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True Science reveals man and the universe as the unfoldment of Mind, not matter!
Metaphysical Application Ideas for The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

 ”Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?“
for June 12 through June 18, 2023

by Kathy Fitzer of Lake St. Louis, MO


 We are challenged this week to shift our view of the universe from an accumulation of matter — good and bad — to the Scientific view of unlimited, all-powerful, and all-good Spirit, governing all and maintaining a sense of order and beauty and health.  I had fun considering the definitions of evolved and atomic as given inWebster’s 1828 Dictionary, to which Mary Baker Eddy would have had access, It gave me an expanded view of the subject of this week’s Lesson.  I posed the question this way … “Is the universe, including man, evolved [unfolded, opened, expanded, emitted]  by atomic force [by the atomical philosophy that teaches that atoms are endued with gravity and motion, by which all things were formed, without the aid of a supreme intelligent Being]?”  Certainly, there are those who absolutely believe that life is entirely material — constituted simply of an arrangement of material atoms and molecules.  That has just never made sense to me.  This week’s Lesson presents the opposite view.  The universe wasn’t just formed with “the aid” of a supreme intelligent Being. Rather … God, Spirit, Mind, is the sole Creator of the universe and of man — and that creation is all good!

The Golden Text, as given in the Easy-to-Read translation, reads, “Lord God All-Powerful, there is no one like you. You are strong, Lord, and always faithful.  Everything in heaven and earth belongs to you.  You made the world and everything in it.”  This makes it clear that not atomic particles, but God, is responsible for all life.  If God is all powerful, mindless matter is entirely powerless.  And, because of God’s faithfulness, there is no coming and going of good — rather, it is ever present.

The Responsive Reading reiterates the fact that “by the word of the Lord were the heavens made, and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.”  Remember that breath and Spirit are often closely related in the Hebrew.  In this case, the Hebrew can also be translated “animation” and the “spirit (of the living, breathing being in man and animals)”.  The promises listed here of all that God does in His universe include gathering the waters of the sea, counting and naming the stars, being of infinite understanding and great power; giving rain and making things grow; bringing peace, and producing the finest products; causing the wind to blow and the water to flow.  Because God is good, we can trust that all that God produces is also good.  For this, we are to praise the Lord.

Part of praising is to celebrate and commend the work of God.  What better praise than to acknowledge that God is the only source and the only controlling factor of mankind and the universe.  Recognizing God, good, as possessing all power, we reverse the opposing power, the supposition that matter is in control.  Freedom is the result of recognizing all of creation as being the unfoldment of Mind, rather than of matter.


 Even though it appears that the earth stands still while the sun moves across the sky, astronomical science explains that actually the sun is the center of our solar system, and the planets revolve harmoniously around it.  Just as astronomical science explains the relationship  of the heavenly bodies, Christian Science explains how man and the universe are related to Mind.

Science and Health explains, “Mind, supreme over all its formations and governing them all, is the central sun of its own systems of ideas, the life and light of all its own vast creation; and man is tributary to divine Mind” (citation S5, 209:5-8,10-11).  The material senses tell us that life is a mixture of good and bad, and that we are faced with a lot of things that are not in accord with the supreme goodness of God.  But, rather than being taken in by all of the bad reports, check out what we’re told in Job: “Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.”

We need to reject the thundering and chaos of the physical senses, and instead completely focus on the fact that “God thunderedth marvelously with his voice” (cit. B1, Job 37:5,14). God is constantly radiating His goodness, as the sun radiates its light and heat.  The good, the wholeness, the unity and peace  of God’s creation is complete — and bigger, stronger, and louder than the chaos.  So, the question becomes how do we see and experience God’s creation?

I was struck by the many references in this section to how we perceive the goodness of God. First, we need to be still — silence the false reports — and consider (view attentively) God’s spiritual universe and man made in God’s image, as God’s splendid idea.  Looking at the harmony and order of nature helps.  There are also references to God having created the world by his understanding, and the need to interpret this universe by Science and spiritual understanding.

Think about this statement:  “Only by understanding that there is but one power, — not two powers, matter and Mind, — are scientific and logical conclusions reached” (cit. S4, 270:7-10).  So, that’s the key.  It’s all Mind!  Matter (atomic force) has no influence!  Keep looking for the good of Spirit’s creation until it becomes apparent!


 The key to dispelling the darkness and doubt that so often bombard our thinking is to shift our whole human belief system. Consider this statement regarding traditional theories of evolution: “Evolution describes the gradations of human belief, but it does not acknowledge the method of divine Mind, nor see that material methods are impossible in divine Science and that all Science is of God, not of man.  Darkness and doubt encompass thought, so long as it bases creation on materiality” (cit. S9, 551:12, 24-26).  We get into trouble when we start thinking we are subject to a material evolution (unfoldment) of life.  Popular theories of evolution are based on the idea that matter has creative and morphing capabilities.

Even if we don’t give much daily thought to Darwin’s theory of evolution, we need to be alert to the more subtle suggestions of material history and material development. These can include accepting the behaviors and limitations (or joys and ease) associated with various stages of life, whether identified as colicky (or easy) babies, terrible twos, adolescence, or the traits associated with various generations from the newest Generation Alpha to Baby Boomers.

In reality, there is no youth, middle age, or old age.  There is no material history — of having a happy, privileged, or abusive childhood,  a history of disease,  or a life full of mistakes.  Instead, “the true theory of the universe, including man, is not in material history but in spiritual development” (cit. S10, 547:19,25).

I love this from the Psalms … “Know ye that the Lord he is God:  it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves (cit. B8, Psalm 100:3).  We must acknowledge God as our maker and the only author of all things, supreme in goodness and in power.  Our parents and previous ancestors didn’t make us, and we didn’t even make ourselves.  Understanding this eliminates either pride or discouragement that there are some things we just can’t change.

We hear so much about DNA and things we are simply stuck with.  But, as Warren likes to remind us, DNA simply means (Does Not Apply).  This is the truth of being … “we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God” (cit. B5, I Corinthians 2:12).  We are able to know who we really are — and what is truly going on in our world — by acknowledging that supreme Love and the senses of Soul have given us an understanding of Spirit that enables us to see the reality of the spiritual universe and spiritual man — ever harmonious, complete and productive.


 I appreciated the opportunity to better understand the story given here of Aaron’s rod blossoming.  I went back to the beginning of Numbers 16 to get the backstory.  Some of the Levites (the tribe that had been chosen to minister to the community and perform the work at God’s tabernacle) had come to Moses to question why Aaron was in charge.  They felt slighted.  Moses’ argument was, “[the Lord] has allowed you to approach him, and all your brother Levites with you; yet you seek the priesthood as well!  Therefore you and all your company have gathered together against the Lord.  What is Aaron that you rail against him?” They also complained to Moses that he had not brought them into the land of milk and honey, as promised  (Numbers 16:10,11,14 NRSV).

It appears to me that what some of the Levites lacked was the faith and trust characterized by Moses and Aaron.  Things progressed further, and those who had rebelled were either killed or suffered with plagues. But, Moses made an atonement for all of the people, and the plague was stopped.  Now comes the part in this week’s Lesson where God commands that a staff representing each tribe be placed in the tabernacle at the foot of the covenant.  Aaron’s name was on the staff representing the Levites. The next day, Aaron’s rod — representing the house of Levi — had sprouted, blossomed and produced almonds. This sign was intended to be evidence of Aaron’s leadership and to quiet the rebellion. All of the people saw what had happened. Aaron’s was placed in the tabernacle as a reminder to the people.  The New Interpreter’s Bible also pointed out that this story was given in contrast to one from Numbers 11-12, which denounced charismatic, prophetic leadership.  “The point was made there that priestly leadership is not charismatic and does not arise spontaneously through the power of personality.  Rather, it emerges in response to holiness.”   God chose who could approach him and live, and act as an intercessor between God and man.  There are some who see this as foreshadowing the role of Christ Jesus as the redeemer of mankind from sin.

So, what’s the message for us?  To me, it is a reminder that man’s authority comes from God.  We can apply this at a personal level as we see that our abilities are God-given.  And, these abilities are realized as we view things from the standpoint of Christian Science (“the laws of God and … His government of the universe, inclusive of man”).

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “… business men and cultured scholars have found that Christian Science enhances their endurance and mental powers, enlarges their perception of character, gives them acuteness and comprehensiveness and an ability to exceed their ordinary capacity.  A knowledge of the Science of being develops the latent abilities and possibilities of man. It extends the atmosphere of thought, giving mortals access to broader and higher realms.  It raises the thinker into his native air of insight and perspicacity” [acuteness of discernment or understanding] (cit. S14, 128:4-11,14).  Who doesn’t want all of that???

I have definitely experienced many times (including when taking exams and when writing these notes) that right answers and inspiration comes way more clearly when I stop relying on my own understanding and recognize God as the source of all knowledge and inspiration.  Starting with our own abilities or doing things for our own glory leads to limitation, doubt, and discouragement.  Seeing God as the source frees us to express the infinite nature of Mind.

We can also apply these principles to trusting God to choose those who will lead human governments and correct all evil conditions and circumstances.  Our job is to trust that God is in charge, and no matter how dark the human picture appears, continue to bear the fruit of faith and spiritual vision.  The opening verse from Jeremiah assures us, “blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit” (cit. B9, Jeremiah 17:7,8, NLT).  We must never stop bearing witness to God’s supreme authority!


 Nothing is too hard for God (cit. B12, Jeremiah 32:17).  Our prayer is to have our eyes opened by God in order to see the good that flows from God.  This is viewing things from the standpoint of unlimited divine Science and Spirit, rather than from the perspective of limited physical science.  Joshua followed Moses’ example as he confidently led the Children of Israel into the Promised Land.  I was struck by the fact that the priests stepped right into the deep water (due to the annual flooding of the Jordan) while carrying the Ark (representing the law of God).  After they had confidently stepped in, the waters divided (cit. B14, Joshua 3:7, 8, 14-17).  Do we have the courage and faith to keep moving forward (in thought and action) before the physical evidence has changed? I’m reminded of the second verse of Hymn 278: “Truthful and steadfast though trials betide thee, Ever one thing do thou ask of thy Lord, Grace to go forward, wherever He guide thee, Gladly obeying the call of His word.”

The key is to view things from the perspective of divine Science, rather than judge according to material testimony and physical science. I find these two statements by Mary Baker Eddy very encouraging:  “In divine Science, the supposed laws of matter yield to the law of Mind” (cit. 20, 484:9-11).  And, “When man is governed by God, the ever-present Mind who understands all things, man knows that with God all things are possible” (cit. S21, 180:25-27).

I have seen evidence of being governed by God at various times in my life.  What comes to thought is trusting that questionable moves or course adjustments in school were the result of prayer, and so were right, even when I was tempted to doubt my decisions.  Continuing forward, I saw doors open and progress made.  Also, I have experienced multiple times when a physical healing didn’t seem quite complete, but as I felt divinely led to continue forward with plans, the evidence changed and harmony reigned.  We can trust God to lead as we go to Mind for direction. Expect miracles! Nothing is impossible for God … so nothing is too hard (or impossible) for us!


Jesus fully embodied the light of Christ, and demonstrated the healing power of a right understanding of God and God’s spiritual creation. He didn’t put up with anything that didn’t correspond with God’s spiritual, all-good creation!!

Not only did Jesus heal the multitudes of all kinds of diseases, but he also gave the assurance that “he that followeth me (follows Christ) shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (cit. B19, John 8:1,2,12).  It’s important to realize that Christ — the true idea of God — simply is!  It existed before Jesus and is active now and  forever in human consciousness.

The Psalmist spoke of God making known His “saving health among all nations” (cit. B16, Psalms 67:1,2).  Paul assured the Romans that “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” (cit. B20, Romans 8:2).  The discovery of Christian Science made plain how this healing took place — and continues to take place.

Mary Baker Eddy explains that “Christ illustrates that blending with God, his divine Principle, which gives man dominion over all the earth” (cit. S24, 316:12,21). Jesus completely understood his oneness with Spirit. He understood God to be divine Principle — the source, and law of good governing all of creation, including each and every man, woman, and child.  It was this understanding that brought healing.  This understanding is not out of reach!  We aren’t generating this understanding.

The teachings of Christian Science reveal, “Christ is the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness. The Christ is incorporeal, spiritual, — yea, the divine image and likeness, dispelling the illusions of the senses; the Way, the Truth, and the Life, healing the sick and casting out evils, destroying sin, disease, and death” (Science and Health 332:9–15 Christ).

Our job is to “Stand porter at the door of thought” (cit. S27, 392:21-27).  When someone knocks on the door of your house — or your room — you decide whether to open the door and let them in, or not.  We need to make the same kind of choice when thoughts knock at the door of our thought.  Is the thought one we want hanging around in our lives and in your bodies?  We have the right to reject thoughts that are not Christ-like.  Christ-like thoughts bless, and are full of life, vitality, strength, integrity, etc.  We open our thought wide to those.  But, when thoughts of doubt, fear, sickness, death, or conflict of any sort come knocking, we have divine authority to reject them, and know that the light of Christ destroys such thoughts as naturally as sunlight destroys the dark of night.

As we read in the Christian Science textbook, “…. mortals gain the sense of health only as they lose the sense of sin and disease” (cit. S25, 69:2-5).  As we stick to the facts — that the universe is not evolved by atomic force, but is entirely spiritual, we can trust God to reveal the light of Christ to us which brings healing and dissolves any and all sense of discord or limitation — physical or mental.


Have you ever thought that the purpose of all of creation — the universe and each and every individual living in it — is really to praise God, the Creator of all things?  Without a creation, the Creator cannot be seen.  By my count, some form of the word “praise” is used 268 times in the Bible, with 153 of them occurring in Psalms.  We are told to “Praise ye the Lord … Let them praise the name of the Lord:  for his name alone is excellent; his glory is above the earth and heaven” (cit. B21, Psalm 148:1,3,9,10,12,13).

We may be tempted to think that praising is just one more thing on the checklist of things we need to do if we want to “be good” or to be healed.  And, when we’re struggling with some difficulty, it may seem like the last thing we’re inclined to do.  But … in reality, praising God (even when feeling we are at our lowest) is the means to see God’s creation as it really is — good, pure, upright, and complete!

One of the meanings of praise (taken from the original Hebrew) is to shine — as well as to celebrate.  And, among the definitions of praise from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary are: “to value … to extol or lift up”, “to commend; to applaud, to magnify; to glorify on account of perfections or excellent works”.  Also, to express gratitude for, and finally, “to display the excellence of”.

As we lift up in thought — magnify, glorify, and celebrate — God’s goodness, we are able to see what the mortal view of things would hide.  And, when we accept that we truly are the shine of God and are grateful for that fact — even when it isn’t immediately apparent — the darkness that comes from believing that we are mortal beings living in a material universe is dispelled, and the light of spiritual understanding breaks through!

At this point we don’t have a complete view of God’s amazing spiritual creation.  But, as we keep thought focused on the good — and see the order and beauty of nature as a hint of the order of all of Creation — we can expect to see that order expressed in our lives and in the world.

An approach of blind, Pollyanna-type faith, is not much better than a resolved sense of discouragement.  In order to make our world a better place our joyous confidence must be based on understanding;  we must “learn the way in Christian Science and recognize man’s spiritual being.”  Then “we shall behold and understand God’s creation, — all the glories of earth and heaven and man” (cit. S30, 264:28-1).

Christian Science reveals what is true — reveals the spiritual universe governed by Mind.  It is not out of reach.  Step-by-step, we need to look through the lens of Spirit, rather than through the lens of matter.  We need to not yield to discouragement, and we will see more and more of God’s nature reflected in the nature of God’s universe, including man.

As my favorite sign from the Grand Canyon says, “Going down is optional, coming up is mandatory”.  Letting your thought be lifted up by Love to behold the harmony and peace of Spirit is mandatory!  The smoke (literal and figurative) that hides the clear view of God’s creation must be dispelled by the power of Spirit and Love — the Principle of the universe!

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