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Trips & Water Front Extravaganza!

Yesterday was an awesome day at Family Camp! The first part of the day was spent going on Trips. Families were able to choose to go on the Caving Trip, the Float Trip, the High Ropes Trip, or the Bennett Springs Trip. All of these trips were amazing, so whichever one they decided to go on, they had a blast! It was a great way to spend time with your family and bond with one another.

The Caving Trip had a great time climbing around inside a cave, the Float Trip paddled down a relaxing river, the Bennett Springs Trip learned about nature and got to feed fish, and the High Ropes Trip overcame challenges up on CedarS’ wonderful High Ropes Course. All of these trips were exciting in different ways, and everyone had a great time.

After their trips were finished, everyone headed back to camp for a lunch! We had “create your own Subway Day” which was a lot of fun and the sandwiches tasted delicious! The food at CedarS is always awesome, and there are so many options for you to choose from!

One counselor commented, “The one thing that I really like about CedarS CampS is the amount of fun you can have. They’re so many different activities you can do. You can do trampoline, go swimming, the rope swing, the zip line, you got sports, horseback riding, and you got everything you can possibly imagine. It’s really cool that we can do all of these activities in this awesome Christian Science atmosphere. You’re always being supported by Warren, by your counselors, and by all these awesome people here at CedarS.” –Hunter H.

In the afternoon families had a blast at the Water Front Extravaganza. There was swimming, zip lining, the waterslide, and much more! When it started raining a little, everyone headed to the covered back porch where ice cream was served and a game of basketball was played. And after a few minutes the rain had cleared up and the water activities began again!

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