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Take the little book of truth, and eat it up! Be a thinker!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

For January 18-22, 2017

Prepared by: Kathy Fitzer, CS

Golden Text: Wisdom itself is speaking here … promising to reveal God’s truth to all who will listen. This wisdom is God’s Word revealed throughout the Bible, fully demonstrated by Jesus, and made practical in the teachings of Christian Science through its textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Responsive Reading: The book of Daniel records the coming of the angel Gabriel to encourage God’s people, telling them to be strong in the face of persecution. He promises to reveal to them the contents of the “book of truth.” Isaiahs message was also one of deliverance. Thought has been blinded to see the fullness of God’s Word. They apparently are no longer hearing the Word and they can’t read the scrolls. The Word has been hidden and progress halted. Yet, the promise is there that God’s people will again multiply and prosper, natures will be transformed, and God will be understood. Even those who currently grumble will accept God’s instruction as law. What a beautiful promise … all will have the opportunity to know and understand the truth of God and His relationship to His creation. There are times when we may feel we just don’t understand what we thought we knew about God — or don’t understand enough. Sometimes the words just don’t make sense — or seem empty, and doubt or complaint sets in. The promises of Isaiah and Daniel apply to US as much as to those of long ago. God is opening our eyes and ears to truly understand HIS Word, and things become clear as we simply acknowledge this divine influence. Each of us can expect to get the messages we need in just the way that we can understand. God’s promises are forever! So, keep seeking … and God will show Himself and make His Word understood!!

Section 1: Take the book and eat it up. Be a thinker.

Throughout the Bible there is reference to words, books, records, prophecies, etc. Through these, God reveals Himself to human consciousness. The method of recording God’s Word has changed — ranging from chiseled tablets of stone to electronic text. But the purpose of the recorded message remains the same — to impart truth. Isaiah’s reference to seeking out and reading the book of the Lord was telling people that the prophecy they were hearing was true. (B2) When John received the revelation of Jesus Christ given to him by God, it came in the form of an open book! John “ate up” what was in that book — devoured the message that it contained. And then he was told to prophesy (speak under inspiration — Greek) about what he learned from it. (B4 & B5) Truth came to John and truth came to Mary Baker Eddy. Gratefully, they both followed through in delivering the message they received just as they received it. In Mrs. Eddy’s words, she “has bluntly and honestly given the text of Truth” in the textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. (S4) In so doing, she bucked the system of common human thought — as John did, and as we must do! “The time for thinkers has come.” (S8) Do we accept the challenge to be thinkers? As such, we have been given the tools to dig deep into the realm of the real. We’re told to: “Take divine Science. Read this book from beginning to end. Study it, ponder it.” (S7) I challenge everyone reading this to do just that. I know many already make it a practice to continually read Science and Health from cover to cover. I have often found it a challenge to do this — letting myself be distracted and then discouraged and finally giving up. But, I have started again and this time I’m confident I will make it because I am discovering so much about the continuity of the message of this Science. I am cherishing the message of illumination that came to Mrs. Eddy as she studied the Bible. I am finding that, as it did for her, reason and revelation are being reconciled and I am seeing “the truth of Christian Science [being] demonstrated.” (S5) God revealed his message to Mrs. Eddy, and she acted as a “scribe under orders.” What a wonderful gift we have been given. Imagine the influence on the world we could have if we all agreed to “take divine Science. Read this book from beginning to end. Study it, ponder it.” (S7) And delight in demonstrating what we are learning. As last week’s lesson said, “We must begin … with the more simple demonstrations of control, and the sooner we begin the better.” (S&H 429: 4-6) One of those demonstrations of control is having the discipline to truly study our textbook. Great delight will come from taking this challenge — I promise you! Calling all thinkers! (S8) Let’s join forces!

Section 2: The leaven of Truth is changing the universe [See PS#1 on citation B9.]

In Bible days — during the time of both the Old and New Testament — the leaven used to cause bread to rise was a piece of fermented dough from a previous baking. It was either dissolved in water before the fresh flour was added, or included in (hid in) the fresh flour and kneaded along with it. The leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees that Jesus warned his disciples of was their teaching (or human doctrine, as Mrs. Eddy refers to it.) (B8 & S9)) Leaven was almost always a symbol for corruption in Jewish tradition. As Jesus used it in the parable, the significance of the leaven was the “silent but all-pervading action of the leaven in the mass of the dough.” (Hastings Bible Dictionary) But it could also refer to the fact that the “reality of the kingdom is hidden now to the religious leaders and the general public, but it will be revealed later.” (New Interpreter’s Bible) And, certainly Christian Science has revealed that kingdom in a way that it can be understood and made practical. Mary Baker Eddy shines a fresh light on the parable when she uses it to illustrate the effect of Truth — or Christ — is making on mankind’s view of Science, Theology, and Medicine. There is a general view of science, theology, and medicine that is entrenched in matter as the origin and central theme of all things. Mortal thought tends to start from beliefs entrenched in outward appearance and human conjecture. Jesus introduced an entirely different way of looking at things. He “unfolded God to man, illustrating and demonstrating Life and Truth in himself and by his power over the sick and sinning.” (S9) Christian Science continues to make plain what Jesus taught and practiced. People’s views must change as this Science elevates thought. It’s hard to notice the little changes in bread dough as the yeast is at work, but the dough does rise. Similarly, although it sometimes seems that little is changing in human thought, the leaven of Truth IS actively working. We need to trust it, and not wring our hands, but stay true to Jesus’ teachings — and stay true to what Christian Science teaches about the allness of Spirit. Magnify the evidence, as it becomes apparent, that the Christ, Truth, is having an effect on our world.

Section 3: The activity of the leaven of Truth in Science [See PS#2 on citation B13.]

What enabled Jesus [during "the 4th watch of the night" (~3am)] to walk on the waves — in total opposition to the so-called laws of physics? (B13) I have to believe it was his understanding of true Science — the knowledge of the one and only law, the law of God, infinite harmony. This understanding — combined with the great compassion he felt for mankind — motivated him to demonstrate this Science and free his fellow man from fear, sin, disease, and death. Christian Science gives us the tools with which to learn from, and to emulate, the teachings and works of Christ Jesus. In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy identifies Jesus as “the most scientific man that ever trod the globe.” (S11) Let’s take a little closer look at this experience of walking on the waves. Jesus had withdrawn from the crowds and sent his disciples on ahead so he could be quiet and pray. But when he saw that his disciples were in trouble, he went to them. First lesson for us … make sure we’re making time to increase our own spiritual understanding — pray for and nourish ourselves. And then, when we see a need, be willing to reach out to help! We’re told that he would have walked right by the ship, except that the disciples saw him and cried out. Jesus responded to the receptivity on the part of the disciples. We can trust the Christ to come to us as we recognize the presence and power of Truth. And when Jesus got into the boat with the disciples (symbolically, when Truth enters human consciousness) the wind (“destruction; anger; mortal passions” — glossary def.) ceased. (B13) Jesus understood that he walked on forces of Mind — not matter. (S14) Natural science all starts with matter. Matter is inherently limited and includes destructive elements. The only truly reliable Science “refers only to the laws of God and to His government of the universe, inclusive of man.” (S13) Look for what else Mrs. Eddy says about Science in this section. And practice depending on the higher laws of God as you view all things according to true Science. Then we see that what we call gravity is truly the attraction of Mind and metaphysics is found to shape what we call the laws of physics.(S14) Even if we can’t demonstrate this Science as Jesus did, we need to do what we can and know that Truth is acting as a leavening influence so that human thought may perceive genuine, unfailing Science. (S15 & S16)

Section 4: The activity of the leaven of Truth in Theology [See PS#3 on citation B15.]

The Pharisees and Sadducees were constantly challenging Jesus’ theology (or religious teaching and beliefs.) He patiently responded to their questions and then practically demonstrated the truth of what he was saying. (B15 & B16) We’ve probably all experienced someone challenging the theology of Christian Science — especially the aspect of healing. What I love about this section is what it brings out about the relationship between the love of God and man, and healing. It was a theology of love that formed the basis of Jesus’ healing. There is no higher expression of love than to free another from whatever is binding them to the limitations of material belief — including sin and sickness. The spiritual meaning of Jesus’ theology of “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature! … Heal the sick! …Love thy neighbor as thyself!” is revealed in Science and Health. (S18) It has not yet been widely accepted. But, the leaven of Truth is at work. The “hearts of men” are being made ready for it. (S19) As we “eat up” the Christian Science textbook — and share it with others — consciousness will be spiritualized and “the truth of being will [become] the basis of true religion.” (S23) Christian Science is more than an alternative health care system. the basis of its healing practice is not ceremonious recitation of verses nor the exercise of human will and blind faith. Its healing principle springs out of pure love — the reflection and expression of divine Love that meets every human need and reveals the oneness of God and man!

Section 5: The activity of the leaven of Truth in Medicine [See PS#4 on citation B20.]

Certainly the Bible has examples of God healing His people scattered throughout it — as well as promises of God’s healing nature. (B19) But, healing was central to the ministry of Jesus. He healed everywhere he went, and his teaching emphasized the need for that healing to continue. In the case of the woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years, Jesus just naturally responded to her mental call for help — and to her faith. The woman had exhausted all hope of getting help from the physicians of her day. She had already given them all of her money, and was worse than when she started. When she approached Jesus, he was on his way to heal the daughter of Jairus (a synagogue official) who was reportedly dying. The woman in the crowd was a nobody. Yet, Jesus not only answered her call for help, but sought her out. The woman may have believed that Jesus was a performer of miracles whose magical power flowed from the charismatic healer to his clothing and anything that touched it. (New Interpreter’s Bible) If Jesus had not stopped and sought out the woman, she would have still been healed — but would not have understood what had healed her. She likely would have continued to believe that it was magic. Jesus wanted her to understand that she had been touched by the healing presence of the Christ, Truth — and her faith had made her whole. (B20, PS#4) To me, this speaks to the power of Christ to heal, even when we don’t fully understand the Science behind the power. When we reach out to a Christian Scientist for healing, we’re not reaching out to a person, but to the power of the Christ, Truth. “… Truth destroys only what is untrue.” (S24) We can surely expect to be healed, and never need to fear any side-effects. With her discovery and demonstration of “the divine rules of Christian Science,” Mary Baker Eddy “showed that Truth had lost none of its divine and healing efficacy” since Jesus’ time. (S26) We often hear concern that healing isn’t taking place like it did in Mrs. Eddy’s day. Do we just sadly accept this? Or do we rebel? We read, “The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind.” (S27) There is no doubt that we are constantly bombarded with the promises (and dangers) of modern medicine. Yet, there has not been a decline in disease. I don’t believe we need to be afraid of — or intimidated by — the medical influence. Mrs. Eddy wrote, “If Christian Scientists ever fail to receive aid from other Scientists, — their brethren upon whom they may call, — God will still guide them into the right use of temporary and eternal means.” (S&H 444: 7-10) Medicine is an example of a temporary means. Christian Science offers the eternal means to healing — healing that is complete and permanent, because thought has been transformed. We’re told what it takes to “absorb the whole meaning of the Science.” “The book needs to be studied” and the rules of scientific healing be demonstrated. (S26) We’re come full circle to the instruction to eat up the little book. As we do, we will become better healers and we will see the leaven of Truth actively transform medicine from matter to Mind, and “every man will be his own physician.” (S29)

Section 6: Continue in the Word of Christ — Know the truth and the truth will make you free. [See PS#5 on citation B22.]

Jesus expected those who believed in him to follow his example. We may often forget the beginning of the verse that we so often see on the walls of our churches. Jesus said, “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (B22, PS#5) The first part has been translated, “if you remain faithful to my teachings” (NLT); “if you stick with this, living out what I tell you” (Mess); “if you keep on obeying what I have said” (CEV) To know the truth is to live our lives, and think every thought according to the truth of being. Isn’t this what Mrs. Eddy was saying when she told her readers, “It is possible, — yea, it is the duty and privilege of every child, man, and woman, — to follow in some degree the example of the Master by the demonstration of Truth and Life, of health and holiness.” (S31) God (Truth) is supreme and evil is nothing! (S30) And we can, must,, and are demonstrating that. Mrs. Eddy committed the pages of Science and Health to “honest seekers for Truth.” (S32) How important that we accept that role—that we really seek Truth — not for the healing that will result, but for Truth itself. The truth WILL and DOES make us free. So, we can stop checking our progress according to what we think the body is doing or not doing. As we eat up the truth that Jesus taught and demonstrated, and Christian Science embodies, we are made free. The more we magnify the good, the more good (and healing) we see! It should always be a joy to bring comfort (bear consolation) to the sorrowing and healing to the sick. (S32) It is our nature to do just that and it should become as natural to bear witness to Truth as we go about our day — whatever it is we are doing — as it is to breathe. Let’s be grateful that we’re in this together — fully supported by the love of God and the truth of Christ!

[Warren’s (W’s) PS#1, Cobbey Crisler on Matthew 13: 33-35 (B9):
“Look at (the) parable (…of the woman hiding) the leaven in three loaves (Verse 33). [It follows the parable of the man sowing the mustard seed, verses 31-32]…"Kingdom of heaven" [in the mustard seed parable] is now defined as "leaven which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal," …
"When you say "foundation of the world" to a Jewish listener or reader, you are really referring to Genesis 1, where they get their information about the foundation of the world. What do we find? What has been kept secret from the foundation of the world that we find in Genesis 1?… “Male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27) Each possessing dominion… Leaven and mustard seed… both must do their work unobserved… It’s a hidden thing. Both male and female are responsible for sowing and hiding until it grows and becomes leavened. (Verse 35). We know it's prophecy because Matthew says, "It might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

The concept of woman’s contribution coming in as the last, also agrees with the order in Genesis 1. It also fits with the symbolism here, because leaven is something left over from a previous batch. It links into something which previously existed. Matthew states that “these things have been kept secret from the beginning of the world.”
Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master, B. Cobbey Crisler]

[W’s PS#2, Cobbey Crisler on Mark 6:50 (B13): Jesus overcomes gravity, weightlessness
“Verse 50. Jesus is above the surface of the Sea of Galilee. He is defying the law of gravity, proving it is not the law of limitation even on human beings. When we negate gravity at Cape Canaveral, we actually create weightlessness. We lose control at the other extreme. Jesus had neither the extreme of gravity nor weightlessness dominating him. He exercised the theology of dominion. And if it's dominion, it doesn't mean dominion except for gravity, or dominion except for weightlessness. He was in command because God had created dominion as an integral part of each and every one of His ideas.

Our struggles to get rocket hardware off the ground has resulted in tragedies and disasters. We have yet to grasp the simplicity of Jesus, who was a space traveler himself, and who was not confined to time, space, or gravity. He could move freely within all these elements without any pressure or limitation. He could take his disciples and the boat with him without any damage, despite the speed of sound, the speed of light, and the fastest speed, there is, the speed of thought.

Jesus moved his boat and the disciples from the middle of Galilee to the shore in an instant. No one had special helmets to keep fragile skulls from cracking. There was no protective element except what Jesus saw as the truth. In John 8:32, (B22) he told his disciples and us through them, that truth would make us free from everything. Being free from gravity is the ability to be wherever God needs and sees us to be, without any restrictions. That is teleportation at its very height. It’s not moving anatomy. It’s moving mentality. This shows that anatomy, the physical, is subordinate to thought.”
What Mark Recorded by B. Cobbey Crisler

[W’s PS#3, Cobbey Crisler on Matthew 4:23 (B15):
Verse 23. And “healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” Here are human problems that had defied solution, and Jesus solved them all based on his concept of theology, namely the kingdom. Remember a kingdom is not chaos. It’s an ordered government of heaven and harmony at hand.”
Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master, B. Cobbey Crisler]

[PS# 4, Cobbey Crisler on Mark 5.25 (B18) & Luke 8.41 an issue of blood healed
A woman, hemorrhaging 12 years, was healed by touching the “wings” of Jesus’ garment.
(Cobbey Crisler (CC) on the version in Luke 8:41) “The woman… is at the absolute desperate end of a rope. Here we find receptivity. Blessed are those are in this state. Happy are those because this state of mind can be changed. “This radical change of thought was in the presence of the Christ-correction that Jesus was exercising in the mental realm. It’s going to be sufficient and the woman feels that it will help her. She’s lost all her money on physicians. [No health insurance…] Mark even tells us that she’s worse because of that choice. [Mark 5:26] All she does is touch the border of his garment. The issue of blood, the continuous hemorrhaging, had occurred for twelve years, had kept her out of the temple, kept her out of worship and made her as unclean as the lepers, …

(CC on version in Mark 5:34) Verse 34. Jesus calls the woman, “Daughter.”… Jesus is using daughter in an entirely new way… The woman’s problem is blood. He even lifts the term “daughter” out of a blood relationship and defines a divine relationship… The dignity of womanhood is demonstrated.”
(CC on version in Luke 8:48) “Daughter, be of good comfort” (Verse 48). Look at how he’s addressing the thought of that woman. Not only the precious relationship to God, but the comfort. She hasn’t experienced that in twelve years. She’d lost all her money. She was about to be thrown on the society. There was nowhere to go when you were thrown on society. That may have happened to the woman who had been a sinner. Prostitution was the only open career for many women when they were simply thrown out and discarded from normal humanity…
Jesus refuses to allow that woman to walk away from the scene thinking that physical contact with his robe had anything to do with the healing. He says, again, “Your faith hath made you whole.” The word “whole” and the word “heal” in Anglo-Saxon have the identical root. It implies that disease is something less than wholeness, that it is a fragmentation of our being. Healing is the condition of being made whole.”
What Mark Recorded and Luke the Researcher, both by B. Cobbey Crisler

Warren’s added background note: In Numbers 15:38-40, God tells Moses to have Hebrew men attach fringes to the wings of their prayer shawl garments —like the one pictured in Download 1—to remind them to abide by God’s commandments and to ‘be holy unto your God’ (Numbers 15:40). The woman healed of her 12-year issue was rewarded for exercising her faith that Christ Jesus was fulfilling this prophesy in Malachi: “But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; (Mal. 4:2). Many others in Jesus day were also rewarded for exercising their faith in Jesus being the fulfillment of the scriptural promise of the healing power connected to the keeping of God’s law represented by the 10 Commandment fringes on the borders of his garment… Mark 6:56 records of Christ Jesus’ healing that whithersoever he entered, into villages, or cities, or country, they laid the sick in the streets, and besought him that they might touch if it were but the border of his garment: and as many as touched him were made whole.” (or “perfectly whole” in the account in Matthew 14:36) Here’s to perfect wholeness for you in your faithfully following of the science of the Christ and in expounding and fulfilling God’s laws.]

[W’s PS#5, Cobbey Crisler on John 8:32 (B22)
John 8:32. Here is the recipe for freedom, “It's the truth itself that makes you free." It is the fact that makes you free.” **
Book of John, a Walk with the Beloved Disciple by B. Cobbey Crisler

** Warren's link for you to this passage: You "can't NOT know" thie truth and experience it now as Judy Olson, CSB states in her wonderful "Daily Lift" that unpacks the "recipe for freedom" promise at

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