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Summer 2021 Fruitage

“CedarS has always been a cornerstone of goodness in every one of my children's lives! They love being there. Just a quick note of gratitude to all the staff there at CedarS this summer. My youngest son has usually been one of those who loves CedarS for a week, and then is ready to head home. This summer he is extending his second session to stay for a full four weeks! He told me, before heading back, that this is the closest he's ever felt to God and to finding Christian Science to be meaningful in his own life.” Parent


“I honestly have no words! Thank you so very, very much! This place is life changing. I’m so grateful for Ruth Huff’s vision. The staff is amazing. The counselors that took care of my son’s needs all week were amazing and my heart is so appreciative of them.” Parent


“This was by far my best CedarS session yet! Everybody was so kind and supportive. One of the best parts of camp for me was making friends with all the interesting campers that came from other countries. Hearing their stories about their home was so cool and my best friend was from a different country too! I had a great healing on ski day. I was scared by the large amount of water we were skiing on and I told the practitioner and she helped me realize that God created the water and everything in it so there was nothing to hurt me! And I had an instant healing. Later that day I was skiing more and I kept falling from the waves from all the other boats. Then I thought, the waves are just other people expressing themselves and having fun, so how can that make it so I can’t? And after that my fear of water was gone and I loved jumping over all the waves from other boats!” Camper


“Thank you so much for the financial support that was given so I could have a chance to not only have fun with my friends and challenge myself with new camp activities, but also to grow spiritually and learn about Christian Science from a new point of view.” Camper


“Every opportunity that our son can interact with other Christian Science youth is so important to our family. He is the sole member of our Sunday school and doesn’t get these opportunities often. Cedar Camps is a “coming home” experience! This past Wednesday evening, our son gave his first ever testimony. His love of Christian Science was expressed. It was completely unsolicited by us.” Parent


“Words can’t express the gravity of happiness and gratitude I have in my heart as we say our goodbyes to one of the most special places on Earth for my family. We have been able to connect with old friends, as well as make many new friendships and relationships with an array of awesome families. All of us [ referring to the family members] have learned to communicate on a new level that we will strive to continue and incorporate with us at home in our lives. CedarS is HOME and FAMILY.” Family Camp participant


“SOUL-inspiring trip! We ventured to a summer family camp jam packed with activities that promote courage, strength, growth, individuality and grace. It was fun, inspiring and transforming.” Family Camp participant


"I’m SO SO SO GRATEFUL you were able to provide a campership for my daughter, given her very last minute decision to attend camp.  I can't even begin to describe what a changed child [name] has been since those fruitful two weeks at Junior Leadership. Life changing! She came back ready to tackle the year and has been blessed and healed of so many challenges since then including struggles with school, focus, organization, motivation, etc. I can't say enough wonderful things about that group - from friends to staff to the JL practitioner. My heart is just bursting with gratitude watching her renewed spirit blooming this year in high school! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"   Parent

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