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Square & Rock Dance

Yesterday was a rainy day here at CedarS CampS. But that definitely did not stop the fun activities from happening! Instead of having the usual campfire the first Monday night, we ended up having the Square and Rock Dance! Everyone had a great time dancing the night away and staying dry.

Campers came dressed up in funky outfits to match the theme of the dance, and it was so fun seeing everyone’s creativity. Campers wore brightly colored clothing, unusual hats, and even fun socks!

The dance began with the traditional Square Dance section where the campers were able to learn new square dances that they had never done before. They learned how to do the “Nine Pin”, “BINGO”, and several others. The awesome thing about Square dancing is that it allowed the campers to meet many new people. During BINGO, they change partners throughout the entire dance. Every time they meet their new partner they have to introduce themselves and then swap interesting facts about each other.

After the square dancing, the campers got to enjoy the rock section of the dance where they could dance whichever way they wanted. They sang along to the music, danced with their friends, and made new friends!

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