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[Unite with God & with other Christians, Jews & Muslims. (S-16)]
Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) by Merrill Boudreaux

for the Christian Science Bible Lesson: “Doctrine of Atonement”

for October 20, 2013

PSST:  Golden Text:  How many Gods are there?

PSST:  Responsive Reading:   What qualities of God as Father-Mother are exhibited in Moses’ speech to the people?  What is your job when listening to Moses’ speech?  To hear and to listen.  Look to this lesson to tell you what God is saying to HIS/HER people… that includes every idea that exists.

PSST:  Section 1:  Moses is speaking again.  List the points Moses is making to the listening ears.  In citation B-5 what is the message given to us as listeners?

     What is Mary Baker Eddy’s favorite scriptural text in citation S-1?  Why did she say this is so?  What does it mean to you to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind?  Look to a quote often posted in Christian Science churches:  “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Science & Health 494).  How does divine Love meet all those needs?  Consider that it does so in, as, and through man.  That man is you.  Do you see the unifying element of one God and you in His image and likeness?  God and you is one.  You can avail yourself of this unity, listen for guidance/direction, and fulfill your mission.  What is that mission?  Citation S-4, love God supremely; S-7, be the manifestation of God.  What is the result?  Joy or sorrow, good or evil, matter or Mind, life or death?

PSST:  Section 2:  In citation B-11, “God is one.  …ye are all the children of God…”  What is it that unifies all mankind (B-10)?  See also S&H 340:23-29.  What are the results of this being at-one with God?

PSST:  Section 3:  What new doctrine was Jesus teaching in citation B-12, line 27?  Since Jesus knew God loved this man, what was the result?  To those listening to Jesus then and now, what did he call on them, and now us, to do?  Citations B-13, S-12.  Are Jews, Christians and Muslims united?  (S-16, lines 6-18.  Go back to citation B-10 also.)

PSST:  Section 4:  What was Jesus’ role as Wayshower?  What was the way he showed to his followers then and to us now?  Ask students to give examples from Jesus’ life of how his listening to God and acknowledging unity between God and man was evident.  Healings, feeding the multitudes, raising the dead, his own resurrection and ascension.  At the heart of this listening was love.  See S&H 454:17-24.

PSST:  Section 5:  As a follower of Christ Jesus you cannot be condemned.  (B-22)  Can you ever be separated from God?  What did Paul say to the listening Romans?  (B-22, Romans 8:35-39)  This is a good memorization opportunity.  Now recap with the students:

  • Listening affords us the opportunity to hear God’s message.
  • We are united because we all have one Father-Mother.
  • Love for God and man is paramount and the true incentive in healing and teaching.
  • It is not possible for anyone to be outside of God.
  • Be persuaded with Paul.
  • God does what God does in, as, and through you.
  • You are necessary and always at-one with God.
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