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Be Untouched by the Fables of Evolving Matter in the Facts of Spirit’s Unchanging Creation/Reign!
Metaphysical Application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?
for December 17-23, 2018

Prepared by: Kathy Fitzer

The answer to the question asked in this week’s subject is a definite NO! But, if we’re not careful, we can get duped into believing that we are — at least sometimes — subject to the ever-changing, constantly evolving conditions of matter. Understanding that God created all things and that “he made man a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour” (B4) enables us not only to appreciate the vastness of God’s orderly design, but also to see how we, our fellow man, and the entire universe are cared for. All truly is subject only to the spiritual development of divine Mind.

Golden Text:
At the time when this verse from I Chronicles was written, the Jews had returned from Babylonian exile and were in a period of restoration. The arc of the covenant was front and center in their lives, and there was a real emphasis on remaining true to God’s law. The defeatist attitude during the exile — when it was felt that God had lost and other powers had won — was now replaced with the confidence of victorious hope. This particular verse encourages people to not keep their hope to themselves, but spread the word throughout the land.

The Lord reigns — and is always more powerful than any false idol or image. Our mission should also be to first, rejoice and be confident that God does reign, and then not to keep that good news to ourselves! How we live our lives is a true testament to where we place our faith.

Responsive Reading: [W's PS#1]
The theme of joyfully singing praises continues here. That is something we can do no matter what the human circumstances look or feel like, because we know that God “ruleth by his power for ever.” These Psalms encourage people to recognize that God governs the world! People (and man-made gods) do not! And, again, it is important to understand that God does not just rule or govern those who already believe in him (Israel, in this case) but God’s activity is for all people. We don’t have a corner on the market. We must acknowledge that God cares for and communicates to everyone! The verses from Ps. 33 remind us first of the proving (testing and tempting) time that the people endured during the Exodus period, and then are reminiscent of Genesis 1. God speaks, and creation is done! This creation simply needs to be revealed. Nothing needs to be added, and nothing can be taken away. Furthermore, God cares for His people. He is the sovereign ruler of all. Verse 14 speaks of God watching the “inhabitants of the earth” from “the place of his habitation”.

I loved discovering that the Hebrew words for habitation, inhabitants and earth all refer to an established, settled dwelling place. The Hebrew word translated earth comes from an unused root, meaning “to be firm.” God doesn’t change … and so neither does His creation. The last verse of the Responsive Reading speaks of the multiplication of God’s activity and how He made all things skillfully (Hebrew for “in wisdom”).

So, when it looks like our world is facing trouble from all sides (political, climactic, health related, and so on), we can stand firm in our faith in the fact that God does reign, and His creation is forever stable. As we maintain our faith and our understanding, we can confidently pass through trials, sing praises, and know that God’s rule does not fail! His spiritual creation is intact and His good forever multiplies!

Section 1: Reach correct conclusions by understanding there's ONE power! [W's PS#2]

The verses from Isaiah were written during the time of the Babylonian exile. They (like surrounding chapters) were part of the message of hope and salvation. (B1) Again, the people are being encouraged to look around at the order they see in the universe and give credit for it to God and his great strength and power. God alone governs all nations and people, and the promise is there that His salvation will be seen. We can count on those same promises whenever we are going through difficult times. Although those around Israel worshipped the sun, moon, and stars, the God of Israel is far greater than these. This God made man in His image (a little lower than the angels — or Elohim (as sometimes translated). (B4) The Psalmist is echoing Genesis 1: 26-27 here … man made in God’s image and given dominion over all things. Jeremiah also tries to encourage the exiles to not lose hope, warning Israel to turn away from idolatry and recognize the strength of God — His stretched out arm. Nothing is too difficult for God. (B5) Science and Health reiterates God (Mind) having created the universe, thus making it a spiritual universe (forever permanent and harmonious.)

To me, two important points were brought out in the citations from Science and Health. First that “only by understanding that there is but one power — not two powers, matter and Mind, — are scientific and logical conclusions reached.” (S4) We can’t base our conclusions on what the material senses report! Just as the Israelites had to maintain their faith while being held captive, we must keep our eye on what spiritual sense tells us is actually going on. God is the “All-in-all.” There is no other power!

“When first coined, All-in-all was a reference to the omnipresent and all-pervasive nature of the Christian God, that is, 'all things in all places’." (The Phrase Finder) Webster uses the phrase “all-inclusive” as part of its definition of the phrase. Bottom line … there is nothing but God! God is supreme power, supreme creator — ever with His creation! Second, we need to see material evolution and all material history as a mistaken view — and refuse to fear it or draw conclusions about the future based on it. Spiritual development — or the unfoldment of Mind’s complete and perfect creation — is all there is! (S6) Acknowledging that, our world will reflect the balance, bounty, and harmony of infinite Mind! And, of course, the right human footsteps needed to be taken will be revealed!

Section 2: God’s provision of order and blessings

I can totally understand the children of Israel feeling pretty discouraged and disgruntled as they wandered through the wilderness hungry. Things may have been far from perfect in Egypt, but at least they had food! And, looking around them they saw no good prospects concerning where their next meal was coming from. The problem is, they were looking at what the material senses were presenting. The all-powerful God had not deserted them! The quails came and manna lay on the ground.

It occurs to me, though, that if it had not been for Moses’ spiritual discernment, would they have recognized the manna as the gift that would feed them for the next forty years — and which would teach them such qualities as obedience and satisfaction along the way? (B9) If food had come in a more conventional way, the people likely would have missed the point that it is always divine Love — rather than person or circumstances — that blesses and meets needs. (S7) Mary Baker Eddy explains that “The miracle introduces no disorder, but unfolds the primal order …” (S11) To unfold is to “lay open to view; disclose or reveal.” (Webster 1828) God’s complete spiritual creation (holding within itself everything needed) is ever-present.

We have to practice seeing things through a spiritual lens — rather than getting stuck on the limited (and often disturbing) material report. What a wonderful promise is held in this statement: “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, — is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.” (S12, 306:25) Remember, unfolding is bringing something to view that has always been there. As discordant and shocking as something may appear to be, we are “hid with Christ” as a recent Bible Lesson made so clear. To be undisturbed is to be “free from interruption, not hindered, free from perturbation of mind, calm, not agitated or stirred; not moved.” (Webster 1828) Material circumstances try to interrupt our lives all the time. The question is how we will respond … be taken in by the assault — or watch to see what gifts and blessings God has prepared and is unfolding to our view?

Section 3: Reproduction is the reflection of God’s creative power [W's PS#3 & #4]

When Elihu spoke with Job, he started by asserting his identity as the offspring of God — and later affirms that this is Job’s identity, too. (B11) Acknowledging that “Spirit, God, has created all in and of Himself” (S13) is always a good place to start as we strive to reason rightly. How reassuring this question from Isaiah is to any expectant mother when we correctly respond with no … “Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord.” (B13) Other translations expand the application of this verse to include the rebirth of an entire nation — and ultimately a new view of harmonious world order. We have to think big — and seek the clear view.

Luke is the only gospel that begins with the birth of John the Baptist. It also elevates the roles played by Elisabeth and Mary. In each of the birth stories, material laws were proven impotent. The so-called laws of barrenness and age were shown to be powerless to stop the appearance of the great prophet who would prepare the way for the Messiah. The story demonstrates that no material condition can stop God’s creative authority from being exercised. What a privilege it was for Zacharias to be serving in the temple. It was an honor that might come only once in a lifetime. His devotion was evidence of his faithfulness to God. Elisabeth, also part of a priestly family, was equally devoted to God. And yet, the proclamation that they would have a child at their advanced ages was apparently something neither was prepared to receive!

So, we can be patient with ourselves when we find it hard to believe angel messages that present unexpected — though very desired — turns of events. And yet, the more we accept that God truly does make all that is made, and that life consists of the unfoldment (or revealing) of what already is — rather than accretion (or the accumulating of layers of matter or knowledge) — the more we will accept the fact that there is no power that can stop the appearance of fresh ideas, each designed to fulfill their own individual purpose. (S14 & S15) Whether we are parents or not, it is vital to understand that each individual is the reflection of Spirit — whole and complete — formed by God and governed by Mind. (S16) Thus the work of the “great architect” will be seen and nothing can stop its manifestation or make us doubt that anyone can be deprived of bearing witness to the fullness of good. (S15, 68:4)

Section 4: Mind — divine Love — is the Father and Mother of the universe [PS#5, 6, 7]

The seemingly miraculous conception of John illustrates that no material obstacle can stop God’s creative power from being expressed. The conception of Jesus illustrates that God is the only source of life. (B15) A male and female coming together is not what forms a baby! The coming together of right human circumstances is not what forms a perfect outcome of events! Life consists of the unfoldment of Mind’s ideas, and this unfoldment is unhampered by false material theories and beliefs. Spiritual unfoldment includes every right idea.

So, we can apply the understanding that “Love, the divine Principle, is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man” to every aspect of existence. (S17) It is helpful to think about the qualities of thought that enabled Mary to receive God’s gift and for the Wise Men to recognize the sign of the star and follow it to find the promised Messiah. (B16) It seems to me there must have been a very pure thought present, willing to set aside previously assumed parameters based on human vision and experience. Mary was, of course, startled by the news and went to see her cousin Elisabeth for some sort of confirmation. But the mere fact that she had the courage and strength to travel the distance from her home in Galilee to the hill country outside of Jerusalem speaks volumes about her trust in God! I’ve been struck by the fact that as Jesus’ ministry grew, Mary didn’t always “get” his mission. She had many doubts — as we also sometimes experience. We don’t have to be perfect to see God’s plan take shape in our lives. But, why not agree to at least start from the right basis …. the spiritual conception of life! And then learn what is possible as we develop the understanding that the universe is not evolved from material elements, but from Spirit alone.

As Mary Baker Eddy writes, “the divine origin of Jesus gave him more than human power to expound the facts of creation, and demonstrate the one Mind which makes and governs man and the universe.” (S21) As we learn from Jesus’ example, and shift our perspective from a material to a spiritual origin of all things, we will become more and more aware of the tremendous Love that is the source of all things! As Love revealed the unfoldment of Christ, Truth, to Mary and to the Wise Men, we can expect to see evidence of this unfoldment in our daily lives. The key is to expect to see the law of Love that governs the spiritual universe to come into human view as we translate what appear as material things to Mind’s original ideas!

Section 5: Attribute all power to God to overcome sickness, sin, and death [PS#8a, b, c]

Throughout the Bible, those who knew God best were certain of the supremacy of God’s power, ability, and desire to save, heal, and preserve His creation. (See citations B18 & B19.) But no one demonstrated the Christ power to heal in such a convincing manner as did Jesus when he started his three-year ministry. Jesus healed and liberated others from every kind of disease and sin, and even from death. When Jesus was baptized by his cousin, John, everyone there heard the announcement …“You are my own dear Son, and I am pleased with you.” (CEV, B20) The Greek for “pleased” means to think well of or approve. Thus, God placed his seal of approval on Jesus. But, the light of Christ — the ideal Truth — which Jesus so completely embodied, and which “comes to heal sickness and sin through Christian Science” is eternal and “attributes all power to God.” (S24) This Science, which is not exclusively tied to any one person, but is available to all to practice — just like the science of mathematics or chemistry, etc. is available for all to practice — reveals the nature of each and every one of God’s ideas, with whom God is pleased. These ideas are constituted of the spiritual building blocks of Life, Truth, and Love … purity and wholeness.

All of God’s creation is governed entirely by Spirit — the consistently good divine Principle — NOT by the variable and undependable so-called laws of matter. (S26) Through his example of annulling supposed laws of matter, Jesus showed us what is possible. Mary Baker Eddy discovered the principles of the Science that Jesus taught and practiced. Now it is our privilege and “moral right” to dispute any unjust fable that would try to limit man or the universe. (S27) If that ever seems out of reach or we’re tempted to think that we’re not Jesus, or Mary Baker Eddy, or even a practitioner — and think we don’t know enough to dispute aggressive suggestions, all we have to do is remember this … “Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into al truth.” It is this understanding — given to us by God, Spirit — that “unfolds Mind” and reveals the truth of God’s spiritual, harmonious creation. (S28) We can’t be impressed either by the belief that the universe is actually governed by material laws which are occasionally set aside by Mind OR by the fable that spiritual laws can sometimes be usurped by the more generally-accepted material beliefs — called laws. (S26)

Section 6: Celebrate the fact that Mind made all and includes all.

This last section brings the message of the Lesson all together. One of my favorite verses from the Bible is the last one in this week’s lesson …. “Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” (B22) It echoes the Golden Text. I was surprised that this is the only place in the Bible that the word omnipotent is used. The original Greek for omnipotent has also been translated as all-ruling, or an absolute and universal sovereign (or ruler). Other translations use Almighty, or All-powerful. There isn’t room for anything outside of ALL. There can only be one ruler if that ruler is all powerful.

Christian Science, the demonstrable laws that Jesus presented and practiced, enables the reality of the universe to be seen and experienced. This is the fact: “In divine Science, the universe, including man, is spiritual, harmonious, and eternal.” (S32) If we think of science as true knowledge, we can realize that by viewing the universe, including man, in the light of Truth, we can see through the lies of destructive, limited, corruptible forces (that would accompany material — or atomic — evolution) and see right there the harmonious, complete, unchanging creation that is the unfoldment — or evolution — of Mind.

When faced with concerns over government at whatever level, we can help reach a solution by refusing to be satisfied with the idea of individuals or circumstances governing. In reality (and reality is what we must stay focused on in order to bring it into view), divine Science (absolute Truth) governs a universe of Spirit, peopled with spiritual beings — all working together harmoniously with each other and our surroundings. (S31) Let us sing praises to our God for His omnipotence and Love and keep the faith that the view of harmony will emerge!

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