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A Fantastic Friday!

The last day of fourth Session was filled with excitement. Campers participated in the fabulous Horse Show, practiced for the talent show, packed up their belongings, and then finally went to the talent show and enjoyed some awesome performances!

The Horse Show is always a big event at CedarS. It’s a time when the campers can show off all that they have learned about horses and horseback riding. Even if you have never ridden a horse before, you can definitely learn how to at camp. The campers got to watch their fellow campers ride, and also got to perform as well. There was a lot of cheering, singing, and dancing going on in the crowd as the show progressed. Our two counselor MCs had some great horse trivia and jokes, and our rodeo clowns performed some great tricks!

The Talent Show on Friday night had some great routines! The young boys’ cabins began the program with singing one of our hymns to a new popular tune. The younger girls’ cabins performed a dance to the song “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound Of Music. They sang along, and acted out the lyrics. Then the older boys’ and girls’ cabins performed a fun dance to a song about Jane and Tarzan. CIP was the last group to do a dance, and they did theirs to “Pop Goes My Heart” from the movie Music and Lyrics. They did some entertaining partner work, and had a great time dancing around on stage!

The last performance of the night was given by the Musical Theater program here at CedarS. This year they are putting on the musical “Peter Pan”, and Friday night they gave us a sneak peak at what we can look forward to next Friday night when they actually do the whole performance. We got to see musical numbers from the pirates, the Indians, and the lost boys! The campers have been working so hard, and it was wonderful to see all their progress! It’s obvious from the great performances we heard that the show is going to be amazing!

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