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Understand the Substance that Heals!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on
for March 5-11, 2012
by Christie Hanzlik, C.S., Boulder, CO 720-331-9356
 [These application ideas from a CedarS Camps' Resident Christian Science Practitioner are provided primarily to help CedarS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons daily throughout the year, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free — by Monday each week in English; or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION: in French, thanks to Pascal & Marie-Helene; in German, thanks to Helga and Manfred; or in Spanish, thanks to a team of Ana, Erick, Claudia and Patricio. YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP for weekly emails from past CedarS staff of fun approaches & possible ways to teach lesson ideas to older and to younger Sunday School classes at  Enjoy! Warren Huff, CedarS Director & editor of these notes with bracketed additions.]
This week's Bible lesson describes some of the many ways in which God, as the true substance of the universe, expresses Himself.  A better understanding of substance brings about healing in every facet of our lives.  Each section of the lesson asks us to think more deeply about what is truly substantial, and to look beyond the surface appearance of things.  
 The Golden Text, “…the Lord has dealt bountifully with you,” reminds us that Love doesn't just give us some of what we need, Love gives gifts “bountifully” and “in abundance.”  Each line of the Responsive Reading agrees with this idea, reminding us that we will be “satisfied with the goodness of [God's] house,” that the “river of God” is “full of water,” and that the Lord's pastures are covered with sheep.   Together, the Golden Text and Responsive Reading create a vivid image of the gifts and bounty of the Lord, supplied to us all.
The ideas here are comforting.  Let's take them even further by acknowledging that an understanding of spiritual substance, even in small degree, results in healing.  To illustrate this point, I've included a healing from Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer* for each of section of this met, as an example of how Mrs. Eddy demonstrated spiritual substance in her healing work.    As we read these examples, we can remember that Mrs. Eddy dedicated her life to teaching us that the ability to heal and bless mankind wasn't hers alone, but a bountiful and timeless gift God supplies to each and every one of us.   In other words, when we read about Mrs. Eddy's great healing ability, we can declare, “That's mine too!”**
And for those of you who would like keep track of Christian Scientists' legal right to use prayer as an effective means of healing, please visit to read about current events surrounding health care legislation and prayer-based healing. [As it stands, Christian Scientists are neither exempted nor accommodated in the 2010 federal health care reform law, which included the mandate for all Americans to purchase health insurance. Last November, I (Warren) had the opportunity to make my second 3-day trek to Capitol Hill with our Missouri COP to help speak up about the unfairness facing Christian Scientists under the new law. We and other Missourians met with both of our Senators and all 8 of our Representatives on Capitol Hill. The Federal Office continues to move this effort forward, and if you would like to learn more, sign up for the Federal COP office's monthly newsletter. This will enable you to receive regular updates about the Federal office's work and learn how you can be involved.]
 Section 1:  All substance is spiritual. 
This section defines “substance” and lays the foundation for the remainder of the lesson.   From the Bible we learn that, “…whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it.”  (B2)   And, we also see again the idea that God doesn't just supply some of our needs, “he hath dealt bountifully with me.”  (B4)
We also learn that “Substance is that which is eternal and incapable of discord and decay.”(S1), and “God's thoughts are…substance…” (S3)  Or from another perspective, the last citation describes the “substance of a thought” being God.  What powerful ideas!
An example of a healing that might help us think about the “substance of a thought” being God is found in a note from Mrs. Eddy to Irving Tomlinson:   
“We should have the same control over the weather that we have over our bodies.  I remember when I was preaching that on one occasion the sky became black and a flash of lightening was so severe that the soloist fell in [a] faint.  I declared ‘Let there be peace,' and almost instantly the sun came forth.” (CH p332)
There are at least seven examples of storms abating in Christian Healer (CH).   Here's another one told by one of her students:
“While [Mrs. Eddy] was giving us some instruction of work to be done, there came a very heavy thunder storm.  Mrs. Eddy stepped to the window.  It made me so still, for I felt the divine presence as she spoke with God, and immediately the storm ceased and a double rainbow was over the home at Pleasant View.”  (CH 194)
As we grow in our understanding that “God's thoughts are…substance” and know that God is only good, we can begin to see clearer and clearer views of God's allness and goodness, reflected in peaceful weather, harmonious relationships, and healthy lives, among other realities.
Remember, the Divine truth about substance is universal:  “That's mine too!”
Section 2: Our supply comes from a Divine source from which we gain more and more as we give more and more.  
The second section describes the story of a recently widowed woman who nearly had to sell her two sons into slavery, as was the custom of the time.   Before this happened, however, the prophet Elisha gave the woman directions to reach into her supply of oil (“consecration; charity; gentleness, prayer; heavenly inspiration” (S6)) and fill vessel after vessel with it.   She was able to do this, gain more than enough wealth so that she didn't need to sell her sons, and thus received God's bountiful blessing.
Elisha and the widow woman demonstrated that Love's supply for His dear children is ever flowing, and they obediently relied upon God's law of abundance to overturn the human laws of the time.   This truth is still available over two thousand years later.   As Mrs. Eddy explained, “Both Science and consciousness are now at work in the economy of being according to the law of Mind, which ultimately asserts its absolute supremacy.”  (S9)   How wonderful to know that Divine law is always more powerful than matter-based laws!
A healing witnessed by Mrs. Eddy illustrates the law of Divine abundance overturning so-called human laws of illness, abuse, and poverty.
A woman named Lottie Clark reported this healing: 
“…I was in a seven passenger car going to Hyde Park, Boston to a [Christian Science] lecture.   Soon after we started the woman in the front seat turned around and said she wished to tell us of a woman who lived in Concord, New Hampshire.   This Concord woman was paralyzed on one side, she had not a penny in the world, and her home was so unhappy she felt she could no longer live in it.   So she decided to leave home and never return.   As she left her yard…[she saw a crowd heading to see Mrs. Eddy speak so she followed them….As she watched Mrs. Eddy's carriage pass by…] Mrs. Eddy leaned forward and looked at her.   No word was spoken, but the woman was instantly healed.   She returned to her home and found the home condition healed.   This was the end of the story.   We all sat spellbound and overwhelmed at the wonderful healings of Mrs. Eddy.   All was quiet for a while, then the woman who sat beside me spoke up and said very quietly, ‘And I was that woman, and I have lived happily in my home ever since.'   Then she added, ‘Never before nor since have I seen the love and compassion in any human face that I saw in Mrs. Eddy's when she leaned forward and looked at me.”  (CH p213)
Mrs. Eddy's love for this woman healed her of her paralysis and her unhappy and impoverished home.  Mrs. Eddy demonstrated the same timeless truth about substance that led Elisha to help the widow woman find her source of supply.  The “love and compassion” on Mrs. Eddy's face that helped to bring about this healing had nothing to do with makeup, facial creams or anti-aging medication.  It was her pure understanding of Love as the only substance of the universe, expressed and reflected clearly when she looked at the woman in need that helped to unfold harmony where so-called human senses couldn't see it.
And the metaphysical truth that underlies these healings remains true today.   In Mrs. Eddy's words,   “From Love and from the light of harmony which are the abode of Spirit, only reflections of good can come.  All things beautiful and harmless are ideas of Mind.  Mind creates and multiplies them, and the product must be mental.” (S7)
Remember, the Divine law of substance is timeless: “That's mine too!”**
 Section 3: Our true structure consists of spiritual substance, not bones, blood or brains.
The third section explains that man's substance has nothing to do with brain, blood, or bones.  “Bones,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “have only the substance of thought that forms them.”   This section includes the story of Mrs. Eddy healing Mr. Clark in Lynn of a decayed hip (to mortal sense, his hip was mushy).   This healing, which returned the man's hipbone and muscles to their proper density and strength in “a few moments” demonstrates the idea repeated again in this section, that “the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.” (B11)   Not only did the Divine law that substance is eternal keep the man from dying, but it completely restored his body.
In Christian Healer, we learn more about the case in Lynn from Mr. Clark's daughter in law, Grace M. Clark.   She explained that Mr. Clark had been in bed for eight months before Mrs. Eddy's visit, and that after her treatment, he got up the next morning with the sore healed and feeling fine.   Grace Clark concluded, “I never knew him to be in bed with any sickness afterward, and he lived to be over eighty years of age.” (CH p299) 
We should also be aware that the physician on the case claimed that his medical treatment was what healed Mr. Clark, even though the physician had already given up on the patient-this shows how mortal mind tries to make excuses for itself when material laws are upended by Divine law.    When we experience healing, we don't need to be tricked by the claim that “it was just a coincidence” or “medical treatment could have done this too.”
Here is another case, described in Christian Healer, in which the Divine law of health and substance triumph over the claims of the material substance of bones: 
“About eighteen years ago, while living in Boston, I fell from the third story of a building on which I was working, to the pavement.   My leg was broken in three places.   I was taken to a hospital, where they tried to help me.   The said that the leg was so bad that it would have to be amputated.   I said, “No, I would rather die.”   They permitted it to heal as best it might, and as a result I had to wear an iron shoe eight or nine inches high.  [one leg was 8-9 inches shorter than the other one]  I was called to Mrs. Eddy's home on Commonwealth Avenue, in Boston, to do some light work.
Mrs. Eddy came into the room where I was busy, and observing my condition, kindly remarked, ‘I suppose you expect to get out of this some time.'  I answered, ‘No; all that can be done for me has been done, and I can now manage to get around with a cane.'   Mrs. Eddy said, ‘Sit down and I will treat you.'   When she finished the treatment she said, ‘You go home and take off that iron shoe, and give your leg a chance to straighten out.'   I went home and did as I was told, and now I am so well that, so far as I know, one leg is as good as the other.”  (CH p165) 
This is a great example of God's bounty.  Not only was the man's leg healed, but it got 8 to 9 inches longer in order to be the same length as the other leg.   According to human medical laws, this is impossible.   But following the Divine law of spiritual substance, an elongated leg is a natural and normal outcome. 
And, here's a healing in which the seeming laws of cancer are defeated by the Divine law of substance (from a letter from Mrs. Eddy to Irving Tomlinson): 
“Once a man came to me with a cancer that had eaten into the neck, and the jugular vein stood out.  I turned from sense testimony, closed my eyes, and lifted my thought to God in prayer.  When I opened my eyes, the man was perfectly restored, neck normal and natural.  This is Christian Science healing. (CH p316)
These three cases show the bountiful blessings the Lord will bestow on us.   While one case might be excused as a “coincidence,” the fact that there are dozens upon dozens of similar cases offers undeniable proof that matter is not the true substance of the universe.    These healings demonstrate that there is a Divine law of substance that, when rightly appealed to, will bring about complete restoration and healing in every case.    Mrs. Eddy states this truth clearly, “Christian Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies.   Christian Science acts as an alterative, neutralizing error with Truth.  It changes the secretions, expels humors, dissolves tumors, relaxes rigid muscles, restores carious bones to soundness.  The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of Mind.” (S16)
The truth that Mrs. Eddy gives us in Science and Health is sufficient for us to know how to heal with the same efficacy as she did.   We too can demonstrate the supremacy and allness of spiritual substance.
Remember, the Divine law of substance is ours to apply: “That's mine too!”** 
[That's our church's testimony too! At a Wednesday evening meeting at our church last December Warren told of his Thanksgiving 2008 dissolving of a tumor by applying “the sunshine of Truth” as in citation S16 and logger Doug Jenkins told [and retold on a 2-20-12 Time4Thinkers online chat with Chet Manchester] of his quick healing of broken bones, heart attack and more after being pinned under a huge fallen tree. Keep scrolling for Warren's healing and click on Doug's picture. This healing Science is yours today too! ]
 Section 4: Our strength and power come directly from a spiritual source, and therefore cannot degenerate or wear out
In this section, we learn that “The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation:” (B12)  When we understand God to be our strength, we don't need to lean upon exercise or drugs or anti-aging strategies to live longer, stronger and healthier lives.   Instead, “The understanding that Life is God, Spirit, lengthens our days by strengthening our trust in the deathless reality of Life, its almightiness and immortality.”  (S17)   What a relief that our source of strength doesn't come from our seeming material bodies!
An example of this truth, as told in Christian Healer, shows that “recovery” time isn't necessary when healing and strength come from Divine laws of substance.    In 1907, Mrs. Eddy told the Christian Scientists working at her house about a healing that happened early in her work, even before she had changed her name to Mary Baker Eddy.  She explained,
“…I was walking down the street…and saw this cripple, with one knee drawn up to his chin…The other limb was drawn the other way, up his back.   I came up to him and read on a piece of paper pinned on his shoulder, ‘Help this poor cripple.'   I had no money to give him so I whispered in his ear, ‘God loves you.'  And he got up perfectly straight and well.   He ran into [Lucy Allen's] house and asked who that woman is, pointing to [me.]  The lady told him, ‘it is Mrs. Glover.'  [He replied,] ‘no it isn't, it's an angel.'” (CH 89)
This healing really expresses God's bountiful blessings.   Not only did the so-called crippled man's legs straighten out, but he was also able to get up and run to express his gratitude.   Mainstream medical views would suggest that after years of having his legs severely out of position and unusable, that it would take this man agonizing months of physical therapy to restore them.   This was not the case because “Spirit is the life, substance, and continuity of all things.”  (S18)
We can apply this same Divine law of instant regeneration to our lives.   When we are tempted to feel that we need time to recuperate after sports, a hard math test, or a long day of work, we can turn to the same Divine law of true substance that restored this crippled man so completely that he could immediately “run.”   Mrs. Eddy tells us, “We shall not call the body weak, if we would have it strong; for the belief in feebleness must obtain in the human mind before it can be made manifest on the body, and the destruction of the belief will be the removal of its effects.”  (S20)
Let us be grateful that Mrs. Eddy shared these ideas with us so that we can use them too.   The great truth that offers us health and longevity are not secret (occult) ideas.   We can all use them and share them and they never get used up.    Remember, the Divine law of substance is ever-flowing, and as we learn about other people's spiritual healing we can know: “That's mine too!”
 Section 5: Our sight and hearing, being spiritual, are eternal and cannot be lost.
You may have noticed that the majority of healings reported in the chapter “Fruitage” in Science and Health include the restoration of sight.   This section teaches us how these healings are possible.   We read, “He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed,” and “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” (B17, B18)
In Science and Health, we read the exact description of how to gain the understanding of spiritual substance that brings about healing.  Mrs. Eddy writes, “The substance, Life, intelligence, Truth, and Love, which constitute Deity, are reflected by His creation; and when we subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal senses to the facts of Science, we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere.” (S25)
The following example from Christian Healer illustrates clearly the importance of understanding substance when healing claims that sight or hearing come from the eyes or ears.   An early Christian Scientist, Emily B. Hulin, once told of a lesson she learned in a class she took from Mrs. Eddy:
“Mrs. Eddy was showing in class the definition of God…and showing that ‘Mind' is the ‘all seeing.'
“She said that through the understanding of this she had healed a man of blindness whose eyeballs had been destroyed, and the eyeballs were restored whole.  Someone in the class asked, ‘Well if Mind is all that sees, why was it necessary for the eyeballs to be restored?'
“Mrs. Eddy replied: ‘Ah, I anticipated that you would ask that question.  The effect of Christian Science is this.  Science restores the standard of perfection which mortal mind calls for.  If the eyeballs had not been restored, no one would have believed him when he said he could see.'”  (CH p459)
It is so important that we understand that these Divine laws of substance were not limited to Mrs. Eddy or those who studied directly with her.   Our leader worked tirelessly to share with us how we too can discover these truths.    She makes these ideas clear in statements like this one that we find in our lesson:  “Sight, hearing, all the spiritual senses of man, are eternal.  They cannot be lost.   Their reality and immortality are in Spirit and understanding, not in matter,-hence their permanence.” (S24)
Remember, that these healing ideas are universally accessible and will never be used up.   We too have the necessary tools to be effective healers.    The truth of our spiritual substance is ours to apply: “That's mine too!”
 6: Our supply come directly from a spiritual source that flows freely.
The final section makes clear that spiritual substance is so bountiful that the more we share it with others, the more it will come back and bless us.    From the Bible, we learn that Jesus praised a woman who gave “all her living” to the church, and he admonished us all to “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” (B21, B23)    We also read in II Corinthians that “God loveth a cheerful giver….Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causes through us thanksgiving to God.” (B24).   Selfless giving is the perfect way to demonstrate Love's unending supply and to show our gratitude to God.
The Divine law of substance states that as we give away the gifts of spiritual substance, we cannot find ourselves depleted.   Mrs. Eddy states this clearly, “Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us.”  (S27)
A healing reported in Christian Healer illustrates this idea of Divine substance supplying all needs universally. 
In December 1894, “there had been no rain in the Concord area throughout November.  The farmer who delivered [milk to Mrs. Eddy's home] told the cook that his well was empty and his cows were beginning to go dry.  When Mrs. Eddy was told about this, she smiled and said, ‘Oh!  If he only knew, Love fills that well.'  The next day when the farmer came, he was overjoyed to tell the cook that that morning he had found his well full of water.  And what was amazing to him was that there had been no rain to fill it.”  (CH p177)
This healing of a dry well shows that rain or water did not have to come from another source or be taken from another farmer in order for the man's well to be filled.   Mrs. Eddy's simple statement “Love fills that well,” declared the truth that Love/God is true substance and is always in His right place.
This healing of the dry well did not only help the farmer.   This demonstration of God's bountiful supply occurred near the same time that the people in charge of constructing the Mother Church in Boston were struggling to find enough money to complete the building in time to meet a deadline.   When Mrs. Eddy told the Board about this healing of the farmer's dry well, “the challenges faced in building the Church were met and overcome.   Love had filled the void.”   (CH 178)  The same law of Divine supply that brought water to the farmer's well enabled money and resources to flow into building the new church.  And this same law is still in action, promising you and me bountiful blessings.
The wonderful thing about the healings Mrs. Eddy witnessed is that the truths that made them possible are not hers alone.  She dedicated decades of her life to writing Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures so that we (and future generations) can heal effectively using the same Love-based truth about substance.   The idea “That's mine too!” echoed throughout this met is meant to remind us that the healings that Jesus, Mrs. Eddy, and others witnessed are not unique to them.   The truth that brings about financial and bodily harmony is a universal law of spiritual substance that we can all access anytime.
The final citation of the lesson reminds us that we can discover this same healing bounty in our lives today.   It reads, “Christians rejoice in secret beauty and bounty, hidden from the world, but known to God.  Self-forgetfulness, purity, and affection are constant prayers.  Practice, not profession, understanding not belief, gain the ear and right hand of omnipotence and they assuredly call down endless blessings.” (s30)
Here is the full citation for the book used throughout this Met:
 Yvonne Caché von Fettweis and Robert Townsend Warneck. Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer. The Christian Science Publishing Society. Boston, MA, 2009.
If you'd like to read examples of some more modern-day healings that came from a deeper understanding of substance, see the following:
**[A note from Warren about the dynamic effect of claiming “That's mine too”:   When hearing about the healings done by Jesus and by Mrs. Eddy, instead of thinking “that was then and them” — try saying:”Thank You, God! By reflection That's Mine Too! (T.M.T.)” Doing so will prove that this type of “T.M.T”. is more powerful and dynamic than T.N.T. (dynamite)]

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Christie Hanzlik, C.S. of Boulder, CO (contributor of this week's Lesson Application ideas with healings from Christian Healer *) also did extra research in the Christian Science Sentinel (S) and Christian Science Journal (J) for recent examples of Bible Lesson truths applied. Her quick search in “Found Volumes” uncovered many, many modern-day headings of broken bones to complement the idea in the lesson about the righteous man: “[The Lord] keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.” (B9, Psalms 34:20).   Ten such healings recorded since the year 2000 are highlighted. Christie included the citations so you can go to your local Christian Science Reading Room and look them up for yourself too.

Here's an overview of the articles:
“Broken Bones – Healed,” by Derek Trevor-Roberts (2008, J-126/12-35)
Within ten days, Derek was healed of broken ribs and shoulder, as determined by an emergency-room x-ray, “with total movement of all body parts.”  He concludes, “And in nine short weeks, I ran a 25K road race.  Isn't God great!'
“Broken Bones – Healed,” by Mollie Osborn (2008 J-126/2-30)
Mollie reports the healing of her son, Lyon, whose arm and collarbone were broken.  His arm healed within 4 days-“the bone in his arm had just gone back in place…The arm was completely healed.”  A few weeks later, after more prayer, her son's collarbone was healed as well while on a hiking and camping trip.  Lyon wrestled on the varsity wrestling team the following year and in the years since “has had no problems with his arm or shoulder.”  (Side note…Lyon wrote that part of his inspiration was that he had already seen Christian Science work when his mom rapidly recovered from a broken back.)
“Broken Bones healed through prayer” by Beverly Maw (2001 S-103/36-25)
Beverly reports that her ankle, which x-rays showed to be broken in two places, was healed through prayer even though an orthopedist had diagnosed that she would need surgery.  She concludes, “I have been completely free since this healing; I hike and play golf regularly.  To me, this shows God's law of perfection in operation.”
“Broken Bones Healed,” by Thomas H. Griffin (2000 J-118/4-55)
Thomas recounts that he rapidly recovered from “all the intimidating evidence” of a broken shinbone, ankle, and some fractured toes, and after a couple months, “the leg was as whole and strong as the other.”
“Broken Pelvic Bone-Healed” by Patricia Duke (2006, J-124/11-32)
Two weeks after an emergence room x-ray, Patricia was able to go through a Christian Science nursing training, experienced a full and complete healing, and now nine years later is still jogging at least a mile every day. 
“Quick Healing of Broken Pelvic Bone”  by Suzanne Lovins (2005, S-107/49-25)
Suzanne concludes her report with these words, “So three days after I had been in the emergency room [and gotten x-rays showing a broken pelvis], I was in another state taking care of someone else-entirely free and walking normally.  I was healed and whole-the way God made me.  Nothing could stop that.” 
“A son's broken bone healed through prayer” by Marilyn Lewitz (2004 S-106/25-26)
Despite x-rays of a broken foot and a diagnosis that her son, Jeff, would be on crutches for six weeks, Marilyn's son was completely healed within four days of his hospital visit.  Jeff went on to play sports in high school with complete freedom.”
“What if you broke a bone?”  by Gerry Feldheim (2002 S-104/12-24)
Gerry's broken foot was healed within two weeks, but the metaphysical lessons she learned were worth a whole lot more to her than the healing of bones. 
“Prayer Restores Broken Bone,” by Rosalind Twinn (2000 S-102/13-20)
Rosalind was healed of a broken leg.  She wrote, “The pain was intense, but I reached out to God in deep, humble prayer and felt the pain drain away from me.  There was no more pain-no swelling or discomfort at all.  I was free from fear.  The physical healing came quickly; within a few days I was walking again.  The healing is so complete I do not remember which leg was affected.  Christian Science is a way of life for me, showing the completeness of God's care in every circumstance.”
“Bone Adjusts Naturally,” by Nancy Stiner (2000 J-118/10-56)
Within a matter of a couple days, Nancy experienced “a complete healing” from a broken bone and swelling in her foot after a topple down some stairs. 

And, maybe you'll enjoy this poem too, which touches on the themes of “bounty” and “bountiful” found in the lesson (1948 S-50-930):
Love's Bounty by Margaret Osborn
God has prepared the way for me,
And humbly, I have shared
the bread of Life
with those I greet
beside the road.
By Love's arithmetic
My need is met.
The bread I cast
upon the waters
has returned
an hundredfold.
Dear God, Thy bounty
has outstripped my need.
My basket overflows
with Thy full meed
of good.
*[In the 4th section of Christie's CedarS Met this week, after Mrs. Eddy's healing of the handicapped person who was made straight, please add the reference citing (CH 89) that was inadvertently left out.] 
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[PSST-Cheerfully give of God's bounty to be a substantial force for good!]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson 
on “Substance” for study during the week of March 5-11th 2012
by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon, 541.316.0809
[bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS Director & Met, PSST & PCYL Editor]
PSST-Golden Text (GT): I love how this GT that kicks us right off with a great conversation starter: “the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.” This is a statement not a question; it's a direct statement of present fact. Don't be afraid to dive into whatever questions may arise from this statement. How do we handle it when it DOESN'T look like God has dealt bountifully with us? What does it mean, in present-day language, to have someone deal bountifully with you? This might be a good opportunity to introduce Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, to see if there is any context for this statement that could make it clearer for a sincere seeker.
PSST-Responsive Reading: What does it mean to perform a vow unto God? Is that a reasonable thing to do? Might it help us keep promises? What could be the purpose of performing our vows unto God? Do you think, if we make a promise to God, we also have to promise it to other people, or let others know? Or can our communion with God be just between us?
PSST-Section 1: This section is all about praising God. How often do you praise God? What does it look or sound like, to praise God? Do we only praise God when things are going as we have imagined they should? Is our praising conditional?
The citations from Science & Health are encouraging us to be very clear about the nature of God and His idea. Are we praising God for abstract, insubstantial things? Does it do any good to praise something, if you don't know what it is you're praising? Unpack citation S5 with your class. What does it mean that God, the creator, is the intelligence and substance of those things? Is God IN a flower? Is God IN your bank account?
PSST-Section 2:  Here we get to one of my favorite themes: giving. Giving was a big theme in a recent discussion about church that I was a part of, advertised on If you'd be interested in joining in (as a class, or individually) on some follow-up discussion about church (or other topics dealing with relationships) come to at 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT on Sunday, March 11.
So, giving. What's the point? What if you don't think you have much? Can we ever be stopped from giving? I've been really enjoying thinking of God as the Giver. So, then, we are the given. So, it's actually our nature to give! What does your class think about that? If it really is our nature to give, then could we EVER be stopped from giving? Don't you love the blessing of [“mercy unto you, and peace and love, be multiplied” in] citation B7? Can we treat others like that – giving them that grace and compassion and love?
Dive into this idea of reflection, unpacked in citation S8. Reflection is a crucial facet to our study of Christian Science, so it's good to take it beyond a brief analogy of a mirror. Really love this opportunity of Sunday School to dive in!
PSST-Section 3: Thanks so much for such an inspiring collection of healings collected by Christie Hanzlik, CS! What a neat gift. You will want to consider sharing these stories with your class. I remember the first Christian Science book my folks gave me (aside from the Bible and Science & Health) was Healing Spiritually, published in 1996. I loved reading the healings! Years later, when I was headed off to be a CIT at CedarS, my folks gave me another copy of that book, as well as A Century of Christian Science Healing. I ended up reading from it almost every night to my campers as they went to sleep – they really enjoyed it. Never underestimate the simple joy of sharing these healings and victories. Encourage your students to practice for Wednesday evening testimony meetings.
Could bones also be a metaphor for anything? What are bones a symbol of? In fact, every single citation in this section could also easily serve as a parable or metaphor for other experiences. Can you think of any? It's so important to relate the lesson to the immediacy of your class' experience. Depending on the interests of your class, you may enjoy drawing or acting out citation S16 [about Christian Science bringing “to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies… acts… changes… expels… dissolves… relaxes… restores… to soundness.” (162)]
PSST-Section 4: What does it mean to make mention of God's righteousness? (B14) Perhaps there's a connection that can be drawn between a mention of God's righteousness, and a mention on Twitter (if your class is familiar with Twitter). When you mention someone in a post or tweet, not only do all your friends / followers now know that name, but they're also able to click that person's name and learn more about them. So, what could it mean for us to mention God, then? See if your class can teach you anything about all this! If this question doesn't actually make any sense to YOU, as the teacher, bring it to your class and see what y'all can learn together! Citation B16 is a pretty wonderful, simple promise that your strength never has to run out…could this also be true for patience, willingness, humility, ability to give…?
How could understanding something actually make a major shift in your day? (S17) Any examples?
PSST-Section 5: How can you have “a bountiful eye”? [B17] Does bountiful only mean that you possess a lot of stuff? Can we adjust how we see? Does how you see someone make a difference? Would you and your class like to practice seeing bountifully this week – honing in on what God has done, instead of reacting to stuff?
There's an immensely popular video ad campaign going on right now, with the stated aim of making people aware of Joseph Kony and the LRA. If you have a high school or college class, they are probably aware of this. This would be a wonderful environment in which to ask them how they can give, with regards to this situation. Does just jumping on a bandwagon and “sharing” or “liking” a cause on Facebook constitute the end of our giving? Is it being a true giver, a true activist, to just buy a wristband and post up some posters? Or can our actions – whatever they may end up being – be guided and illuminated by heartfelt prayer, by generous giving? (Please note, I'm not advocating or opposing any viewpoint, method, or motive in the recent activist ad campaigns. It's simply a relevant topic that your class may already be aware of.)
Explore citation S23 with your class. Is the correct sight of man crucial to healing?
PSST-Section 6:  Back into giving again, pretty starkly. Have you ever given, like that “poor widow” did? Does giving always have to be about money? What does that mean, to be a “cheerful giver?” (B24) Is that related to being an unconditional giver? Is it smart to give unconditionally; or do you need to guard yourself? If you think you need to guard yourself, why? If God has given bountifully, can we ever run out (of trust, substance, joy, ability…)?
Can citation S30 [about “Self-forgetfulness, purity, and affection…practice not profession…assuredly call(ing) down infinite blessings”] be an anthem for the day?  There are many studies out which show that younger folks today have a great interest in giving, in community service, in helping out…can citation S30 inform those sentiments?
Thanks so much for courageously diving into these Bible lessons with your students. I've heard many testimonials of gratitude for teachers who were willing to stick with their students, to support them and push them and love them, even if those students' actions at the time seemed anything but loving. You may never know how much your love and inspired dedication may mean to your students, but you can always know that your love is effective. Thanks for giving to your community – church community, as well as local and even global community, in this way.

Enjoy this glorious day!

[PYCL: Make a substantial book on ways to bless and proofs of bounty!]

CedarS PYCL–Possible Younger Class Lessons for:  
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for March 11, 2012
by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041
[with Warren's brackets & apologies for a last cyber-security-screening delay.]
[PYCL – GT & RR: See God's equally-available substance as the bounty in your experience!]
Bounty seems to be the key word in this week's lesson.  So get a good definition of the word bounty and bountiful from the kids.  Why do you think they chose this focus for a discussion of substance?  Do you think it has to do with the confusion that we often experience when trying to discern what is substantial and real and what is not?  If you think of substance as an abundance of material wealth or things in general, then “bounty” would be a “hit or miss” thing.  Some would have a bountiful life, full of wealth, health, power, longevity, (see these themes in the lesson) and so on.  But if you understand the true definition of spiritual substance (the only real substance) you can see that God has dealt us all an equally abundant life and given us the tools, understanding, discernment to perceive this abundance or bounty in our experiences.  So make sure you take the time to discuss the word “substance” and what it means to them, and in this lesson.  Why do you think that substance is not another synonym for God?
[PYCL – Teach Infinite Ideas with Mirrors!]
Here is another opportunity to use mirrors if you haven't already worn them out with the little guys.  What is the substance of a reflection?  Maybe discuss how a reflection mirrors back to them whatever they are doing.  If they smile, so will their reflection, if they throw a ball, so will their reflection.  The reflection can only show what the “original” is doing.  If we are God's reflection, then we can only mirror back what God is doing.  This is the true substance, the real essence of our being.  If we feel sick or sad or afraid, these are not things God is “feeling” and we can remember that they cannot then be substantial or real.  We have the “law” of reflection on our side and can argue against these lies for our true substance, which always reflects God accurately!  So maybe the substance in a reflection is our perfection, wholeness, joy, courage, confidence, etc.  [I love the founding name and motto of Camp R.O.P.I.O.A (now Owatonna) which stands for “Reflection Of Perfection Is Our Aim!”]  Perfection, wholeness, joy, courage, confidence… can never be taken from us; they are the lasting, powerful, God-given qualities that we reflect from God.  As with every human analogy, the mirror idea has its limitations, but it does take us a little ways toward understanding the concept of reflection.  We can trust that as these guys grow they can sort out the finer points of spiritual logic.
[PYCL – Talk about color, form, quality and quantity!]
In citation S3 Mrs. Eddy talks about color, form, quality and quantity.  It could be interesting to discuss what a “mental” form or quality or color, etc. is.  We may or may not be able to define this perfectly, but it is such a good way to stretch thought in new directions as we ponder the idea of what sort of “form”, or any other quality we possess if it isn't rooted in physique!  What is the substance of our body?  This is touched on a number of times in the lesson when we look at the healing of bone disease, aging and blindness.  Can we come up with a mental image of what we are truly like as Spirit's reflection or can we only define it in terms of physique?  Where does sight reside if it isn't in the eyeball?  It is interesting how dependent we are on physical sense testimony to define our surroundings, our own “shape”, etc.  Is there more to it than just a pat answer that says we are a nebulous collection of thoughts?  I'm not sure we will be able to completely answer this question; it is an opportunity to think more deeply about substance and what it means as we define man.
[PYCL – Do a brief overview of the examples in this week's lesson of violating laws of matter!]
There are many examples in the lesson that violate the laws of matter, proving that unbreakable substance is a divine quality, not a quality of matter.  You can do a brief overview of the stories in this week's lesson.  If the kids are already familiar with these stories you can talk about the connections between them.  If they are not, then make sure you study them together.  If you look at the string of stories you can see that in the first, the laws of physics are violated when the widow woman and her sons pour from a single pot of oil and fill dozens that she has borrowed.  How is this an example of the bounty of substance.  What was the substance that she was being asked to see?  How did the oil represent that substance?  In section three you have the story of the man with the diseased hip bone.  Mrs. Eddy restores the bone to a healthy state in a matter of minutes.  Does this fly in the face of any laws?  How does this story illustrate spiritual substance?  What is the “change of base” that Mrs. Eddy is referring to in citation S16?  The laws of aging are challenged in section four.  What does this have to do with our subject, and what of bounty here?  Then we have an example of blindness healed.  Look at citation B17 for the words “bountiful eye”. What does that mean to you?  This is a lovely demonstration of the law that proves substance to be outside of matter.  Finally we have the story of the woman with “two mites” that she donated to her church.  How can we demonstrate this kind of substantial blessing or generosity?  
[PYCL – Put together a book of ways to bless others & update it weekly with proofs of bounty!]
Can you help the kids come up with ways to bless in the coming weeks?  Can you all put together a book of ways that you have contributed a substantial blessing to others and keep updated weekly?  How does this bring spiritual bounty into our own lives?  It is exciting to start to see the connection between our own generosity and the blessings that we receive.  Sometimes these blessings seem unrelated to a specific act of generosity, but if there is a law of substance and bounty in operation, then such things are not unrelated, but rather they are a direct result of acting in harmony with that law.  As always, personal experiences/healings give kids powerful examples of what we are talking about here!  What better way to illustrate spiritual substance than concrete examples of spiritual healing.  If you need extra support, the CedarS Metaphysical [Newsletter of application ideas by Christie Hanzlik, C.S.] for this week's lesson has a bounty or abundance of healing examples!
Have a great Sunday [and a bountiful beyond!]
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