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1st Annual Spring Service Weekend Brings Big Blessings!




“Open hearts and willing hands” (Hymn 58) was the theme of our 1st Annual Spring Service Weekend, and did they ever show up!  Volunteers from across the country rolled-up their sleeves to prepare camp for this coming summer. What an answer to prayer!

CedarS work weekends date back to the earliest days of camp, when volunteers would come to camp to help with spring projects and earn tuition credit for family members. For the past 16+ years, a group of volunteers from Dallas known as the “Dallas Dads” has come to support a spring construction project in exchange for tuition credits for their Sunday School students. This year, thanks to encouragement and publicity from The Campership Fund, we were able to grow the group to over 50 people who supported many departments of the camp, including food service, grounds, gardening, housekeeping, construction, and horse care.

This year’s volunteers included five CedarS Board members, several recent staff alumni, grandparents of current campers, middle and high school campers and their families, our year-round staff, several friends of CedarS, and of course the “Dallas Dads.”  It was such a joy to see the unity of spirit expressed and the love for CedarS and all the campers who will join us this summer.

Our days began with a hearty breakfast followed by a “Prac Talk” (an inspirational address from the Christian Science practitioner), just like they do when camp is in session. Many enjoyed reading the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson together before joining their crews. The work parties tackled their task lists all morning, enjoying fellowship and camaraderie as they accomplished their projects. Several commented that they were having a lot of fun and were putting the PARTY in “work party.” After a yummy lunch and short break, we were back to work. Many hands made light work, and we all felt the satisfaction of crossing projects from our lists. Another meal (including Wade's BBQ one night!), and we called it a day.

Of course, once we had the fire pits cleaned up and ready to go, the only responsible thing to do was a trial run. We put our fire building skills to the test and in no time had a nice bonfire. Even after a delicious blackberry crisp dessert, some of us were able to squeeze in a s'more or two. Hymns around the campfire and favorite songs soon followed.  

Sunday started with a Christian Science church service and Sunday School classes in Care House.  Volunteers then wrapped up projects and headed home as they needed to, each leaving camp better than they found it.

Here is a partial list of projects this special group accomplished in a weekend’s time:

Prepared North Star for painters

  • Assembled extra-long bunk beds for the Explorer & Uplifter cabins
  • Construction clean-up around the waterslide, North Star, Explorer & Uplifter Cabins
  • Being Earth Day weekend, we took advantage of Lebanon’s e-cycling drop-off and transported corded items, lightbulbs, batteries and furniture to their collection site.
  • Assembled shelving for the kitchen and Junior Leadership Palace
  • Siliconed many windows in the North Star Loft
  • Cleared campsites– Unity Site, Posey’s Paddock, Council Fire Site, and Camp Crafts
  • Prepared Settler’s House for Memorial Weekend
  • Prepared rooms in Dawn Lodge, Mediterranean Inn, and Care House for Memorial Weekend
  • Tended the flower beds around the Sports Center
  • MANY green slips completed
  • De-shed and groomed the horses
  • Fed horses
  • Took down the winter water trough heaters
  • Cleaned out winter sheds
  • Cleaned vehicles
  • Leaf removal 
  • Fixed fencing
  • Practice rides- spring training for horses
  • Cleaned water buckets & saddle pads
  • Moved hay bales
  • Fixed a door
  • Cleaned out the horse trailer
  • Mixed up grain 
  • Planned summer programs
  • Loved on the horses!
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner three days!

In total, 641 hours were volunteered this past weekend and there were 53 folks all working together.

Special thanks to CedarS Events Coordinator and Program Director, Kaetlyn Allen, for organizing the weekend and helping make this event such as success!

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