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Girls’ Trips

Monday July 20-

Today the girls went out on four different trips: the Float Trip, the Caving Trip, the Pack Trip, and the Fishing Trip. Trips are a great way for campers to be able to go outside of their comfort zone, and become closer to God by facing new challenges. Campers are also able to bond with new people that they may not have been able to before.

For the Float Trip, the girls all strapped on life jackets and boarded into canoes to paddle down a river for an exciting boat journey. Before getting into the canoes, they were taught different paddle strokes so that they would know how to steer the canoes. They sang songs, told stories, ate lunch on the water, and just had a great time canoeing down the river.

The Caving Trip is a great way to overcome fears because you are faced with some new challenges. Before the girls headed into the actual caves, they got the opportunity to go rock climbing. Many of them had never done this before, so it was a great opportunity to use Christian Science to help them.  Other girls had done this trip in previous years and were just excited to be able to do it again. “I’ve done the trip before and I was really scared but it was a ton of fun. I love the trip because it’s just about going outside of your box and just doing different things like repelling, and going on the climbing wall, and then caving in small places, and its so much fun! During lunch you get to hear the water in the river, and all the animals so it’s really fun being in the wild.” –Sarah. After rock climbing, they got to explore the inside of the cave.

The Pack Trip was for those who love horses, or wanted to learn how to ride even better. The girls had a great day horseback riding through different trails, and just bonding with the horses.
The Fishing Trip was a blast for the girls. They got to go fishing in Cedars beautiful lake, and also catch as many crawdads as they could. They had a contest to see who could catch the most crawdads, and the winner caught over 200! After fishing, they got to go swimming in the pool, or go down Cedars’ awesome water slide! It was a fun day in the sun and all the campers had a great day

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