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With Girls on Trips, Boys Put on a “Halo” to Walk On Water (WOW) or at least Baptise Manhood

As this morning’s met before an all-Boys Camp swim, Warren shared ways to prevent anger and impurity from taking away true manhood:

Let Love settle your equanimity* & disarm anger!
Put an end to the anger and put-downs which Jesus said cause killing (Matt 5:21-22). Often remind yourself: “There’s nothing in this world worth getting angry about” and internalize Mrs. Eddy’s awesome article on “Taking Offense.” (Misc. 223) Then, you’ll enjoy the “No Smoking Section” of life with its fresh, God’s-eye view. (Fumare is the Latin root of both smoking and anger.) Stop inhaling the “second-hand smoke” of today’s rage epidemic by instead breathing gratitude and love into each moment. Invigorate your inner peace by feeling “too blest to be stressed.” While you remain on the King’s highway, “the way of holiness” (& wholeness), neither “road rage” nor “ill-humor” can spoil your journey. (See Isa. 35:8 and Misc 116: 26) “Ignore all sideshow distractions” (Prov. 4:24 from “The Message,” a contemporary language translation by Eugene H. Peterson) by resolving to “keep your cool.” This is doing your part to reduce the worst kind of global warming that leads to anger, violence and killing. “Have a goat that can’t be got” and to be a peacemaker, instead of a “goat-getter.”

Protect Your Purity vs. Adult-ery as if you are a Militant Environ-mentalist!
Follow the Upward Bound “way of holiness” (and wholeness), the only sure path to lasting happiness and peace. (See Isa. 35:8 and CS Hymn 263) Joseph refused repeatedly the world’s call to “lie with me,” and so can we. (see Gen. 39) Jesus, our Wayshower, loved and practiced the purity and receptivity of a child of God. Let’s actively guard these qualities in ourselves from any child abuse of “adult-eration” via adult websites and images featuring physicality and promiscuity that would dethrone, enslave and kill unwary children of God. (see S&H 337:6, 234:9, Rom 8:6) When tempted by the promiscuous, let our 6th Tenet Promise-Cue-Us: “And we solemnly PROMISE to watch and pray for that mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us and to be merciful, just and PURE.”

Heads? Or tails? Keeping this protective 6th Tenet pledge in our heads with the help of angels is way more worthwhile than using a toilet seat protector or “halo” for our tails. And the pledge & angels will save both our heads and tails. See S&H 581 “ANGELS . . . counteracting all . . sensuality” & Mis 110:4 “Beloved children, . . . preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world.”

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