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Nature Poetry

One of the activities that CedarS offers to campers is Nature. The campers are shown different kinds of animals, plants, and habitats. They are able to learn about the world around them, and see all the different wonders nature bestows upon us.  Nature hikes, led by one of the loving nature specialists, are one of the activities the campers get to participate in. During one of the hikes, the campers were able to take a moment and write down poetry about what they were experiencing in nature. It really allowed them to be at one with nature, and with God. Here are some samples of the beautiful things they wrote down:

(While beside Crown Lake):

The wind rushes through the trees,
And the air is filled with the sounds of nature.
The water of the lake with its whooshing sound
Adds to the sound of nature.
The birds are singing out there with love and joy.

I smell fresh soil and see the crickets thud lightly against the ground
I feel the damp morning dew
And the beautiful sun shining through the trees
It is the start of another glorious morning.

I see the world move around me
The gentle water near
The dragonflies move about me.
– Shyla

I Can Hear…
I can hear birds talking above me,
Leaves gossiping around me
Bugs crawling on me
Water moving behind me
Rocks crashing under my feet
Wind whipping at my face
The sun shining like a spotlight
And I smell the Cedars.
Well, of course I do…
I’m at Cedars Camps
– Taylor

(At the JL Caves):

It’s comfy cold
Good for hibernation
Moist ground quite safe

Birds chirping

A weird noise
Human voices
Camera noises
Cool rock.

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