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[Warren’s P.S. #1 on Obedience: Check out Mary Baker Eddy’s article on “Obedience” in Miscellaneous Writings, p. 116-120 where she says: “The disobedient make their moves before God makes His, or make them too late to follow Him. Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow under every circumstance.” (117:29) Making God-directed, perfectly-timed moves is as important and pivotal in sports as it is in real estate transactions, investment moves… It’s helpful to get practice as early as possible in letting God direct your way.]

[Warren’s P.S. #2 on the background of the healing hem or fringes “in the wings” of Jesus’ garment: This is best explained by going back to the original Greek and Hebrew texts (as MBE encourages in SH 24:4). A Bible scholar reviews the original texts in a 5-minute video at . For a full, 48-minute background on Jesus’ robe and its role in the healing of the woman with an issue of blood in Luke 8:43-48 (B15), check out .]

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