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Now Offering Virtual Bible Study

Good news!  We will be continuing our in-person Bible Study at CedarS, and we will now be offering a virtual Bible Study option as well.

Topic: “Genesis Part 2: The Story Continues”

Dates: Live October 21-25, 2001 (with unlimited replays available)

Facilitator: Madelon Maupin

Further Virtual Bible Study Details:

Topic Description:  In 2019, we covered the background of Genesis and the first 25 chapters in Genesis Part I. In 2021, we will continue our exploration of Genesis by taking a deep dive into the last half of Genesis, chapters 26-50.  Here the family story of Abraham’s kinsmen continues, beginning with Isaac, but primarily focusing on Jacob and his sons, who became the beginning of Israel’s Twelve Tribes. These may be familiar stories but we will be looking in fresh ways at their cultural, political and geographical implications as well as how their spiritual meaning can be brought forward to today.

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