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Adventure Bible Drama Camp

An awesome program that CedarS offers is Adventure Bible Drama Camp. In this program, campers get to learn more about the Bible. They learn about different Bible characters, time periods, and even new stories that they may have not heard before. Sometimes they even get to act out different stories and play Bible characters themselves. It’s a great way for them to be able to understand the Bible more by having adult specialists explain it to them in a fun and comprehensible way.

The specialist this session is Mike Hamilton, and he has been able to teach the campers a lot. Wherever you find him with his group, you find Bible period timelines written out in chalk, and maps to show the geography of the Bible times. Here is how Mr. Hamilton describes the program, “The idea was to try and give them a little bit of background appropriate to their ages in the Bible. First to learn about it as a book, you know, how it’s put together, it’s different parts, and then to learn a little bit about the history and get an idea of the geography. So we’re trying to do something a little different then the kind of instruction the kids would probably get in Sunday School. The reason for doing it really has just been that we thought that Biblical literacy is important. Well, you know how it is that you can read these passages in isolation, but if you don’t have a sense about how the whole thing fits together, it’s hard to make any sense of it or see kind of the progress of ideas. Of course the challenge of all this, is to make it applicable for both a 6-year-old and a 12-year-old. But we’ve made timelines and done other activities to try and get the kids to get a better understanding of how everything fits together”. – Mike Hamilton

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