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CIP Does “The Wall”

Sunday July 19-

Today the CIP campers all ventured up to “the Wall”, which is tall wall made out of wood. The goal of this activity is to get every camper over the wall. The first person to go up is helped by everyone else down at the bottom of the wall. Then whoever is at the top of the wall can help those trying to get up from the bottom, but only two people are allowed at the top. Once someone has gone over the wall and helped out at the top, they return to the bottom of the wall but are no longer allowed to help anyone else get up the wall. The campers must figure out how to get the last person up the wall with no help from anyone at the bottom. This is a great bonding activity for the campers because it allows them to work together as a team to figure out the solution.

The CIP campers were doing a great job communicating with each other to try and figure out the best way to get everyone up the wall. Everyone was willing to listen to each other, and everyone had great ideas. They eventually were able to get everyone over the wall except for the last person. Now it was crunch time, and you could tell that all the campers were trying to figure out the best solution. After a few different attempts they finally figured out that they could lower someone from the top of the wall, and the last person at the bottom could grab their legs and be pulled up the wall. The campers were able to get every single person over the wall and it was a great success! The campers were able to prove that through trusting God and each other, they could overcome any challenge!

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