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"Worldwide Wednesday" Bible Lesson GEMs from Ken & Sue Cooper and others
[W: GEM= God Expressed Meekly/Mightily to help bring meaning for today
from Bible events in this week's Christian Science Bible Lesson

Please join us with new inspiration for "Top of Each Hour" Worldwide Prayer Watches —
Find "the higher and more permanent peace" and joy of ALL being "on cue!" (SH 265)

​​​​​​Better Hymn Sing times for Europe and Africa to join us on Easter Sunday (April 12th), for a Zoom Hymn Sing at 2pm Central as well as 7pm Central. Click here for a Zoom link with SECURE password embedded for both events! (To call-in instead you can find international call-in numbers at: https://zoom.us/u/aeJGz7aKei Please mark your calendars!

[W: Two inspiring offerings & a note from Ken Cooper on behalf of CedarS international fans & World Prayer Watchers:]
"While appreciating all you are having to do, I very much hope that you may be able to share the poem and video links… The monologue has been read by Sue, and if nothing else I hope you will be able to listen to it, and be taken by the joyous conclusion.

Easter is our celebration of joy, the vanquishment of evil, the victory of Christ Jesus for the world. This moving monologue, https://youtu.be/TPph0ke9ifg, takes us through the horrific experience of the crucifixion to the unconfined joy of the resurrection, and it is the joy that sings to our hearts in triumph. Mary Magdalene witnessed the crucifixion, the death of her Saviour. The mental challenge was enormous, but it was she who first saw the risen Master, and had the joy of running to tell the disciples. Our world is reeling too with unprecedented challenges, and the need to see through the severe mental images, for renewed compassion and love, has never been greater. But through the apparent pain we all have hope, and the message of Easter is that of renewed faith, Life Everlasting, and the infinite enfolding power of Love.

Also included is the story of Peter and Malchus. https://youtu.be/Eu9UKe2HosY Perhaps Peter’s guilt at falling asleep made him react impulsively, but the Christ presence was dominant, and in the poem narrative it led to unconditional healing and a joint feeling of brotherhood with the man Peter had attacked.

The related PDF files appear as Downloads in the upper right of CedarS Met webpages.

Reference is also made to daily inspiration to be found on https://www.facebook.com/ken.cooper.1481

With love and gratitude,
Ken (Cooper, Great Britain)

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