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CIP Does the “Giant’s Ladder”

CIP participates in the “Fantastic Four” on the first Monday and Tuesday that they’re at camp. The Fantastic Four is four different activities that challenge the campers to use Christian Science and learn about teamwork. Usually the activities are things like the high ropes course and the low ropes course.

One group was up at the ropes course doing the “Giant’s Ladder.” The Giant’s Ladder is basically 6 or 7 long boards that get higher and higher, and the distance between them also gets wider. Since sturdy wires hold it up, the ladder shakes and moves, making it more difficult to climb. This activity takes two people, so it really allows the campers to use teamwork and bond with each other. One person can help boost the other one up, or one can help pull the other one up. They have to work together to reach the top of the ladder. It also gives them a great chance to use Christian Science to help them overcome their fears.

One camper who had just finished the activity and had made it to the top said, “From this experience I learned a lot. I for one feel really empowered for being able to complete such a big challenge. I was really relying on God to know that I would be safe if I fell. Even though the ladder was shaking I felt really calm because I knew I was in a harness and I knew that there was also God’s harness with me.” – Sam

It was a great feeling for the campers when they were able to reach the top of the ladder because it showed them that they really could overcome any obstacle as long as they relied on God, and on each other. The activity helped them learn that communication is also a big part of teamwork, and without it, they would not be able to reach the top and achieve their goal.

Another camper commented, “It really taught you how to use teamwork because it’s kind of hard to just get there by yourself. To reach up to the next ladder you have to hold on to somebody. You also have to trust in Christian Science and think about how you’re perfect and God loves you and that you won’t be able to fall, and if you do, you won’t hurt yourself.” – Tanya

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