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Lake Day and Big Surf!

Friday July 17

Yesterday Cedars enjoyed an awesome Lake Day and had a blast at Big Surf! The first half of the day was spent doing fun water activities such as swimming, diving, the water slide, and the zip line. Then everyone loaded into the buses and was off to Big Surf! We sang camp songs and told stories all the way there. The campers were able to go on some great water rides like the “half pipe”, “wave pool”, and “lazy river.” It was a great day to express God, and everyone was able to spend some quality time with their friends and counselors, and even make some new friends. One counselor described Big surf as being “a place where we get to all come together and get to know each other even better and we get to see God’s joy in action. We get to know new people and have fun. We’re able to leave camp and come here to experience spirit, and all the good things this place has to offer.” – Maegan B.

Campers and counselors alike had a wonderful time splashing around and were served a great Big Surf lunch!  A camper commented “I like coming here because you get to enjoy your good friends and you’re always happy and never sad or mad because all your friends are here to support you.”

After a blissful day out in the sun, the campers piled back onto the bus for the trip back to camp. We had a hymn sing during the ride and campers were able to pick their favorite hymns to sing. It was a perfect way to end such an uplifting day.

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