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BLP now Bordered by Mediterranean Crusin’ & Time Traveling!

Gliding into the summer of 2011 on our newest addition to the Bible Lands Park, campers young and old are enjoying the freedom and inspiration of “cabling” across the west end of the Mediterranean.  Campers of all ages are kayaking from Antioch around Crete and even approaching Alexandria.  The addition of our Mediterranean Sea, “Little BRO” cable ski line, and kayaks add a whole new dimension to the campers’ ability to see and experience the “Bible Lands.”  Often, as campers launch from the dock of “Little BRO” they can be heard declaring “I will be a peacemaker” or one of many other spiritual truths.  These truths, and the instruction they are receiving from capable leaders, help our campers to soar across waters both choppy and calm.

On the far side of Bible Lands Park (opposite to the Mediterranean) we have added both a Bible Lands Vineyard & Garden, as well as a Bible Timeline, called Time Travelers Trail (pictured left).  On this path, each step campers take correlates to years in Biblical history and in a chronological ordering of Bible characters whose prayers were answered.  In this “A.P. (Answered-Prayer), hands-on history course campers learn as they “travel through time” from Abraham in the Old Testament to Paul in the New Testament.  Though these features are new to our camp, they have already blessed scores of eager learners, enriching their understanding of the Bible through practical experiences and take-home applications.

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