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Testimony Meeting

Thursday July 16

Last night Cedars had its first testimony meeting of third session. The boys and the girls got to have separate meetings, where they came comfortably dressed in their pajamas. The meeting began with some wonderful readings, and continued with inspirational testimonies from campers and counselors. You could feel the love encircling the camp as young ones described how Christian Science had comforted and aided them in their times of need. We heard healings about pets, getting over fears, overcoming trials, and more.

One whippoorwill camper shared a testimony about how she had a scary dream, and how her counselor helped by reading her the Science and Health and she began feeling less afraid. They then read the introduction from the “Armor of Thought” which was about how when an armadillo feels danger is coming, he rolls back into his shell and his shell is always with him. She shared, “I thought of that as God is your shell, and he’s always there. I started feeling a lot better and when I went back to sleep I had no problems sleeping.” – Allegra V.

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