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Persist in following the leadings of Truth which lead to eternal life and freedom!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Subject: Truth
January 22-28, 2018

Prepared by Kathy Fitzer, CS
314-323-4083 kathyfitzercs@gmail.com

Notice how much is said in this Lesson about abiding, persisting, striving, continuing, etc. Walking in Truth isn’t always easy. We may often slip and fall — or be distracted and start down dead-end paths. But, don’t give up! Truth liberates! Truth makes us free! Joyfully watch thought and do the best you can to keep thought aligned with God’s law, which reveals Truth. Christ, Truth, is continually coming to you with grace, mercy and love enabling you to remain in the light where the lasting goodness of reality can be clearly seen!

The Golden Text and Responsive Reading show the value of asking to be taught and led by God. Desiring to walk in the truth, we find ourselves blessed by living in accord with the liberating Truth that is God. The third verse of the Responsive Reading reads, “The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness all who keep his covenant and obey his demands.” (New Living Translation) The word covenant indicates not only a contract, agreement, or compact, but also the original Greek includes a sense of “alliance (of friendship)”. (Touch Bible App)

Our relationship with God is an intimate one. God’s path is full of mercy and truth. Our job is to follow this path, rejoice in God being God and stick to the truth of his being. In order to experience Truth (which is always good), thought must be aligned with Truth. Does this mean that we will never face difficulties — never go through challenging times? No. But, it means there is always hope. We can trust that the way of God’s path always leads to good. And Truth that defies every lie of error will sustain us through the difficult times, as well as the good times.

Section 1: Understand God — Abide in Truth

Sometimes it seems hard to know what is true and what is not — what we should believe and what we shouldn’t. There’s a lot out there about fake news, false advertising, and scams. But, it goes deeper than that …. Physical evidence is constantly trying to inform us about the health of our bodies, our relationships, our employment, our world. We need to be able to see through the many false reports that suggest themselves to us. There’s really only one way to discern what is true. We must know and understand God. As we “dwell in the secret place of the most High,” we are conscious of abiding in the safety of Truth. (B2) The psalmist calls God’s commandments (God’s law) “truth.” (B3)

And Paul tells the Hebrews (and us) that God puts his laws into our minds and hearts. (B6) God’s law isn’t something outside of us that we have to struggle to be obedient to, but it is part of us — allowing us to know God (the law of harmony) intimately, and respond to the Truth that constitutes His being.

I find it so important to remember that understanding God (which enables us to perceive Truth) isn’t an intellectual exercise. Studying, listening, and striving to do right are the tools which enable us to “walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense.” (S4) They are not an end in and of themselves. Walking in the light allows “the reality of all things” to be “brought to light” and thus seen by us. (S5) Seeing reality, we see truth and understand that God is Truth — the source of all that is true, and there is nothing else. Knowing God to be All-in-all (the fact that forms the basis of the first commandment and really all that follow — the totality of God’s law) is the key. Knowing God to be the only Creator, and that He made only good, enables us to discern what is real and what is not — enables us to discern Truth. (S1 & S3) Our prayer should be to know that God’s law is written in our hearts and so we do understand God and cannot be fooled by what is not from God. God is Truth — the All-in-all.

Section 2: Watch every thought

Jesus came to fully reveal Truth to the world. Christ is Truth. Mary Baker Eddy uses the phrase “Christ, Truth” or “Truth, Christ” 74 times in Science and Health and Prose Works (by my count). I John was written during a time of schism in the church. Some were falling away … doubting the teachings they had formerly accepted. The author encourages those who have followed Jesus to persist, letting his teachings “abide in” them. Does that remind you of abiding “under the shadow of the Almighty” spoken of in the 91st Psalm? This citation speaks of the faithful continuing in the Son, and in the Father. The next verse speaks of the promise of eternal life — which is not referring to life of infinite duration, but an indestructible quality of faith and an understanding of what is true. (B7)

John goes on to say that If we are to continue in the Word (or Christ), we must “try the spirits whether they are of God.” In other words, we need to test every thought to see if it has its origin in God, Truth. (B8) And then John goes on to explain that the Messiah has come. And through an acceptance of this coming (knowing Christ) we have received an understanding that enables us to discern what is true. (B9)

How do we know that Jesus’ teachings are true? Jesus — the full representation of Christ, Truth — healed the sick. (B10)

Only Truth destroys that which is untrue. Truth can’t be destroyed, but it can be hidden from view — covered up — if we are fooled by the testimony of the material senses. We must be alert to false suggestions because “a false sense of life, substance, and mind hides the divine possibilities, and conceals scientific demonstration.” (S6) The way to combat this is to nurture and cultivate our understanding of God which “destroys the false evidence that misleads thought.” (S7) God is the source of this understanding. And it is ours by reflection — revealed to human consciousness by the light of the ever-present Christ. (B9)

In order to demonstrate the law of God which Jesus taught and which Christian Science has again revealed, we have to understand that “Truth is omnipotent in goodness,” so “error, Truth’s opposite has no might. Evil is but the counterpoise (counterbalance of equal power) of nothingness.” (S9) Rather than fear nothingness — evil of every kind — let’s rejoice in our God-given understanding of the power of Truth to overthrow error. Claim that understanding …. trust it, and demonstrate it by discerning Truth in the little things as well as the big!

Section 3: Jesus demonstrated the grace of God which overthrows Satan’s lies

Jesus healed the woman bowed together for 18 years with no regard for the strict interpretation of Jewish law which forbade healing on the Sabbath. Jesus uncovered the hypocrisy of such an interpretation, and the people responded by rejoicing in all the good they saw Jesus do! (B12 and W’s PS#2) John speaks of Moses as having revealed God’s law to mankind, but says that Jesus exemplified it practically and brought the vital elements of “grace and truth”. (B11 and W’s PS#1) God’s law of deliverance — and the revelation of Truth — can get lost in mortal “rules” and false assumptions unless it is seen that God’s grace (God’s unconditional love) naturally includes the right of freedom for God’s children — for all mankind.

We are daily bombarded with reports about the stubborn reality of disease of every name and nature. It is suggested that we have to go to battle against these threats by doing such things as eating “right”, exercising, getting shots or taking certain drugs. And then the promise often isn’t destruction of the disease, but simply management of it. Christian Science teaches us to take a very different approach. We don’t start with sickness being “true or the idea of Truth.” (S14) That which is true can’t be destroyed. Jesus “spoke of the sick ‘whom Satan hath bound.” In other words we sometimes fall for the enslaving tale told by the liar and tempter, the prosecuting attorney and enemy of man, called Satan, devil, or evil. Looking to a material remedy will never provide a permanent solution. This freeing solution comes only through “the life-giving power of Truth acting on human belief.” (S14)

Only what Mind says is true about you — about all — is true. And Mind knows only good, health, and wholeness. (S15) We are never helpless victims. We have clear instruction as to how to respond to any suggestion of evil (sin, disease, death, lack or limitation of any kind.) We “rise in the conscious strength of the spirit of Truth to overthrow the plea of mortal mind, alias matter, arrayed against the supremacy of Spirit.” (S16) The strength comes from Truth. It is Truth that overthrows the lie. Our job is to alertly “blot out the images of mortal thought and its beliefs in sickness and sin.” (S16) It’s not OUR false belief — but images of mortal thought that parade before our thought. We choose whether or not to give them an audience!

Finally, as we hold this line we are “delivered to the judgment of Truth, Christ” and pronounced whole through the grace of God that has ordained only good for all of Her children. (S16) There is only one lawgiver. And we don’t have to have any more respect for the false material “laws” of today than Jesus had respect for the false sense of law imposed by the Jewish rulers. God is the law-giver and His law is always gracious and good!

Section 4: God’s mercy blots out sin, which has no place in God’s creation

God designed his creation to be good. It is natural for the offspring of God to be attracted to good — to respond to Truth, which is at the very core of man’s being. When we stray — when we’re led down the wrong path by mortal temptations, God’s mercy leads us back and “blots out” our “transgressions.” (B13)

Jesus, of course, demonstrated this mercy when he sought out Zacchaeus and transformed him. Zacchaeus was a tax collector — a Jew who collected taxes for the Romans and sought to collect more than he owed the Romans in order to make a profit by cheating his fellow Jews. Needless to say he was not popular among his peers! And we know that Jesus never had much good to say about rich men who were often unwilling to give up their riches even after Jesus told them that it was the only way to enter the Kingdom.

Zacchaeus clearly wanted to see Jesus when he heard he was coming to town. We don’t know if it was just out of curiosity or if Zacchaeus sensed the good that Jesus represented. But, he expressed great humility to achieve his goal. Running and climbing trees were not things grown men did at that time and he would have been ridiculed for doing so. Yet, when Jesus saw him, he called to him [by name yet] to come down because Jesus said he “must abide” at his house.

What an example of Jesus beholding “the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appear[ed] to mortals.” (S21) And what a healing effect this view had on Zacchaeus. He vowed to give half of his wealth to the poor and return four times the money he had fraudulently taken from people. (B14) I enjoyed making a connection between Jesus entering the home of a most unlikely host —Zacchaeus — and Christ entering the consciousness of someone (ourselves or another) at a time that seems the least likely. It is when thought is most embroiled in error that Truth is most needed to reform and redirect.

I love the idea that “Truth, Life, and Love are the only legitimate and eternal demands on man, and they are spiritual lawgivers, enforcing obedience through divine statutes.” (S18) As Jesus recognized Zacchaeus’ inherent goodness and honesty, the eternal Christ, Truth, recognizes the good in each of us — recognizes that each one of us is truly “the son (or daughter) of Abraham” and seeks us out to save us. No matter how lost one may seem — the slightest desire to see Christ — for whatever reason — is rewarded. “When we wait patiently on God and seek Truth righteously, He directs our path.” (S23) That can apply to how we view ourselves, as well as our ability to trust that Love and Truth will reach the hearts of all in need of healing!

Section 5: The liberating power of obedience to God’s law of Truth

The Psalmist makes a connection between liberty and seeking God’s precepts. Closer examination of the Hebrew origins for the words “seek” and “precepts” made me appreciate the translation of this verse from the New Living Translation: “I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments.” (B15)

Striving to follow God’s law with every thought and every action is something we can all do. It would be wonderful if we could say we successfully and consistently achieved that goal throughout every day. That’s not likely, but liberation comes from the continual desire and effort. Jesus told those that came to learn from him that if they would “continue in [his] word, then [they] are [his] disciples indeed.” To continue is to “persist, carry on with, resume after interruption.” Jesus was just asking that we keep the goal before us — the goal of sticking with the truth and having thought governed as much as possible by God’s law of good. And when we get knocked down or side-tracked, we need to get back up and continue our walk in the light. AS we do this, we have the promise, “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (B16 and W’s PS#3)

Nothing can truly separate us from “the love of Christ” — from the love of Love itself and the great Truth-giver. (B17) But, to realize our oneness with Truth we have to follow Spirit — rather than be distracted by the calls, complaints, and suppositional pleasures of the flesh. In other words continue to check every thought and do our best to discern which ones will lead to the Truth that makes free.

As we said earlier, it sometimes seems difficult to discern what is true and what isn’t. This is one test to apply … “Truth is affirmative, and confers harmony.” (S27) To be affirmative, a thought must be supportive, hopeful, or encouraging.” That simple test rules out a lot of thoughts that would limit, tear down, or keep us from moving forward. Truth also “confers harmony.” Harmony includes such qualities as balance, accord, agreement, unity, cooperation and peace. If these qualities are not present — or if disease or discord of any sort tries to rob you of your peace, you can turn again to God’s law of harmony and claim it as the only law, power, or presence. [More on “accentuating harmony” Mis. 206 & W’s PS#4]

Science reveals law and instructs us about what is trueeven when it isn’t apparent. In the face of discord or limitation of any name or nature presented by the mortal senses, “Science reveals the glorious possibilities of immortal man, forever unlimited by the mortal senses.” (S25) This Science is the Divine Science or Christian Science that Jesus taught and that brings to light the creation of God, Truth. As we recognize Truth, strive to follow it and argue on the side of it with the spirit of Truth and Love, everything unlike Truth, Life, and Love will be annihilated and liberating healing will take place! (S26 & S27)

Section 6: Follow the path of God with joy! Christ, Truth, is on your side!

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of consciously and conscientiously following the path of Truth. But, do we remember how important it is to do this with JOY and thanksgiving? The well-known hundredth psalm reminds us to “serve the Lord with gladness”, to “be thankful unto him” and to "bless his name.” (B18) Snow White found her work went much more easily if she remembered to whistle while she worked, and she sang a song about it! How can we approach our work with joy? By being confident that we have Christ, Truth in our corner — cheering us on and giving us all we need to accomplish whatever has been given us to do. [See W’s PS#5 on Education at the Principia]

As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “We’re rooting for the truth to win out in you. We couldn’t possibly do otherwise.” (B19, The Message) And the author of II John is writing to a local church and its congregation assuring them that they dwell in the realm of love and truth and receive grace and peace from God, the Father, and from Christ, His Son. Much joy is expressed for those followers who are walking in truth (walking in the light), following God’s law and freely expressing their love of God and of each other. (B20)

The Christ (light and truth) comes to those eager to receive Christ, Truth. (S28) Nothing here says we have to already be doing everything perfectly before we receive the blessings of Christ — just be “prepared to receive” it. (S28) We’re given instruction in Science and Health about how to measure our progress in following the path of Truth. We can ask ourselves: Is Truth “overcoming error in [my] daily walk and conversation”? In other words, are we generally listening for the leadings of God and striving to do things in accord with God’s law (the 10 Commandments being a perfect guide)? If so, we’re “fighting a good fight” and we are better because of our effort. (S30) It is worth the effort!

I love Mrs. Eddy’s description of the “infinite capacities of Truth, in which God gives man dominion over all the earth.” (S31) Not our personal capacity to do anything … but the capacity of Truth to do all things! That’s God’s gift to all! And this gift of good is realized as we simply strive to follow the leadings of Truth, acknowledge God’s goodness and allness, and realize our perfect relationship to this perfect God. Step by step we move forward — desire and persistent effort being the most important factors in achieving our goal.

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