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[Unreality cannot Fascinate and Trick us! Think what God thinks! (A true Treat–and Treatment!)]
CedarS MET, Metaphysical Application Ideas, for:  Unreality
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for September 26 – October 2, 2011
by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon, 541.316.0809
[Bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS Director and Newsletter Editor]
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Are we going to be fascinated with [and tricked by] unreality? No! Far from being a horrible litany of a bunch of bad, unreal things, this Weekly Bible Lesson shows us examples of the ever-presence of God, regardless of circumstance, and how we can confidently see and share this [by giving strong Christian Science treatments] no matter where we are. [See Warren's P.S. on “Trick? or Treatment!]
Golden Text and Responsive Reading [Trick? (“a false witness”) Or treatment! (“a faithful witness”)]
This makes pretty clear sense, doesn't it?  So, we want to make sure we know who the faithful witnesses are, [who give and are a Christian Science treatment] and who the false witnesses [tricksters] are.  The Responsive Reading goes into great detail of how slanderous and wrong those bad witnesses may be, and what the effects of those false witnesses may look like, but we're given the steadfast counsel to trust in the Lord – “[He] hath been mindful of us: He will bless us.” Let's not believe any [lying] witnesses that suggest something other than God, good, and Her perfect creation. Even if those witnesses are our own senses, let's learn to love sticking with God.
Section 1 – God already told you how you are: His image and likeness! No [trick] evidence can convince you otherwise [and make you abandon this treatment].
We're not sick (or well) because our senses tell us so. The senses will never inform us as to the true status of man. This includes your eyes telling you what's in your bank account, your arms telling you how strong you are, or even your past telling you how skilled you are at some activity.  As citation S1 says, “We must look deep into realism”… using those spiritual senses which tell us immediately – no intermediary – of how God is expressed HERE.  The awakening to see this more clearly – a change in thought – is what we call healing, but it absolutely includes every aspect of our experience.  I love this idea of ‘translate' that we have in citation B2. When you translate English to Spanish, the words look and sound quite different, but the idea is the same. The fact of the idea remains. You are the precious, treasured, fully-known idea of God, and that will never ever change, no matter how many diplomas you get, where you're employed, where you live, or who you're with. Let's love this, this week!
Section 2 – [Trick: Big buildings spell success/Size matters! Treatment:] True success is natural and is of God!
When you're doing really well at something, that's great! One of the beautiful things about Christian Science is that, rather than taking away the joy and victory of accomplishing something, we learn that it is God who is the supreme source of all good – and therefore, all the joy you experience and good you see aren't dependent on you, and even better, you can always have them! Mary Baker Eddy speaks about how “man is not absorbed in Deity,” (259:1) and this is very important. We are simply, radiantly, the effect of God. Citation S8 puts it: “In Science, Mind is one, including noumenon and phenomena, God and His thoughts.”   You are the thought of God — right now, He is thinking of you and cherishing you. This also is a support when you don't seem to be succeeding at something. Rather than beating yourself up, you have the right to turn away from the senses telling you of failure, and listen for what the presence of God is saying. Allow yourself to agree with how God knows you, as Her ALREADY whole and successful idea.  Whether we seem to be succeeding or failing, be gentle with yourself and love that God is always here, cherishing you.
Section 3 – [Trick: A checkered past matters. Treatment:] No [“human history” or] timelines for God – all good is here.
Even before the angel “leaves' Jacob, Jacob [who hung in there wrestling with and for a perfect angel treatment for his past to deal with his immanent future] is told that he has prevailed, and “as a prince [has] power with God and with men.” Isn't this interesting! God didn't wait till Jacob had “finished” his story; God didn't wait till Jacob had moved with all his happily reunited sons to Egypt – God told Jacob he was a success right now! This reminds me of a line in the third verse of Hymn 204 in the Christian Science Hymnal: “They go in Thy strength, and they speak in Thy name, with power of Thy promise forth faring, and during the battle the victory claim, their trust in Thy truth is their daring…” The victory can be claimed in the midst of any battle we seem to be fighting! Since God IS ever-present, and you ARE forever His dear child, the natural outcome of God, when could you NOT have the full joy of God at hand? Yes, I know circumstances may often seem quite the opposite, and I'm not suggesting that one simply needs to put on the rosy-colored glasses. Rather, every moment, you have the right to confidently claim your daughter- and sonship with God, possessing all good now. Rather than sticking our heads in the sand, let's wake up a little more and see what a gift today is.
Section 4 – [Trick: Mental Instability. Treatment: Each one is] God's work, through and through. Let's love [patiently] seeing it!
In the verses preceding the story about Saul, is the story of how Samuel met David. Essentially, God told Samuel to go see Jesse's sons, and upon seeing every single one of them, Samuel thought each of them was fit to be king. Perhaps they had physical characteristics thought to be kingly, or they had a personal “resume” that spoke to their kingliness. In any case, once Samuel met David, he knew that he would be the next king of Israel – because God told him so. Now, isn't it interesting that David did not immediately declare rebellion against Saul, and try to take the throne in this manner that would have been quite reasonable in those days? It appears that he remained at his father's house, still tending sheep. When we're given a divine directive, we don't have to try to “make it so” with our own power and planning. As we see in the story in citation B9, Saul called David to live at his court and help him when he was feeling poorly. David knew he would be king, because of Samuel's divinely-inspired blessing. The neat thing about God's gifts is that, once we hear about them, it's not suddenly up to us to make them happen. What God says, IS!
In the story in this section, we're seeing a wonderful example of how harmony is certainly a keynote of God's presence. We see that “harmony is produced by its Principle…” (S18). This is yet another aspect of the point I mentioned earlier – God's work includes everything, He leaves nothing undone. [“Omni means all, and that leaves nothing out.” (Susan Mack, CS] Harmony is also naturally included as the effect of God in action. If you've ever watched a champion runner, you'll notice that while she or he may not seem CALM, everything about them is in harmony. Harmony is much deeper than the circumstantial evidence. It is the natural effect and environment of the perfection of God's work.
Section 5 – [Trick: Shut-down faculties & Closed opportunities. Treatment: Opened] ideas of God that [boldly take] stands together.
The unity of God's work is not an exclusive unity, keeping other ideas away. God's unity – the family of all Her ideas – simply is all, so anything unlike good just has no existence in the first place. Naturally, a clear recognition of the allness of good awakens us to see more of that present reality. Jesus knew this allness so well, that he didn't think twice about acting “boldly, against the accredited evidence of the senses, against Pharisaical creeds and practices…” (S21) No matter what false evidence or [trick] accusation others leveled at Jesus, he persisted in living Truth, and this naturally revealed the ever-presence of God. Let's follow this example and be bold this week, refuting the evidence of the senses, bad or good! It's the change in thought that's the healing, and this is naturally manifest in what we perceive as body. So live freely, as the full expression of God that you are, and don't wait for the bank to tell you of your status. Let's say ‘ephphatha' or ‘be opened' with Jesus, and be open to all the reality of God's love. Take citation S25 very literally – exercise those “mind-faculties!”
Section 6 – [Trick: You are saved by anything other than God. Treatment:] All good is of God – and is yours to see, cherish, and give!
What a glorious conclusion to this lesson! “Salvation belongeth unto the Lord!” (B16) Let's never give in to fear and suppose that salvation belongs to body, a diet, a potential employer or a friend. The Bible continues with this promise from Revelation: “Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God…” (B17) We are assured that “the ailment [is] not bodily, but mental…” in citation S27. We have never left being the idea of God, so the only thought that guides us and informs us is infinite Mind, Love. Any other suggestion is a complete falsity [–a trick for which we have a treatment]. I love the idea put forth at the conclusion of citation S26 – admit that God is here! You may enjoy checking out Mrs. Eddy's references to “admit” and “let.” These words speak so clearly to the stress-free relationship we have with our dear Father-Mother. [There is nothing more stress-free -or more humble-than a reflection!] There is never a moment when we'll live in unreality, so let's discard any suggestion of living apart from good, and explore this “age of Love's divine adventure to be All-in-all!” (Miscellany 158:9)

[P.S. “Trick? Or Treat-ment!” (from Warren)– To prepare for Halloween at the end of October in the U.S., we can see through every hour's unreal illusions that come in all kinds of convincing-looking disguises knocking on the door of thought to TRICK us into believing in the presence and power of evil, as well as of good.  On Halloween, you know the game being played and so are not fooled, no matter how outlandishly ugly (or beautiful) the costumes are.  Throughout this month and year, be just as aware that evil is ALWAYS an unreal illusion. However it comes masked to TRICK, give it a solid Christian Science TREAT-ment! Remember that every good C.S. treatment includes BOTH of “the two cardinal points of . . . Christian Science . . . the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good.” (S&H 52:19)
So, when these & other disguised trick-or-treaters come to you, be totally un-fooled:
1. Deny that “TRICK knee” and the false belief that a favorite sport can bring you pain & injury. Affirm “the mighty actuality” and guarded, guided grace of your oneness with Spirit;
2. Deny that tickets and accidents can possibly occur when God is your co-pilot behind the wheel.  Affirm “the mighty actuality” and protecting power of oneness with Principle;
3. Deny that personal pride can hamper your creativity or mar your artwork.  Affirm “the mighty actuality” and reflected artistry of oneness with Soul;
4. Deny that genetic code can determine your IQ, college options, strengths & weaknesses. Affirm “the mighty actuality,” infinite abilities and perfect placement that go along with your oneness with divine Mind;
5. Deny that you are a physical being in a body that worships and lusts after other physical bodies. Affirm that as a spiritual being, you have everything you need in divine Love and that you know it!
6. Deny that bad things can happen to good people, and when they seem to, see that it's only good unredeemed and as yet “invisible to the uninspired thought.” (S&H 573:4) Affirm that in the presence of divine Life, “ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God,” even when they don't seem like it at the time. (Romans 8:28)]

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[P.S.S.T.: Material Sense Tricks? Or Spiritual Sense Treats and Treatments!]
Possible Sunday School Topics by Merrill Boudreaux
for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on “Unreality” for October 2, 2011
[Bracketed italics & P.S. by Warren Huff, CedarS Director & Newsletter Editor]
P.S.S.T. – Golden Text
What does it mean to be a witness for good, God? What does faithful mean? What does false mean? If one tells a lie which commandment(s) does one break? [See CedarS main Met for this 517th consecutive week for ideas on a possible Sunday School theme for October of: “Trick? Or Treatment!”]
P.S.S.T. – Responsive Reading –  
Ask students to make a list of current witnesses that are telling lies about humanity? Often these witnesses testify using the human senses. 
Look up the definition of spiritual sense in S&H 209: 31. Now take spiritual sense testimony and make a counter-fact statement for the lies listed above. [Give a treatment for each lie that would try to trick us.]
P.S.S.T. – Section 1 –
Ask each student to state one law of God of which they are certain. 
Why would one keep the laws or testimonies of God? What is the result? What was the result for Enoch? (B2 and S4) 
Looking to the material senses provides what kind of report? (S3) 
What is the result when the human capacities are enlarged, perfected? (S5)
P.S.S.T. – Section 2 –
What do you think would be the effect on the world if we had only one language for communication? What words would that language include? How might it sound? Since there are so many languages on the earth or in the universe, what language does God speak? (S6)  
What was the purpose for building the Tower of Babel? (S9) 
Is heaven “up there” or “out there”? 
Where should the people look to find and understand God?
P.S.S.T. – Section 3 –
Who was wrestling with Jacob? Why? Help your students review the Jacob and Esau story in Gen. 27 that preceded the event in this section. Can one's birthright ever be taken from one? Ask students to write on an index card their birthright – given to them by God. They may share what is written or take it home as a quality to model for the week.
P.S.S.T. – Section 4 –
What was one of David's birthrights or qualities that he used in citation B9?
There is a wonderful prayer in citation B10 that one can use whenever one feels down, depressed, unloved, unrecognized… 
What does God see when He looks at you? 
Isn't that something to sing about? 
Look at the music in a student's favorite hymn. What happens if one note is removed or altered? Thus it is with you. What would be the result in the universe if you were removed or altered? How would your removal affect God? Do you see how important and necessary you are? Even when Moses and Jacob and the Prodigal son ran away, they could never hide from God or run away from God and God's goodness and neither can you.
P.S.S.T. – Section 5 –
Ask students to read aloud the answer to the question in the chapter Recapitulation in S&H, pages 469-471; “What is Mind?” What are the real witness-bearing testimonies in that answer?
P.S.S.T. – Section 6 –
What is come to you, witness of God, with an eternal birthright? (B17)
What is the intent of S&H on your life? (S28)  
After studying this lesson, choose ye:
1.    Will you look to the [trick] testimonies of the material or physical senses; will you build a material structure to reach God or heaven? 
2.    OR, will you be a faithful witness relying on your authentic birthright? [treatment]
Consider closing by praying together the words in Hymn 88.

[PYCLs -Play an angel-grip versus gripe game! Dress up a witness, judge, accused …]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
“Unreality” for October 2, 2011
by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041
[bracketed italics by Warren Huff, Director of
CedarS  Camps]
[PYCL Trick #1: Discuss the treatments offered by faithful witnesses as being those given by they who see evidence of God's goodness to opposed to the trumped-up, trick evidence of presented by unfaithful witnesses:]
As usual, the Golden Text sets the tone for the lesson this week!  We can discuss the entire lesson on the basis of being faithful witnesses. A faithful witness relies entirely on the testimony of the spiritual senses. These sentences discern what is real and what definitely is not! We are given the opportunity to extract from each section what lessons are shared about the nature of the senses and unreality. [See CedarS main Met for this 517th consecutive week for ideas on a possible Sunday School theme for October of: “Trick? Or Treatment!”]
Discuss what it means to be a witness. There are several definitions that apply in different effective ways. What is a “faithful” witness vs. an “unfaithful” one? How does this apply to how we view our friends and family on a regular basis? How about to how we view ourselves, our abilities and what we think of as our limitations, or even our strengths? Do we view ourselves accurately, in other words, are we looking at ourselves with our spiritual senses? What are these senses and how do we know we are using them? You can find for yourselves what Mrs. Eddy says about spiritual sense in S&H. A couple of citations: “Spiritual sense is the discernment of spiritual good.” and “Spiritual sense is the conscious constant capacity to know God.” What do those statements mean to us? Can we discern “spiritual good”? Can we have a “constant and conscious capacity to know God”? Can you put that another way? Of course the answer to these questions is yes, so how do we do these things? Make sure you have examples and that they can share some of their own. Once we've established that we all have the ability to discern spiritually, then we can really dig in to this faithful witnessing since it is all based on seeing spiritually! Why is this kind of witnessing important in this week's lesson subject?
[PYCL Trick #2: Explain how a treatment acknowledging] Spirit's presence reveals real and foils unreality’s obscuring attempts [to trick us into a belief of separation.]
Citation B3 explains that the “natural man” (mortal man) views spiritual reality as foolishness. We've all probably done this at one time or another, looked at the evidence before our senses and thought that it just seems crazy to deny it!  Put another way, the spiritual view seems ridiculous to accept.  But when we turn away from the temptation to see what the material senses testify to as solid, real, we tear the facade away from the fragile dream that there is a separate universe from God's.  A powerful statement is citation S5: “…the material so-called senses have no cognizance of either Principle or its idea.”  Think about what that means.  That really is saying that we don't know God except through the spiritual senses, anything that is solely matter-based is unreal, unworthy of our notice, practice or attention.  In most cases that should reveal to the kids that much of what they do really is or has the potential to be very spiritually-based!  What does schooling represent?  What does going for a bike ride represent? Etc.  What is the spiritual essence of our activities?  If we can't think of any then maybe we need to either rethink the activity, or in most cases that are brought up in Sunday school, I would guess that we need to have a fresh view of the purpose of the activity, of its spiritual nature. Always keep in mind that the material senses can't know who we really are!
[PYCL Trick #3: Discuss the trick of E.G.O. in Babel and how to] build your [treatment and] achievements on a solid foundation:
As always, ask yourself and maybe the kids, why the tower of Babel story is in this lesson. I know I say that a lot, but I find it so helpful to ask that (even about each citation). It can really give you a fresh view of the story because obviously this isn't the only lesson in which this story is included! What do you think these people were trying to achieve?  Were their endeavors based in spiritual ideals?  If not, can you describe what you think that they were wanting?  I think they were making a monument to what they saw as their personal greatness, their human achievement.  [My favorite acronym for e.g.o. is edging God out.] Personal aggrandizement leads in every case to disappointment and confusion.  Whenever we do something in order to be “recognized” we find ourselves lost and unfulfilled-looking for more.  Salvation, our journey to know ourselves and God, is a personal private journey-not something recognized by the public or at least not looking for that.  Acts born of the desire to be noticed are ultimately doomed because of their lousy foundation.
Do we have some examples of things that we've done in our lives that maybe were not built on the best of foundations?  What makes these things “unreal”?  Is it maybe because they are temporal?  What does temporal mean?  Is that maybe a good litmus test of something's reality or unreality, whether it is eternal or temporal?  When we ask God about something we want to do or have, with a great sense of humility (no ego), we find clarity, wisdom, certainty, instead of confusion and dissatisfaction.  It might be interesting to look at this story in contrast to the day of Pentecost, when they all heard each other in their own language.  What was the gathering at Pentecost about, as opposed to the one at the tower of Babel?  I love that the Bible portion of this section includes “Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort:” It makes me think of the hymn that we know as #10 in our hymnal!
I don't see the story of Babel as including a God who came down and “confused” people to prevent them from doing something that would give them some kind of power. I don't know if this is something that is helpful in a Sunday School discussion, but I see this story as an example of how someone may have interpreted this event.  I have the feeling that as in all badly founded endeavors, the people that got together began to argue amongst themselves about this and that aspect of the “building project” and it became a “city or house divided against itself” (see Section 5).  The language barrier is symbolic of human disagreements; (think opposing political views here!)  I think that this view is supported in citation S6, “Christian Science attaches no physical nature and significance to the Supreme Being or His manifestation; mortals alone do this.”  We don't view God as a physical being that “interferes” in human endeavors.  She is divine Spirit, always communicating to our spiritual senses.  Matter rises or falls based on false beliefs, not on God's involvement.
[PYCL Trick #4: Tricked by past mistakes, grudges? No! Discuss how and why to] wrestle [for an angel blessing over] that unreality:
Sounds funny to say that…but isn't wrestling unreality what Mrs. Eddy says Jacob was doing?  He was wrestling with error, “struggling with a mortal sense of life…etc”?  Hadn't he, up to this point in his life, mostly built something of his own “tower of Babel”?  He had tried to get fortune, if not fame, for himself in any way possible at every turn, almost always using deceit.  And interestingly, he suffered from the same tactics used against him by his uncle didn't he?  This was a point in his life [after running for 20 years from the (trick) mortal view of himself and of his brother] when he was really listening for God's direction and was really afraid of what God was telling him to do but wanted to be a faithful witness!  When he finally yielded to spiritual sense [was receptive to the angel message], he was rewarded with a new name, even a new understanding of his true identity!  An interesting question that may take a little background work on the Jacob story…you might ask what the difference was between the blessing that Jacob asked for from the angel, and the blessing that Jacob had stolen from Esau all those years before.  One, being material, brought strife and hatred; the other, being spiritual, brought genuine wealth, joy and freedom.  Citation S13 explains, his spiritual sense lifted him/his consciousness into eternal Truth.
[Warren’s angel-wresting game where gripes are beaten by grips onto angel ideas:
For hands-on learners, you might try an angel-treatment wrestling game to illustrate the blessings that will inevitably flow from each pupil’s tenacity, their holding onto angel messages and not letting them go until they are blessed.  You might (possibly buy and) prepare a half dozen pairs of ankle socks that you won’t mind being stretched (and given away?). Prep each pair of socks so that there is an angel-blessing treatment citation or idea inside the inner sock of the overlapping ankle sections with the two toe sections at opposite ends.  Holding such an angel sock assembly at its overlapping ankle section, you could gently “sock” each of your young pupils with one of this lesson’s (or other) tricks of unreality and invite them, like Jacob, to tug on the treatment toe that you present to them until they are blessed. You can play tug-of-war for a several seconds until they repeat the angel treatment that you are saying aloud about the trick that they have been socked with. At that point just move your grip to the (outer) trick toe section closest to you so that they end up with the (inner) blessing sock, including the angel treatment or citation that you have been saying to them. (Those who know about J. K. Rowling’s house elves know that the pupil’s getting to keep this gift sock will give them freedom from the trick presented.]
[PYCL Trick #5: Tricked by Depression? No! Prepare pupils with treatments early and often that teach them] not to trust [the trick of] sad “witnesses”:
Depression is probably not a great topic for little kids, but they can learn so much about being the master of their feelings at this age.  As Christian Scientists we have such a great opportunity to handle this insidious and aggressive suggestion of depression because we can handle it as any other disease, as nothing!  I love that after the story of Saul, there is citation B10 that asks the question “Why art thou cast down, O my soul?”  Isn't that what we are tempted to ask when we are sad?  We want a reason and we go down the woeful list.  When in fact, like any other unreal suggestion, we must take a strong stand for the reality of harmony and satisfaction, even gratitude for the power and presence of God.  The Psalmist's suggestion is “hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.”  We can address with the younger ones the need to be free from the slavery of unreal suggestions of sadness or any other “emotion” that does not reflect the control, joy, power and consistency of Mind.  Error, (sadness-depression) will always clamor to be recognized as real!  We need to denounce it as unreal!  Citation S20 declares “…spiritual sense, and not the material, conveys the impressions of Mind to man…”  So when anything inharmonious is being conveyed by material sense, we can dismiss it!  When we are really angry with our little brother/friend/?, we know that that anger is from material sense, it can't be trusted, and no matter how much we are itching to act on that anger, we must listen to spiritual sense!  Material sense can seem very aggressive and real, but when we have even one victory over it, we feel an amazing sense of power and victory and satisfaction!
 [PCYL Trick #6: Tricked by Disabilities? Disease? Beelzebub? No! Jesus’ treatment method] proves material senses (false witnesses) powerless:
There are two example of Jesus healing the deaf/mute (as well as blind) in this section, why?  What do the senses tell us by now about true and false witnessing?  Jesus was opening a door for us to glimpse the Kingdom of heaven on earth.  The Pharisees were not so comfortable with the view through this door, or maybe they just couldn't see it because they were so blinded by a material view of things based on rules and regulations?  Could the Pharisees even witness the beauty of the healing work Jesus did?  Apparently not…  Jesus proves in this section, through healing, that his view of the universe is a view of reality.  What can we do in our lives to prove the power and presence of God, to make reality more visible to those around us and to ourselves?  What can we do to diminish our witnessing to unreality?
[More “wiggle-friendly PYCLs: like a witness hat, judge’s robe… ] 
With the littlest ones, I'll probably think of a dozen things after I send this in, but maybe these ideas will encourage some more wiggle-friendly ideas for these dear ones.  One idea is to have a spot be the “witness box” (no need to explain much about a court room).  We don't wear anything special in this box, but you may want to bring a hat to denote the “witness”.  Talk about witnessing truly to yourself and your friends about themselves.  Pass some suggestions by your “witness” and have them declare it true or false.  Or have a “judge” declare what the witness says to be true or false and the judge could wear a robe just to add an extra touch of fun.
[Another option is to give the accused a black hat and then change it for a white hat of innocence after the judge pronounces the innocence of the accused.]
Check out Jesus' word “Beelzebub”, what is that? Can they even say it?  Isn't that a funny word to denote error?  You can also talk a bit about how being, happy, kind etc. are true/real thoughts from God and sad/angry thoughts are from Beelzebub.  They might enjoy some of the story about Jacob and the angel too!
[P.S. Click here for an update on what's happening this week to expand CedarS Bible Lands Park by building a Mediterranean Seaside trail to New Testament towns in Turkey… Steve & Lyndon are equipment operators working their excavator and skid steer at the cut rate of $28/hr. ($450/day for 2) to help build this church- & character-transforming trail with its Bible-based lessons. 2 more gift days of $450 are still needed to keep them rolling.]

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