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JL Foil Dinner and Campfire

Monday July 13 – Junior Leadership cooked their foil dinners over the fire and then made delicious s’mores. The night ended with an exciting game of marshmallow tag and jumping in the lake. Three campers share why they love JL:

“I’m loving it in JL so far because everyone is so welcoming and loving. You feel like a new family all together. I’m just so grateful and so excited.” – Enyonam A.

“This is my eighth year at Cedars and my first year with JL and I’m having a lot of fun. It’s just an incredible experience and everyone is so supportive. Dispite the fact that we all come from different backgrounds, we all get along and we get to relate to all these people we barley even know. It’s really fun.” – Angela L.

“This is my first year at Cedars and I’m so glad to be here in this welcoming environment and I love how people are so supportive and they understand you. With Christian Science, they use it every day and they understand if you need help and they’re always ready to give it to you. It’s like a family here.” – Sarah B.

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