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CedarS “Founding Documents” CD Gift to YOU with a seasonal E-gift Appeal

Learn about Founding Documents for a freedom-centered nation, faith & camp

With the United States of America’s Election Day less than a week away and Thanksgiving coming soon, we at CedarS are thrilled to be able to share an inspiring gift with you that undergirds and uplifts the season.

Listen to the audio clips below to hear two excellent talks given at CedarS Camps over the 2012 Memorial Weekend.

Founding Documents Talk

The 28-minute keynote talk, given by esteemed historian Clark Beim-Esche and sponsored by the Donald L. Koch Foundation, brings to life the nation’s founding documents:  the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  This talk serves as a timely reminder of the vision and sacrifices that undergird the freedoms guaranteed for all Americans today.

Founding Documents Introduction

We also include the introduction to this talk given by practitioner Gary Duke, C.S.  While pointing out that the religious freedoms outlined by the nation’s founders made possible the founding of Christian Science in this country, Gary also illustrates how the Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, and Scientific Statement of Being serve as spiritual declarations of independence, constitutions, and bills of rights for all of humanity.

Hopefully, you can make time to listen during the week before Election Day and in the weeks following the election when all U.S. citizens will need to rally around our common cause of freedom to support a united country.

CedarS Founder Ruth Huff felt so strongly about the need to pray for our nation and to get out and exercise our right to vote that up until her mid-90s she would get up before dawn on Election Day to serve as a volunteer at her local polling place.  Ruth Huff’s rich legacy also includes an inspired founding document: the Five Fundamentals of CedarS Camps, which we invite you to review here.

We trust that you will enjoy the gift of listening to the two talks.  If you wish to have a physical CD to listen to or to share, you may order one by clicking here.

Please also consider making a gift to two important areas that will carry forward the mission of CedarS in 2013:  1) Contributing to our Adopt the Herd Riding Fund, which will help with the immediate need of feeding our herd this winter, since an unusually dry summer left us without our usual hay provisions.  2) Supporting our Maintenance Musts Fund, which includes such projects as making cabins camper-ready for the 2013 season with updated wiring.  Donors have pledged to match contributions toward both of these needs through December 31, 2012, so that every dollar you give during this critical fundraising drive counts twice! Of course, all donations to Cedars Camps are always welcome, and a fuller list of giving opportunities can be accessed here.

We thank the Donald L. Koch Foundation for making the sharing of this gift offer possible in order to encourage your sharing back of support.

With loving best wishes for a year filled with the blessings of occupying our priceless, freedom-centered heritage,

Warren & Gay Huff

Executive Director & Business Manager, The CedarS Camps, Inc.
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