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Monday and Tuesday of the second week of the session are spent going out on trips and tie-dying. On Mondays the girls do trips and the boys do tie-dying, and on Tuesday it’s reversed. Campers are able to go to crafts and pick out a shirt of their choice to tie-dye. The welcoming parent crafts helpers show the campers samples of different tie-dye patterns they can choose from. They can do a spiral, a star, a heart, a bulls-eye, a CedarS tree, and more! It’s a great chance for the campers to be creative and design something that is entirely their own.

Campers have a great time picking out the design and colors they want to use. They learn how to make each design, what colors work best together, and how to properly use the dye. For many campers who have never done this before, it is a wonderful new experience.

For several of the different designs, the campers must twist the shirt in a particular way and sometimes use rubber bands to keep the shirt a certain way. After the campers tie up the shirts the way they want them, the crafts parents help the campers soak the shirt in a special solution before they can actually start dying. After it has soaked for 10 minutes, they’re able to begin dying! They have a blast using the wide variety of colors, mixing and matching whichever way they choose.

After they dye the shirts, the parent crafts helpers rinse out all of the shirts and wash them so that they’re ready to wear! By the end of camp, everyone has made a spectacular tie-dye shirt they can bring home to show family and friends!

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