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Walk in the light of Life! [Claim your Christ nature and demonstra it step-by-step! (4)]Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Probation After Death”
for April 23-29, 2018

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer,

There are a lot of action words in this week’s Lesson … such as walk and watch. Light is also a big theme! Being mentally engaged, and consistently moving in accord with God, we walk in the light of Life — where death has no place.

Golden Text: Let’s accept this invitation to come and walk in the light of the Lord. Action is required on our part to “come” and to “walk” … and both are derivatives of the same Hebrew word. The meaning includes a sense of to grow, flow, depart (from old ways or limited forms of thinking), to prosper and to pursue. We don’t just hope the light will land on us … we pursue it. And then we grow and prosper as a result of coming to and walking in the light.

Responsive Reading: Again, notice all of the action words … follow, live, give thanks, walk, lift up, draw, believe, become, leads … as well as the many references to light! The first verse has been translated, “Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.” (NLT) Paul urged the Ephesians to “live as children of light.” Jesus identified himself as “the light of the world” and promised that those who follow him (imitate him) would never walk (or stay) in darkness, but would have the “light of life.”

Jesus knew that it was important for him to be seen as not just a man … but as Christ, sent by God and responding to God’s commands. God’s command “leads to eternal life” — for all! Darkness has been metaphorically thought of as ignorance of divine things (or God) and has been associated with the misery of hell. I find it helpful to think of death not as an event, but as simply a state of dark thought (either before or after what we call death) that loses its grasp as we continue to walk in the eternal light of Life.

Section 1: Walk in the light — upheld by God

God orders our steps, delights in us, and holds us up … enabling us to know God, to give thanks, to be joyful and to be fruitful. (B2 & B4) We don’t need to be afraid of what “flesh” (the body, material so-called law, or any person/people) “can do unto [us]”. The New Interpreter’s Bible says, “While current or future opposition may cause fear, the psalmist will always be able to say, ‘I will not be afraid.’ This ability is not an act of human bravery or courage but a result of the conviction that the life God offers is beyond the reach of human threat. To ‘walk before God’, or more literally, ‘to the face of God,’ means an unfading source of light and life.” (B3)

Science and Health makes it clear that because God is Life and God is all, there is not room for death. In other words, “Life is deathless.” How do we experience this Life? By “walking in the pathway of Truth NOW … as well as after what we think of as death. (S1 & S3) Salvation, that is being saved from death — or the supposed stoppage of the expression of limitless Life — is experienced through “progression and probation.” (S4) Sometimes we run into a roadblock that seems to halt our progress. But, as we keep walking, and continue to trust God’s care and guidance, we will move forward.

As fruit ripens, it becomes softer, juicier, and more flavorful. Similarly, we ripen as we progress, and the hardness of the mortal will yield to our God-given immortal nature. To stay in the light of Christ — Truth — we need to look through what appears to be. As Mrs. Eddy says, we need to cast “the anchor of hope … beyond the veil of matter into the Shekinah …” (S6) The Shekinah is the bright light signifying the glory and presence of God. Jesus was always fully aware of that presence! And we become aware of it as we follow Jesus’ example. (S7) We make progress as we remain confident with a spiritual sense of being that we can never be separated from the safety of God, Life, whether going through good times or tough times. (S6) We’re never walking alone!

Section 2: Walk with God and please Him — step by step — to find Life without death

This section opens with God establishing a covenant with Abraham, revealing God’s nature to be all powerful, and instructing Abraham (and those who will follow) to proceed without blame. (B6) Enoch was a prime example of walking blamelessly before God. We read, “Enoch walked with God: and he was not;” (B7) To walk with God is to be aware of our oneness with God … with our thought aligned with Truth, confidently trusting God’s care, and moving forward. It means refusing to be led astray by human trappings that either promise easy ups or threaten devastating downs. Noah was the only other person from the Bible who was said to “walk with God.”

Paul says that Enoch “pleased God” and that he (like Elijah) never experienced death. (B8) One definition of “please” is to be “fully agreeable.” That would apply to how Enoch lived … and would also apply to Jesus — whom God revealed as His beloved Son in whom he was “well pleased.” Because man is the image of God, God and man must be fully agreeable. But to acknowledge this agreement (even when it doesn’t look like it from a human perspective) takes a faith that cannot be shaken — a faith that comes from God and informs us that God is, and is ever with man.

Walking involves proceeding step-by-step. Our thought may sometimes slip into doubt. But, as we desire (as Enoch did) to “walk with God” and “please” (or fully agree with) God, we will focus on beginning rightly, and we will continually strive to stay on the path of Life. This allows us to “walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense.” (S10) This is “doing much”. (S11) And as we focus on Life, we lose our fear of, and sense of, death. Death is not inevitable. We need to challenge it, and never fear it!

Section 3: Make good use of present opportunities to see death as an illusion

There may be some that believe that simply by going through the “process” called death, all problems disappear and people suddenly find themselves in Paradise. If that were the case, why bother working through challenges that come up in our human experience? In fact, the Bible teaches the importance of making the most of every opportunity we have here and now to follow Truth and to “walk after the Spirit” rather than following what can sometimes seem like the easier path of “the flesh.” (B13) The Bible uses the example of a tree falling and remaining wherever it falls to speak to the fact that death does not change anything. (B11)

This relates directly to what we learned in the 1st Section, “Progress is born of experience.” (S5) We don’t progress simply by going through the motions — or going through a material process — but by learning from the challenges that come to us. Paul encouraged people to make good use of every experience, reminding them that we reap what we sow. (B12) A farmer who takes great care to prepare his field and plant good seed is much more likely to reap a strong harvest. That is true of what we plant in thought, as well.

To me, the citations included in this section from Science and Health about rising “no higher spiritually”as a result of experiencing “what is termed death” (S12) and “as death findeth mortal man, so shall he be after death” (S13) encourage us to take advantage of opportunities to grow spiritually here and now — to keep walking “in the light of the Lord”, and do the best we can to get clearer and clearer views of spiritual reality all the time. How wonderful to realize that “thought will waken from its own material declaration, ‘I am dead,’ to catch this trumpet-word of Truth, ‘There is no death, no inaction, diseased action, overaction, nor reaction.’” (S14)

So … we need to continue walking, continue living, and continue seeing life as a reflection of eternal Life. We need to stick with the fact that “Life is real, and death is the illusion.” (S14) Then, the belief of death can have no impact on us at all — and we will realize that it is only a suggestion to be seen through and overcome — never to be feared or acknowledged as having any power whatsoever! The more we learn and demonstrate of the law of Life, the more clearly we’ll see through limiting material beliefs — including the belief of death.

Section 4: Step-by-step, live and walk as an individual expression of Christ

This section includes an account of the transfiguration. (B15) The disciples recognized Moses and Elijah speaking with Jesus. They offered to build physical memorials, or shelters, for each of them. But, then they heard God’s voice repeating the words which were first used to identify Jesus at his Baptism, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” They were told to “Listen to him.” Only Jesus remained visible. (B15)

According to Paul (Heb. 13: 7), we should imitate the faith of all the leaders who have come before us. Moses and Elijah, representing the law and the prophets, didn’t live perfect human lives. They had their share of doubt and of making mistakes. But, they continued to follow God the best they could — responding to His direction step by step. We can certainly do that, too! But, Jesus came to fulfill the law. Considering the original Greek, fulfill means “finish, accomplish, complete, perfect.” Thus, nothing else is needed! Jesus’ example is the ultimate of what we should be following!

Paul identified Jesus Christ as “the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.” (B14) Jesus was the highest human expression of the eternal Christ — “the divine manifestation of God.” (SH 583:10) This Christ is also our divine nature. Thus, the true individual nature of each and every one is the same (uncorrupted and uncontaminated by mortal belief) eternally!

The definition of death given in the Glossary of Science and Health helps us realize that death truly has nothing to do with a process. It is simply the suggestion that we are fettered by false belief. We can think of a fetter as “any thing that confines or restrains from motion”. (Webster, 1828) So, every time we break a fetter of mortal belief, we are overcoming death. We will continue to be fettered by one belief and then another until “every belief of life where Life is not yields to eternal Life.” (S16) So … let’s get on with following Jesus’ example as we overcome every false belief that tempts us. Life is eternal … not an endless extension of time, but the consistent and present unfoldment of the spiritual, individual, Christ nature that defines each of us now, has always been ours, and ever will be! Claim it and demonstrate it step-by-step.

Section 5: Be alert — Watch for the good that God is constantly providing

How often do we stress over thinking we are responsible for providing for ourselves or others? This can cause us to miss the good that is continually being given to us by God. Sometimes we can get so discouraged thinking about all that is crowding in on us that our defense mechanism is to just shut down and escape into sleep or some other mindless activity. Jesus had something to say [in citation B16] about how to counter these suggestions. First, he assured us that all of our needs are met by our Father/Mother. It is our “Father’s good pleasure to give [us] the kingdom.” The KINGDOM! Nothing lacking. But, we do have a part to play. We have to stop trusting our limited view of how our needs will be met. We need to sell — get rid of — all the false trusts and fears and worries about self, and give alms … think about others.

See how God is providing for all! We need to get out our bottomless bag of expectation and be ready to receive (and share) the blessings.

Jesus goes on to speak of being ready at all hours to receive the Lord … symbolizing Christ, Truth. The servants in the parable were expecting to serve their master when he arrived. Instead, the master served them. If they hadn’t been watching, they would have missed out. We need to be prayerfully alert, ready to serve Christ by bearing witness to Truth, and ready to receive the gift of inspiration. The last part of the instruction reminds us to be alert to the “thieves” that would try to break in. Might we think of the thieves as anything that would cloud thought, stealing our ability to perceive the light? We can’t let thought be dulled by sneaky thieves such as hypocrisy, worry, doubt, fear, pride, arrogance, indifference, self-dependence (rather than God-dependence), or anything else that keeps thought from expectantly trusting Love’s constant provision and Mind’s eternal wisdom. (B16)

Paul cautions the Christians in Rome to awake, to get rid of all dark thoughts (the thieves) and put on the armor of light — that comes from being ever-conscious of the presence of Christ and responding with ongoing prayerful readiness to welcome in Truth. We must stay ever alert — not satisfied with doing or thinking what we know to be wrong … not content with idle thought and inaction. (B17) We are either walking (moving) towards the power of good or away from it (accepting evil suggestions.) The more often we choose rightly, the more of Life we experience. (S21 & S22)

Even when sleeping we can expect thought to be alert. Mrs. Eddy writes, “if you fall asleep, actually conscious of the truth of Christian Science, — namely, that man’s harmony is no more to be invaded than the rhythm of the universe, — you cannot awake in fear or suffering of any sort.” (Ret. 61: 8) So let’s remember the value of being watchful (attentive), sober (calm), and vigilant (examining carefully all circumstances). We must conquer the beliefs of sin, sickness and death in order to “reach the goal of Spirit, or life in God.” (S23) This can sometimes seem to take a lot of effort. But, remembering that the ability to think rightly comes from God — revealed through Christ — makes it all possible and joyous!

Section 6: Walk in newness of Life — filled with the Holy Ghost

For a period of 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus periodically appeared to his disciples. There were vital lessons they needed to learn in order to share Jesus’ story and to be prepared to continue the work he had started. During this time the disciples received the Holy Ghost — the Comforter which would always be with them. Now Jesus disappeared from the disciples’ sight. The material senses could no longer see him.

But before leaving them, Jesus tenderly counseled his disciples to stay in Jerusalem (cherishing all they had learned) until they felt completely empowered by the Holy Ghost. Then they were to go in that strength and bear witness to Christ, Truth, everywhere. (B18) The disciples did go out, preaching the good news of all that Jesus had taught and demonstrated … and healing! (B19)

The disciples were no longer leaning “on matter, but on the divine Principle of their work.” (S25) They, too, had experienced a resurrection. Can’t we expect that to be our experience, too, as we exchange a dependence on material sense (or personality) for spiritual sense (man’s oneness with God)? We need to consciously “walk in newness of life” — giving up old outgrown material beliefs as we are supported and inspired by the Holy Ghost (divine Science). (B20) As Life, Truth, and Love develop in consciousness, thought is led out of darkness into light — and death is defeated.

Section 7: NOW is the time to experience salvation! Follow the light!

The Bible tells us that “now is the day of salvation.” (B21) What is salvation? From the Greek, soteria, it connotes physical or moral rescue or safety, including health. (Strong’s) We don’t need to wait for health or to be delivered from evil. We need to claim God’s deliverance from all that is unlike Him. So, how do we experience this salvation — this freedom to be who God made us to be? We walk in the light, doing our best to stay on the path of “good.”

Consider this translation of Proverbs 4: 18 (B22) …. “The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day." (NLT) We may start out with baby steps. It may feel like we’re stumbling a lot in the dim light and we may feel we’re having to retrace steps. But, if we desire to stay on the path that Jesus laid out for us and live in accord with God’s law of good, the path will become easier to follow as the light gets brighter. It’s a lot easier to see where we’re going in the bright light of complete daylight than as the sun is just coming up! (B22)

We learn in Christian Science that the key is to learn that “Life is God.” That means that life is by nature harmonious, complete, perfect, and ordered. We can expect to experience this harmony and completeness as we stick to the path — as we live “the life that approaches the supreme good.” In other words, live in such a way that corresponds to the perfect law of Life. We’re told that if we demonstrate “the healing power of Truth and Love” “the way will grow brighter ‘unto the perfect day.’” (S27)

When children learn to walk, they often weave and wobble and frequently fall. But, Mom/Dad is there to pick them up and steady them. And the more they practice, the better they get. We may weave and wobble and fall as we’re striving to stick to the Truth of Life. But Father/Mother God is there to pick us up. As we stay on the path, and practice — watching thought and striving to follow Jesus’ example — we will get stronger and steadier and more consistent. No need to get discouraged! God is delivering us from all evil NOW! Accepting this, we will find ourselves walking in the light of day — knowing that health and safety are ours to experience NOW!

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