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Truth Heals!
Metaphysical Application ideas for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

July 20-26, 2020

Prepared by: Jared Eggers, CS of St. Louis, Missouri
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Overview: I have always loved reading about Peter in the Bible, and from conversations with others it seems I am not alone. There is a lot to love about Peter. He is dedicated, eager and insightful, but he also has several missteps along the way that lead to hard lessons. I think that is what makes him so relatable, because he shows that following the teachings of Christ is a process and a journey. In this lesson on Truth we see Peter grow from student to teacher as he learns about the healing power of Truth.

Several years back I was in an accident that resulted in severe burns. Instead of going to a hospital, I turned to God in prayer and worked to see the truth about who God is and who I am as His creation. Christian Science nurses helped me clean up that evening, but we simply washed and dressed the wounds. After just a few days of focused prayer, I was completely healed. As we look through this week’s Bible lesson we will learn about how Truth is able to heal and I’ll share more about my healing.

The Golden Text this week is from the New King James version of the Bible and talks about how God is
“the Rock, His work is perfect.” This is the foundation of Truth. Rocks make excellent foundations. To have a building last it needs a strong foundation otherwise the natural movements of the Earth will eventually cause it to crumble. About 15 years ago, the first home that Mary Baker Eddy (the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science) was able to purchase needed some work done in the unfinished basement. This home was built around 1873 and the work started around 2007. As they excavated the foundation, they found that it was simply stacked stone with no mortar in between the joints. For over 130 years, that stone had been (and continues to be) a firm foundation for that home. You can see why the Bible would refer to God as “the Rock”. A foundation on a rock can stand for ages and ages. The Bible also says that God’s work, or creation of mankind, is perfect. That is where we start, that is our unshakable, lasting foundation in Truth, with perfect God and perfect man.

The Responsive Reading encourages everything, the seas, the hills, the floods, all nations, all people to look to God for what is real and true. If God made man spiritual and perfect, why would we look to anything in matter for truth. We must look to our strong foundation of God and perfection first and build from there if we are to focus only on truth.

Section 1: Start with God

If we want to learn the truth about who man is, we should start with the highest source, God. God is always teaching, sharing, and reaching out to his creation, and when we listen, we can hear what God is telling us. Each one of us can start with the highest teacher of truth and learn who we really are as a spiritual creation (citation B3, Ps. 25:4). The first steps in this instruction is to recognize God as all, and to recognize that God made man in His image and likeness (citations S1, 275:10-15 & S2, 516:9-12).

When I first had the accident mentioned above, I experienced a great deal of pain. I was free to see a doctor and take whatever medication would help numb the pain, but I made a conscious decision to work with prayer and Christian Science treatment that night. I turned my thought very simply, but completely to declare what I knew to be true about God and to be true about myself as a creation of God. It felt like a lot of work at first and it started just in my head, but soon I was declaring this truth out loud to everyone in the room with me. Within a half hour all pain was gone, and I never experienced pain again throughout the entire healing. In fact, I slept very naturally from that first night onward.

Section 2: Truth Heals

The greatest teacher God has ever given the world was Jesus. He came to teach and preach the Christ, or Truth, to mankind. Jesus did not simply talk about Truth, he demonstrated by healing. Citation B5 talks about how Jesus was able to heal “every sickness and every disease among the people” (Matt. 9:35). If you have read the Bible, you know that Jesus was able to accomplish miraculous healings and citation B6 tells of how he was able to teach others, like his disciples, to heal also (Matt.10:1). This healing practice was not limited to one man or a chosen few. However, Jesus wanted to be sure his disciples understood where this healing power came from so in citation B7, Jesus asks if they know who he is (Matt. 16:13-19). In her book Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy gives a wonderful explanation of this interchange.

Jesus was not asking who people thought he was specifically but “Who or what is it that is thus identified with casting out evils and healing the sick?” (citation S7, 136:11-12) Peter is the one disciple who is attributed with understanding who Jesus was and what he was teaching and answered “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God” (citation B7, Matt. 16:16) Or, as Mary Baker Eddy puts it, “The Messiah is what thou hast declared, – Christ, the spirit of God, of Truth, Life and Love, which heals mentally.” (S8, 137:19-21) Jesus taught the Christ or Truth to the world, and this Truth can heal without any mortal manipulation or drugs and Jesus took the time to make sure his disciples understood where the healing power came from.

The next step in my healing came within a few days’ time. My physical needs were met, but I still did not look normal. The skin on my face and hands were drastically changed by the burns and some normal functions were hard to manage. I mostly studied the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures at this time, but other Christian Science materials were also shared with me.

One of the articles that I read quoted Mary Baker Eddy giving a brief definition of a metaphysical treatment in Christian Science. She said it is an “absolute acknowledgement of the ever-presence of Infinite Perfection.” So, that is what I did day by day, moment by moment. I worked to acknowledge absolutely in my thought the ever-presence of Infinite Perfection, both of God and of myself as a child of God. With each treatment and each day, I made rapid strides towards healing and regained my freedom of movement.

Section 3: Truth Corrects and Redeems

Knowing the truth makes you free (citation B9, John 8:32). Free from what? From any mortal imposition. Sometimes we need freedom from a physical problem, but sometimes we have made a mistake, or sinned, and we need healing and redemption from that. In citation B11, we have jumped past Jesus crucifixion and resurrection to the morning meal between Jesus and his disciples on the shores of Galilee. After Jesus was arrested, Peter had denied knowing him three times. I think he did this out of fear of that he would be arrested and killed. In John 21, Jesus gives Peter the opportunity for redemption by asking Peter, “lovest thou me more than these?” (John 21:15). When Peter answers that he does love him, he is instructed by Jesus to “Feed my lambs.” I don’t think that Jesus really questions if Peter loves him, he wants to teach him one more lesson. That if he genuinely loves and appreciates what he has learned from Jesus, then he should teach and care for others. To me, Jesus does not seem concerned that Peter made a mistake, he cares about his growth by correcting the mistake and offering an opportunity of redemption. Growth is more important than human perfection (citation S13, 4:3). We know that Peter does redeem himself because he goes on to do wonderful works and teach the gospel to many, just as Jesus asked him to do.

So far, I had not looked in a mirror at my face. I felt normal and wanted to resume my regular activities like work. I knew I had a few steps to go, but I felt a little like others might be holding me back because I felt ready to do some normal thingks, like go for a walk outside. The practitioner I was working with strongly corrected this. To protect the healing that was taking place it was not yet time to go out in public. My repentance in this instance was more patience and the continued prayer and work with the practitioner soon brought freedom. A friend suggested that we go for walks together in the evening and a family member came to stay with me so I could go home and take care of myself with a little help from family (those first couple of days were spend in a Christian Science nursing facility).

Section 4: Truth is Liberating

Sometimes we can feel trapped by a claim of mortal existence or thinking. The truth is that we are spiritual creations of God, so we are never truly trapped. Matter could never have power over Spirit. In citation B15 (Acts 9:32-35) Peter was able to liberate Aeneas from the belief of a palsy that had held him in his bed for eight years. Palsy was believed to be almost incurable and Paul freed Aeneas by showing him the Christ, or Truth. The Bible does not give a lot of detail but for Aeneas to rise and walk, Paul must have seen Aeneas in his true, spiritual sense and not have been tricked by how the mortal body looked.

In citation S17 Mary Baker Eddy says that “Truth brings the elements of liberty…The power of God brings deliverance to the captive.” (244:28-30) Whatever we feel is holding us back can be undone by the power of Truth when we have “more faith in Spirit than in matter…more faith in God than in man.” (citation S19, 368:15-16)

For the last few days that I was seeking healing I was at home and I faced one final hurdle. For the first time since the accident I looked at my face in the mirror. While I felt totally normal and could function with complete freedom, there was still vivid evidence that my face had been burned. I felt trapped, by this picture and for the first time had doubts that I could be healed simply through mental treatment. Then I read an article from the Christian Science Sentinel titled “Truth Removes all Scars” by Ivimy Gwalter. While reading this article I recognized completely that the accident never happened. If man is spiritual, then he is never touched by matter, and I saw my spirituality that always has been and ever will be free from mortal influence or claims. The healing was complete in my thought right then and there. I was freed from the fears of the mortal picture and I trusted that the physical evidence of this healing would soon be seen.

Section 5: Truth for All

There are a few accounts in the Bible where the elders of the Jewish faith try to paint Jesus into a corner. They would ask him to choose which is correct, A or B knowing that either answer could get him into trouble. Jesus never fell for the trap. He turned to divine Mind and choose option C. In Mark 12:28 Jesus is asked by a scribe to answer a long-standing debate amongst the elders, “Which is the first (greatest) commandment of all?” Jesus answer is found in citation B17 (Mark 12:29,31) “The Lord our God is one Lord: And the second is…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Love for God and Love for man are two rules or laws that can unify all mankind.

Truth is not just for a select few, Truth is available to all. The Jews taught that salvation was just for Jewish people, but Jesus knew that all were God’s children and anyone who turned to God in need would be helped. In citation B18 we see Cornelius (a Roman) seeking out Peter. It seems that Cornelius wanted to practice Christianity but thought he might not be worthy as a Roman. Peter welcomed him to the group that was present saying “God has shewed me that I should not call any man common or unclean.” (Acts 10:28)

If we all looked to one God and saw all as created by God it would unify the world (citation S26). There is no one who can be barred from Truth for God loves all his creation. We are all brothers and sisters with our one Father-Mother, God (citation S27, 469:30-5). Truth is for all and unifies all.

Just a week after the accident the physical healing was complete. The evening after I had dismissed any claim of matter in thought, I was cleaning up and all remaining marks of the accident washed away. All that could be seen was normal flesh. Not new, or tender flesh, but only normal looking skin that even matched my end of summer tan. My work had fully seen my oneness with my Father and that had brought about the physical changes.

Section 6: This is only one God, one Truth

We must never forget our gratitude for the one true God and for all the he does for each one of his children. (citation B21, II Thes. 2:13) We are all his children and we all deserve to know the truth behind our creation and perfection. God is always with us (citation S28, 333:19-21) telling us who we are, meeting every need (citation S29, 67:23) and healing all ills. All we need to do is go to him in thought with a “pure heart” (citation S30, 341:8) to know the truth and we too will reap the rewards of healing.

I will always be grateful for that healing. The healing of the body was wonderful, but more importantly, the correction of thought and the proof that God’s power will ever be with me is the greatest gift that I can have and share.

PS. Enjoy two monologues by Ken Cooper—one on Peter’s declaration of Jesus the Christ — AND one on his commitment to “Feed my sheep” – the demonstration of universal Church. Ken's monologue PDFs and comments as well as transcribed GEMs by Cobbey Crisler and others are an ONLINE GEMs-in-progress and will be sent later.

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