on how quickly they felt at home, included, supported, welcomed.  The weekend was refreshing for everyone in our group, and one family returned for family camp later in the summer. An inspiring example of Love in action!” – Memorial Day Weekend Family Camp Participant

“I am so grateful for the donors who make camp possible for us. We love camp and the amazing horses, the cable ski and water slide. The practitioner and nurses are so nice and the food is good! We look forward to every summer and are so grateful for the people who make it happen! Thank you!” – Camper

“Thank you to the people who built camp and the volunteers who washed my clothes, made the food, and take care of the campers. Thank you for the counselors for teaching me new things and for loving me and the other campers.” – Camper

“The counselors for the youngest boy's cabin were amazing and I am so grateful for the unselfishness and leadership the young men provided to these youngest boy campers.” – Parent

“My 7-year-old son grew in his confidence of himself by being away at camp for the first time and trying new activities and foods.  He more readily turns to God. For example, the other night when we were walking home in the dark, he said I am not afraid because I know God is All around.” – Parent

“My favorite things about camp are the people. Coming back every summer and seeing the same people, campers, staff, it makes me happy to know that there are other Christian Scientists around the country/world and that I am friends with them. I love that I can deepen my understanding of CS with people I wouldn't normally talk to or share ideas with. It helps me gain more understanding to use back home. I love the feeling I get when I turn onto Sugar Drive. I know that I am where I need to be and I want to be here with people that will support and love me.” – Counselor

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