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CIP Ski Day and Climbing Wall

Wednesday July 15 – CIP participates in day 2 of the “Fantastic Four”, which consists of the climbing wall, horseback riding, high ropes, and low ropes.

A CIP camper gives her experience of overcoming the climbing wall:

“I was doing the climbing wall today and at first I was really scared, but then the counselors helped me and power hour really helped and I just love the environment that Cedars gives you and that helped me overcome the climbing wall.” – Morgan C.

Tuesday July 14 – CIP had a great time having Ski Day at Pomme De Terre lake where they spent the day water skiing, swimming, playing games, and having a cookout.
Some counselors comment on their experience:

“We love being in CIP because we love getting to know new campers and it’s so much fun!” – Caroline K. & Caitlin O.

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