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You are safe with God — no matter what!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
“God the Preserver of Man” for June 6-12, 2011
Prepared by Kathy Fitzer, C.S. of St. Louis, MO and Park City, UT
[Editor's Note: The following application ideas for this week, and the Possible Sunday School Topics that will follow, are offered primarily to help CEDARS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of daily study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons year-round, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — in English by Monday each week, or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION in French thanks to Pascal, in German thanks to Helga or in Spanish thanks to a team of Ana, Erick, Claudia and Patricio. YOU CAN SIGN UP at]
Among the definitions of preserve in my dictionary are: “maintain something in its original state” and “keep safe from harm or injury.” It occurs to me that the only guarantee to safety is to understand that we have never fallen from our original state as God's image — perfect Principle and idea, coexistent and unchanging. 
[Warren: A Scriptural record of man's original perfection, protection and healing will be shared this summer with campers, staff and all visitors to CedarS “A.P. (Answered Prayer) History Course” on our new Bible Time Travelers Trail (BTTT).  BTTT- like this Bible Lesson — starts with the healings of Abraham and Moses and proceeds chronologically through the healings of Jesus and the Apostles. We invite you to contribute to this project of bringing the Bible to life and to visit and enjoy Bible classes, our new “Mediterranean Cruisin' Cable Watersports” and much more during our Adult/Family Camp, Midwest Bible Conference and Celebrate Marriage WeekendCamperships for those under 30 are available for these programs so that all can afford them as well as our 1 and 2-week youth programs.]
Golden Text:   The emphasis of Ps. 121 is on the help and protection that God gives us. The psalm starts by the author looking at the mountains and determining that his help doesn't come from them…. or any other material source. God keeps us safe from anything that claims it can hurt us — including stumbling, scary darkness, the sun, or the moon.    As summer comes and we're outside and more active, the fact that God is ever with us delivers us from things like accidents, fear of being away from home, sunburn, or superstitions, such as the belief that bad things happen during a “full moon.” God is ever awake and ever aware of His idea, man. Rather than watching us from afar, God watches us by nature of our oneness with Him. You watch your thinking, to be sure it doesn't stray. Unwaveringly, God watches us as His thoughts! We are really God's self-awareness of Himself. Man, as idea, can't stray from Mind. So, we are safe!
Responsive Reading: Hid with God and guided by Him
Whether it's day or night, God is always guiding us, strengthening us, and hiding us from anything that would threaten our safety or our peace. Even when war is raging around us — whether physical conflict or mental turmoil — we can be confident that there is nothing to fear. As an idea, you are safe in Mind — just as the thoughts you hold are safe in your consciousness. No one and no thing can disturb your thought unless you give your consent. God never consents to HIS idea being disturbed. God is doing the protecting. All we have to do is yield to God's law and respect His commandments — regardless of any evidence that tries to convince you that God, good, has taken a leave of absence. God is perpetually lifting you out of the pit, out of danger, and leading your heart in the right direction. Although the King James Version speaks of “reins” in v. 7, every other translation I checked uses “heart.”   The more you practice relying on God, the more natural it is to feel safe no matter what is going on around you.
Section 1: Preservation from fear!
It's easy to tell ourselves (or someone else) not to be afraid, but often that's easier said than done. UNLESS we understand the power of Love to absolutely remove fear from consciousness by governing consciousness. (B-5 & S-1)  According to the definition of Abraham in the glossary of Science and Health, Abraham was a perfect example of Love creating “trust in good.” (S-4)  Everything Abraham did was done out of faith that God was guiding him. He didn't question…. he just followed.  He took God at his word when God promised to protect him and told him that his faithfulness would be hugely rewarded. (B-4) As we follow our Shepherd as sheep follow theirs, we too will find comfort from Love's correcting rod and guiding staff.   Sometimes it sounds like fun to be able to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. But, we are safer with some sort of structure to guide us (like the traffic laws that keep us from running into each other.)  Human parents know their children need to be guided and corrected.  Would we expect less from our divine parent?  Again…. because we dwell as ideas in the consciousness of Love, goodness and mercy are our constant companions.  We never have to be afraid. (B-3 & S-2)  God continuously guides us. All we have to do is listen, trust, and follow the leadings of Love. (S-5) We can hear!
Section 2: Preservation by the angels!
When a child is scared, it's natural for them to run to the arms of a parent, or hide behind them. And their parent is there to scoop them up, comfort, and protect them. The Bible describes God as a “hiding place” (B-6) and talks about turning to God, being heard by God and about fears being dispelled by God. (B-7) A parent doesn't need to know what it is that is scaring a child in order to offer comfort. God doesn't know our problems, but is always there to save us. “The angel of the Lord encamps (sets up a circle of protection) around those who fear (revere/respect) him, and delivers them.” (B-7, ESV, The Message, and Strong's) All we have to do is acknowledge God as the source of our deliverance and hide out in Mind. Dwelling in Mind, God's thoughts (angels) are all we can know. (S-8) What looks like a really bad situation to the physical senses is totally turned around when we start looking out from the perspective of divine Love. I was skiing one day last winter and looked in one direction and saw only dark clouds. I wondered what had happened to the blue skies that had been there just a minute ago. Then, I turned and looked in the opposite direction. The blue hadn't disappeared. It was where it had always been… I just needed to turn to see it. Angels turn us away from the lie and show us the good that God is always providing (as Mind's cherished idea.) The children of Israel were captives in Babylon when the prophet Jeremiah offered them this message of hope: “I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (B-8, New Living Translation) That message can be applied today to those who feel lost in the aftermath of destruction from storms, earthquakes, wars, or other disastrous circumstances.   We are safe in the consciousness of Love. Look away from the circumstances that “your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive” to entertain (throw a party for) the angels (“inspiration of goodness”) that Love is providing. (S-7&8)
Section 3: Preservation from unjust laws
In the time of Moses, as the Israelites were preparing to enter the Promised Land, a system was developed to distribute the new land among the families. A census was taken for this purpose, but only sons were eligible to receive an inheritance. (Most of the fathers had not survived the wilderness experience.) The story is recorded in Numbers of a family that only had daughters. The daughters protested, demanding their right to equal opportunity. The story says that “Moses brought their case before the Lord.” And God's response was that there should be no discrimination between sons and daughters (IF there were no sons.) (B-12) That was a step in the right direction, but still didn't recognize an over-all equality between the sexes. Mrs. Eddy lived at a time when women still couldn't vote or have their own bank account or make decisions about their children. They were clearly considered inferior to men. Yet, look at all Mrs. Eddy accomplished in spite of this discrimination. She overcame human laws by recognizing that “righteousness and justice are the foundation of [God's] throne.” (B-10, NLT) This was reflected in her words, “Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals.” (S-14) While Mrs. Eddy demonstrated that God's law supersedes limited human laws, she recognized that human laws would not fully reflect that impartiality until there was a general “elevation of society,” and especially the election of noble lawmakers — those “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.” (S-12)  Although progress has been made in lawmaking, clearly this is an area that still needs our prayers. As we become clearer about the impartiality of DIVINE justice (the justice that preserves mankind from human injustice) and understand that man is inherently good because God made him that way, we can be part of bringing about change — for everyone, across the world! As we've seen, attempts to change things humanly without recognizing the authority of the supreme lawmaker (God) have limited results. 
Section 4: Preservation from sickness and death
It doesn't matter what disease calls itself. Zero is zero is zero, no matter how large or boldly the zero is presented, it has no value and adding it or subtracting it cannot change any part of the equation. Multiply the zero by the largest number and it remains zero. So, whether it seems like we're dealing with BIG problems, little problems, or multiple problems….. multiply the problem by zero problems (which is God's view) and the disease and fears disappear. Jesus illustrated that every time he healed, regardless of whether he was with the patient or not and regardless of the fears of parents or others surrounding the patient. (B-14) He never made a big deal out of disease. (S-16) He knew that every suggestion of disease or threat of death was powerless (zero) and proved them to be so. (S-18) “Christ is the ideal Truth” that heals by giving all power to God.  Jesus fully presented this Christ, but did not have a monopoly on its authority. As we've previously considered, MIND makes man as idea and maintains that idea in safety. (S-19) No one and no thing can disturb an idea safely held in Mind. Christ presents this true picture of man — immune from any effect from the addition or subtraction of zero. All that's needed is the kind of faith demanded of the nobleman who begged Jesus to heal his son. (B-14) If the nobleman could believe, so can we! Having more faith in truth than error — in Spirit than in matter — in living than in dying — in God than in man, no material SUPPOSITION (not based on fact at all) can prevent us from healing and being healed! (S-21) And nothing can keep us from believing!
Section 5: Preservation from discouragement and alienation
Does it ever feel like your efforts to help people (or to share Truth with them) are unappreciated or misunderstood at best, and at worst you're persecuted and alienated because of your beliefs? You're in good company! Paul and his friend Barnabus just wanted to help people by sharing with them what they had discovered about Jesus' teachings. Over and over, just when they were making headway, and the people were “getting it,” the rulers of the time — Jews steeped in tradition — would step in and confuse everyone, turning Jews and non-Jews alike against Paul.  How did Paul respond? He just walked away. He didn't fight back or feel resentful.  He “shook off the dust.”  He didn't take the situation with him as he left. He just left and started fresh.  He continued following God (and His Christ, Truth) and doing good. (B-16, 17, & 18) Paul even went on to write to Christians in Rome of his strong conviction that NOTHING can separate us from the love of Christ. As ideas safe in Mind, we can't be separated from the love of God. This is how The Message puts verse 35: “Do you think anyone is going to be able to drive a wedge between us and Christ's love for us? There is no way! Not trouble, not hard times, not hatred, not hunger, not homelessness, not bullying threats, not backstabbing, not even the worst sins listed in Scriptures.” (B-19)  It seems hard to be a “good kid” these days — to be kind to everyone and maintain values that have been taught in Sunday School. The key is learning that Love and Mind give us all we need to be happy, satisfied, and safe from both temptation and bodily harm. (S-22)  Turn away from what the physical senses are reporting. That report is a dead-end. (S-23)  Trust Love (with its panoply – or complete suit of armor) to keep you safe and to open the way for you to help and find lasting happiness. (S-25)  Sometimes we try to share Christian Science (or even just the possibility of healing through prayer) and we get shot down by those who can't see past their medical traditions or religious fundamentalism.  Don't worry about it! Our job is to live in accord with Christ and to love our neighbor. If our help isn't wanted, we don't judge or argue…. we just move on.  Keep your joy! Be yourself! God's love never changes and will always comfort and support you – and give you the friends you need, too!
Section 6: Preservation during troubled times
The world is a mess….. or so it seems! We have a choice. We can be taken in by the aggressive pictures of destructive forces (storms, earthquakes, famine, wars, etc.) that are presenting themselves to every corner of the globe. Or, we can “look up, and lift up [our] heads;” knowing that “the kingdom of God is nigh at hand” — and incapable of being disturbed or destroyed. (B-24)  Rather than seeing the destruction, look at these events as birth-pangs forcing us to look away form matter as substance and to see the new heaven and new earth of Spirit. Are we watching for the Christ — or watching out in fear of what's coming next — and falling for the doomsday predictions that the world is coming to an end? Both the Bible and Science and Health urge us to “watch!” (B-23 & S-29) Looking at the context of the Bible verses from Luke 21, Jesus is speaking specifically of the destruction of the temple and the overthrowing of Jerusalem — the destruction of the status-quo and the worship of matter. Although not in the lesson, I'm reminded of Jesus telling his persecutors that if they destroyed “this temple” it would be rebuilt in three days. Jesus was trying to help people understand that the true temple is not a building — or even a city. It is the living Christ that cannot be destroyed. As we defend Christ, Truth, we will face persecution. Mortal mind won't give up its false sense of identity without a fight. But, we have the promise that the Lord will preserve us from all evil. (B-20) We're told to let our light shine and to glorify our Father! (B-21) We're told not to be afraid because it is our Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom. (B-23) Focusing all attention on darkness, we are swallowed up in darkness; turning from the darkness and focusing all attention on the light (no matter how dim at first) we are embraced by light and the darkness disappears. Letting that light shine through us, we enable others to come out of the darkness and into the light…. until the darkness (the destruction of wars and environmental calamities) disappear completely. As Christian Scientists, we have glimpsed the allness of God, good. We have a glimmer of the fact that all is Mind and its manifestation. So, we owe it to ourselves and our neighbor to maintain that position — maintain God's “law and order, and cheerfully await the certainty of ultimate perfection. (S-28)  The last citation spells out how we are to think and act. (S-30) Let's get on with it and free our world from the lies of mortal mind. We can trust God to preserve us through the darkest hours as we unwaveringly keep our eyes on [the prize,] Christ, Truth!


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[PSST: Entertain angels as your “dearest allies”–to do your errands! My. 129:21]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
“God the Preserver of Man” for June 12, 2011
by Amy Robbins Evans, St. Louis, MO [Warren Huff title]
PSST for Golden Text and Responsive Reading
How does the Lord keep you from harm? How does the Lord watch over your life? Give an example. The Golden Text says that we are kept from all harm. What does that include?  What does all really mean?  What are some examples of how we are preserved in the Responsive Reading?  Think about the difference between heritage and heredity?  What does it mean to “not be moved”?  What does it mean for God to be our hiding place?  What are we hiding from?  Why would we want to be hidden?
PSST for Section 1
Why do we not need to feel any sense of fear?  What keeps us from fear?  What is the opposite of fear?  Where do you witness it?  What gets rid of fear?  What fears have you destroyed?  How did it happen?  There is a great deal of comfort that comes from studying the 23rd Psalm.  Why is it so beloved?  What is special to you about the psalm?  We don't have a sheep-herding culture anymore, but we tend to cherish the idea of God being our shepherd.  Why? Citation S5 talks about God being a “very present help in trouble”.  What does that mean to you?
PSST for Section 2
Think about what God hearing us means.  What is the result of God hearing us?  Take this one step further.  Does God just hear us and then we are left on our own?  Of course not!  The next statement is that God delivers us (B7).  What is the expected end referred to in citation B8?  What expectations do we have?  What are angels? (S8) Give an example of an angel message.  When have you felt protected or led by angels?  [or that “angels …. do thy errands and be thy dearest allies?” My. 129:21 (Warren)]
“No power can withstand divine Love” (S10).  What does this really mean? Do you agree?  How have you witnessed it?
PSST for Section 3
Why is the story of Zelophehad's daughters (B11,12) important?  How were the daughters protected?  Think about what it must have been like to be the daughters of a man who has died.  Who will protect you?  Who will provide for you?  Remember, women did not have any rights on their own.  How does God support, protect, and supply us?  Look at citation S11.  What is justice?  How are we protected and preserved by justice?  How is Love impartial (S14)?  Who is loved by impartial Love?  What does that mean for us?  What does that mean for the world?
PSST for Section 4
When did the healing in citation B14 take place?  Did the nobleman need to be at his son's side?  Did Jesus?  What does this mean for us?  What is necessary for us to witness healing in our experience?  What kind of faith did the nobleman have for the healing of his son?  How did this influence the healing?  Is this important (YES!)? How did Jesus prove sin, sickness, and death powerless (S17)?  Why is it important that Jesus proved them to be powerless?  What is the importance of proof?  What does truth have to do with proof?  How is proof different from faith?  What's the role of each?
PSST for Section 5
How are we cared for when in difficult situations?  What happened to Paul and Barnabas (B17)?  What did they do?  Were they upset or offended?  What lesson can we learn from them?  Paul's letter to the Romans (B19) reminds us that we cannot be separated from God.  Why was this such an important letter when Paul wrote it (think about what had happened in B17 and B18)?  Why is it an important letter now?  What are we reminded by Paul?  What makes it difficult to see good around us (S23)?  Do ignorance and false belief have any power?  How are we blessed by helping others (S24)?  Give an example of how you witnessed this in your own experience.  “Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you” (S25). What is a panoply?  Why is this so important to remember?  How have you seen this evidenced in your experience?
PSST for Section 6
What does Jesus tell us to do in the Sermon on the Mount (B21)-“Let your light so shine”?  How do you let your light shine?  How do you let your light shine when you don't want to, or are afraid to?  How does God protect and preserve you, no matter what?  What statements by Jesus remind us of God's unending protection and guidance?  Why is this important?  Why do you think Mrs. Eddy reminds us to be “watchful, sober, and vigilant” (S29)?  What are we to be watchful, sober, and vigilant of?  Why is it so important to be alert at all times?  What stands out to you in citation S30?  How are you letting unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, and love reign within you?  What is the result?

[PYCLS: Try on “life-preservers”; Use colorful Post-its; Sample jam; Checkmate!]  
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for June 12, 2011
“God the Preserver of Man”
by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041 [with Warren Huff titles, italics]
[PCYL: Discuss the meaning of the word preserving and make it is understood.]
The idea of “preserving” can be talked about on a number of levels and is a subject that means a lot to children (as it does to adults!) if you make sure they understand the word.
[PCYL: Discuss and show “perfect love” to make fear disappear!]
This lesson brings so much clarity to the fact that we perceive our constant safety and well being by understanding God and by having a faith and trust in God that is based in this understanding. So you may want to talk about the passage [“perfect love casteth out fear”] that is so often quoted in citation B5 and ask why it is that understanding God better as Love makes fear disappear?  Is it “our” perfect love? (a common misconception among kids).
[PCYL: Put on “life-preservers”; Use colorful Post-its.]
I have two suggestions for little “projects” you could try with the younger classes.  One idea is to e-mail your students and see if they own at home any life-preservers (life vests or PFDs) or bring some of your own, but it's cool to have kid-sized ones.  [You can share that a PDF–Personal Floatation Devise–is designed to lift one up and to keep one’s head above water. List ideas that are uplifting and that will keep us above the deep waters of fear.]  Bring some “Post-a-Notes” (a variety of colors is fun if you have them).  Then, brain-storm ways that they understand God.  Think together of all the ways we understand and trust God [and write them down on “Post-a-Notes” as ideas that uplift you.]  You may want to include the angel ideas from Section 2.  The discussion prior to coming up with these ideas should include what preserve means, what does a “life vest” do, how can ideas actually save us.  Make sure you have answers to the last question too!  Let them put the vests on and stick the ideas all over themselves and each other!  Maybe share a testimony of your own that illustrates the application of these ideas.  If they are older kids maybe they have examples of their own to share.
[PCYL: Discussing the canning process, bring jam; fill jars with ideas worth preserving.]
The second idea is a bit of a variation on the first. Talk about and define “preserve” and then talk about how “preserves” is another way to refer to jams and jellies and other things that we “can” such as tomato sauce, cranberry sauce, pumpkin, beans, etc.  Talk about the process of canning that uses enough heat to destroy any “contaminates” and creates a seal that preserves the contents for a long time.  You can draw the lines for them that connect these symbols with the spiritual truths behind them.  Maybe even bring in a jar of jam and some bread as a snack just to give them something to do while they listen to your explanation. They can spread the jam in turns and you can talk about how it is cooked to a very high temperature and so on. Bring in some small canning jars with lids and put slips of paper in the jars with ideas that you have come up with together that are “preserving” ideas. Make sure you try to dig below the surface of a statement like “God is Love” which is a good preserving idea. If there are enough jars they can each bring home a jar full of these thoughts. Maybe you prefer statements from the Bible and Science and Health to put in the jar, but don't forget to ask them for their own ideas to add anyway!
[PCYL: “Camping” with angels is a healing outing… from the inside out.]
It may be interesting to your class to look at citation B8 and ask “what are God's 'thoughts toward you'”?  Compare this passage to Mrs. Eddy's definition of Angels [S&H 581].  Citation B7 talks about angels “camping” round about you. I love this image and even totally literally it's a wonderful image.  Is anyone in the class going camping this summer?  What thoughts do they want surrounding them whatever their activity?  Make a list of God's thoughts, especially His thoughts “toward you”!  Does it matter how old or young you are (S6)?
[PCYL: Trust Truth to bring freedom from injustice.]
The story of Zelophahad's daughters is a great example for older kids of how it is Truth that we can trust to set us free from any injustice.  We can trust our well being to Truth (S14).
[PCYL: Discuss the first record of Jesus healing someone from a distance.]
Jesus healing from a distance of the nobleman's son (B14, John 4:46-53) is a great illustration of the man's faith and Jesus' understanding bringing that life-preserving law to bear.
[PCYL: Add more quotes to a summer activities book.]
We mentioned last week the idea of a book for summer activities that includes great quotes. You could certainly add the spiritual translation of the 23rd Psalm (S2) and Romans 8:35, 37-39 (B19) to that collection!
[PCYL: Discuss the “A.P (Answered Prayer) History” of Christianity with its “sublime proofs of the supporting influence and protective power bestowed on man…”S&H 387:27]
Citation S22 a beautiful articulation of the fact that God preserves us through faith and understanding…These two qualities actually “defend” us!
[PCYL: Discuss the powerlessness of human hatred when “clad” in divine Love.]
Look up “panoply” and “clad”. (S25, 571:18)
[PCYL: Checkmate! Crime manacled! (See S&H 105:24)]
Citation B20 (Ps. 121:7) states that God preserves our “soul”/spiritual sense (that which perceives beyond the human appearance of wars, commotions, calamities)-so we can “hold crime in check” [or even in “checkmate”–as in the game of chess, S28, 97:1]. What a fun and fascinating study!
Have a great Sunday!


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