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[Win without a fight as the unreality of evil is prayerfully exposed to defeat itself! (2)]
Metaphysical application ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for the week ending April 5, 2020

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com 314-406-0041

What is our source of true happiness? It has to be something permanent, substantial, good, loving…and it has to be something we can understand and perceive. It is not something that we only get to fully experience after what we perceive as death. While this Bible Lesson is not overtly about happiness, it is revealing that our Golden Text tells us that we are happy when we trust God, do not turn to idols, or worship false gods. Idols and false gods are simply the material pursuits that we get caught up in as we go through human experience, things that may even seem pleasant or interesting, but distract us from our true mission, to joyfully, profoundly, live as God created us. This living is a life of dominion, healing, blessing, praise, reflection. It can be done in nearly any walk of life, but we must be consciously aware that this is our mission in order to keep ourselves from being fooled by material idols, or false gods.

Our Responsive Reading tells us that we get our strength, dominion, integrity, and completeness (perfection), from the Lord. I like to think of the word "house", used twice in these verses, as Mary Baker Eddy (MBE) uses it on p. 578 in Science and Health. In her spiritual interpretation of the 23rd Psalm, she uses the word "consciousness" for house. So here, we might say: "I will walk within my [consciousness] with a perfect [whole/complete] heart" and "He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my [consciousness]." What material barriers to health, joy, hope, love, have you "jumped over" through understanding God as the source of good alone? I love the image of running through a "troop" by keeping our consciousness clear about God's present, powerful, goodness. This is the way that evil presents itself to our thought, our experience—as a wall—as a barrier to health, or joy, or hope. Understanding of God's true nature gives us the tools to break through the appearance of any lie that would purport to stand in our way of these God-given rights. [Click on today’s Global Prayer Watch to love into demonstration these inalienable rights of the God-blessed in citation B1, Psalm 1:1.]

Section 1: The basis of the unreal is the idea that there is more than one God.

The image of a tree planted by a constant source of water (B1) points to the reliability of God's provision versus the unreliability of material existence. True fruitfulness, comes only from the deep well of spiritual reality. The "ungodly", those that do not understand that the source of all productive and spiritually fruitful being is rooted in the living waters of divine Life, will only produce useless, dried-up "chaff" that is blown away in the wind—has no substance, and no value.

Citation B3 echoes our Golden Text by declaring again what it is that makes us truly happy—the one God. But the Science and Health portion of this section explains that it is Science that helps us to perceive the unreality of evil. Statements that seem abstract to human sense, or maybe not relevant to human experience, are explained by divine Science, which, like a fan, separates the chaff and wheat. (S2 and S3)

Citation S4 tells us that the "The first demand of this Science" is that there is only one God! This call is straight from the Bible, but Mary Baker Eddy broadens this statement, explaining that all that is unlike God must be unreal. "The realization that all inharmony is unreal, brings objects and thoughts into human view in their true light, and presents them as beautiful and immortal." (S6) Notice the fact that this is brought into human view, meaning it is understandable!! Certainly, seeing things in that "true light" brings us the happiness that is spoken of in our Golden Text as well.

Section 2: Evil destroys itself.

Jehoshaphat was known as a "one God" kind of guy. He worked diligently to root-out idolatry in his kingdom. If you read around the citations in this story you find the specifics of just what happened to all of the countries that were planning to take over his kingdom. They completely destroyed each other! When scouts were sent out to see what the enemy was up to, they found only fields of dead bodies. This gave force to Jahazial's prophetic words (from God) "You shall not need to fight in this battle". Who'd have thought that these words would be literal?!

Isn't this “win without a fight” a great symbol for us today that these battles with materially aggressive appearances, or suggestions, can be left to God when we are willing to "stand still", or "wait patiently on God"? As in this story, our true work is mental to destroy the seeming power of evil in whatever form it appears.

Consider the mental work done by Jehoshaphat and his followers. This was the true battle. In doing this mental, prayerful treatment, not yielding to fear, or the belief in another god, the nothingness of the enemy was revealed. It is tempting to feel that we must "wade into a battle" so to speak. But, the real work is the prayerful, Scientific treatment, the acknowledgement and trust in the oneness and allness of God.

Many healings come to mind where a prayer first priority of prayer was honored and proven to be effective. At one time my husband and I got tangled in a very uncomfortable misunderstanding with a dear friend. We felt like we were pushed into revealing some things that we had no intention of sharing, but then, when urged to do so, we were harshly and angrily treated. We thought that was the end of a long and wonderful friendship. But, because we knew there were no words, no talking that would ever mend this situation, we earnestly brought it to God every time it came to thought, which was often.

After some weeks, the friend just invited us to lunch. There was no mention of the interchange. I'm sure they were praying as well. But, it was a clear case of leaving "…the field to God, Life, Truth, and Love, remembering that God and His ideas alone are real and harmonious." (S12)

Section 3: Wait patiently for spiritual reality to become deeply rooted in consciousness.

It is vital to heed the lessons of Jesus' parable of the tares and wheat. In this story "an enemy" sows tares or "bearded darnel" which, besides looking much like wheat is also poisonous. It was apparently an act that was known to happen because they have found Roman laws that forbid sowing these plants in someone's wheat fields! As I read it this time, I found a new and profound lesson to be learned. (Isn't it amazing and fun that there are infinite ideas to be gained from familiar Bible stories?!)

Of course, this may be obvious to you, but I saw this tares and wheat parable as urging us to allow the understanding of spiritual reality to fully develop, and to bring forth fruit/demonstration, before we thrust in the idea that evil (the tares) are unreal. It is a step-by-step gain of spiritual understanding, demonstration, confidence, that prepares us to make that jump to the profound realization of evil's unreality. Approaching this idea from the standpoint of God's allness and oneness is certainly at the root of the householder's confidence that his servants should leave the plants to grow to maturity.

Daily demonstration of this Christ Science, gives us the foundation for confidently separating the truth from the lie [or the fact from the fable]. It can happen in seemingly small ways, but it is still demonstration! This demonstration is what allows us to glimpse, even now, the baselessness of matter/evil. And, we like Jehoshaphat, find that the enemy is ultimately self-defeated.

Section 4: Correct false belief in order to heal.

Jesus heals the Nobleman's son from afar. He identifies the Nobleman's need to "believe", rather than to have Jesus come to his house. As Christian Scientists we take it for granted that healing can take place from a distance, but to people then, as well as to many today, this idea of healing without being physically present seems odd. Jesus corrected this man's need to see "signs and wonders".

Today do we feel like we need some of these "signs" that Christian Science prayer and treatment can really be effective? We don't take any physical action or prescribe any physical action for a patient.
Do we, as patients, sometimes feel like we crave some "message from God", or some divine "feeling"?
I would argue that the messages from Love are indeed there!

While we don't "do" anything physically for a patient, we do help them move their thought to a place where they perceive the Love of God more clearly [and the fable becomes amenable to the counterfact.] This must be what Jesus did, and instantly, because the man simply left, knowing that his son would be well. In Christian Science treatment, we are changing "…dark visions of material sense…" and "…[resolving] them into harmony…" (S21) This is only a correction of a lie, and not a change of reality. "When one's false belief is corrected, Truth sends a report of health over the body." (S24) Again, we have a statement of mental action leaving the field to God/Truth! (S12)

Section 5: Drop the unreal view, to reveal the new, true, spiritual you.

While this section centers around Paul's “new man,” character conversion from being the old man, Saul, the opening citation from Job helps us to see that the spirit of understanding is within each of us. God put it there, in every one of us. Some of us might be stubborn and headstrong about our sense of right, or our mission. It may seem right to us for a variety of reasons. But, with that spirit within, we can rest assured that eventually we will each find any such willfulness turned aside by the message of Christ that blesses and heals.

Saul was committed to wipe out the Christians, those that spoke of themselves as having found "the way". One of the fundamental building blocks of discovering the nothingness of evil, comes through the pain that comes when we "kick against the pricks". That is, when we willfully pursue a course without waiting on God in stillness. This turning to the light is natural to us. (S25, 458:32)

We are creations of the one God, made to glorify and bless. When we are journeying in the wrong direction, any blindness to God's goodness can "fall away as scales" as we heed the Christ messages that correct and guide us. Here, with Paul, we have an example of humble willingness to utterly drop a false sense of reality. We can all ask ourselves if we are equally ready for such a change of thought! [W: And, are we equally willing to see an opponent or a bully as if they are on their “road to Damascus?”]

Section 6: Our dominion and happiness come from conforming to Christ.

Here we are, back to how recognizing the difference between the real and unreal leads to happiness. In citation B13 we can hearken back to any of the struggles with the appearance of evil in this Bible Lesson. Whether we are: fighting, like the servants of the householder, with the age-old question of "where did evil come from”; facing down enemy nations; fearful for our own child's life; or overcoming a false world view, like Paul, we can yield to, "conform to," Christ who transforms every situation into one of spiritual reality. Indeed, this is where we find true happiness. (S30)

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