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Greetings New Campers!

Sunday July 26-
Excitement and anticipation filled the air as the counselors awaited their new campers for fourth session. Third session had just ended, and now it was time to start another wonderful two weeks! Many campers arrived on the CedarS Express, which is a great way for them to get to camp.

If you live far away from Cedars, or just can’t make the drive, the CedarS Express buses pick campers up from the Principia Upper School Campus and bring them to camp. If they fly into Saint Louis, they are met at the gate by one CedarS parent, and another one takes them to the Upper School. After dinner and in fun in the Game Room, they spend the night before riding the CedarS buses to camp. It’s a great way to make traveling easier, and start making friends earlier!

Counselors meet the campers right after they depart the bus to greet them and show them where the cabins are. One counselor exclaimed, “I love the first day of camp because all the campers are coming and there’s so much excitement with everyone being in their new cabins and meeting each other and making new friends and just the excitement of all the activities that are to come. The next two weeks are so much fun and everyone is just so open!” – Gabby A.

Another described why she loved being counselor, “I think one of the best parts of being a Cedars counselor is witnessing all your campers’ spiritual growth that goes on because demonstration is the most important part of Christian Science. We cherish each camper as a maturing individual, spiritually, and getting to see them apply their religion to their life for two weeks is really unparalleled to anything else.” – Sarah M.

After all the campers had arrived, they were able to unpack and start bonding with thier new cabin mates. Fourth session was off to great start!

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