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TRICK? Or TREATment! CHOOSE WISELY FOR A HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (classic edition updated)
BONUS Application Ideas by Warren Huff, now CedarS Director Emeritus at

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On Halloween (in U.S. tradition) we all know the game being played and so never are fooled, no matter how outlandishly ugly (or beautiful) the costumes are that are being worn by trick-or-treaters. Also, knocking on the door (of thought) almost every hour year-round are unreal illusions, in all kinds of convincing-looking disguises, coming to TRICK us into believing in the presence and power of evil, as well as of good. Your Halloween can only be truly happy, with blessing spilling over into the rest of your life, as you REMAIN aware that evil is ALWAYS an unreal, masquerading illusion which you refuse to believe is real.

No matter how illusions come masquerading to TRICK you, give them a solid Christian Science TREAT-ment! Remember that every good Christian Science treatment includes BOTH of “the two cardinal points of . . . Christian Science . . . the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good.” (S&H 52:19)

Here is a seven-synonym sample of affirmation-and-denial-TREAT-ments that I’ve found effective to help me remain free and un-fooled by whatever illusion comes calling, no matter how well-disguised it is:

  1. DENY the illusion and false suggestion that our nation, world, community, church, family, school, camp… could ever be fooled with the lie that we are divided and at-odds with one another— that we are bound to always be in strife over conflicting world views or over having a limited supply of good.
    AFFIRM “the mighty actuality” that in the presence and 
    oneness of divine TRUTHwe are all God’s children, united as harmonious parts of the same body – the family of man. Cherish the fact that having an unlimited Father-Mother who knows and supplies all our needs, we can “think (and act) without strife” (from Founder Ruth E. Huff’s “CedarS song”);
  2. DENY the false “notion of chance” (S&H 424:5) and the suggestion that random accidents can possibly occur when our all-good, all-powerful “God… guides every event to our careers.” (Unity of Good 3:28)
    AFFIRM “the mighty actuality,” protecting power and infallible guidance of 
    oneness with PRINCIPLE;
  3. DENY the illusion of personal sense and pride and the false suggestion that they can be part of you to hamper your inspired creativity and mar your divinely artistic expression.
    AFFIRM “the mighty actuality”, reflected humility, and awesome artistry of your
    oneness with SOUL;
  4. DENY the illusion and false suggestion that the supposed genetic code of heredity can determine your IQ, college options, strengths, weaknesses, proclivities …
    AFFIRM “the mighty actuality” of your infinitely intuitive abilities, perfect timing and placement that go hand-in-hand with your 
    oneness with divine MIND;
  5. DENY the illusion and false suggestion that you are a physical being in a body that worships other physical bodies and helplessly lusts after them.
    AFFIRM that, as a spiritual being, you have everything you need in 
    your oneness with divine LOVE, and that you know it!
  6. DENY the illusion and false suggestion that bad things can happen to good people—and when they seem to—see that it’s only unredeemed good that is as yet “invisible to the uninspired thought.” (S&H 573:4)
    AFFIRM “the mighty actuality” that in the presence of 
    your oneness with divine LIFE“ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love God” – even when they don’t seem like it at the time. (Romans 8:28)
  7. DENY illusions such as a “TRICK knee” (or other faulty body parts) and the false suggestion that a favorite physical activity can injury you or bring you pain.
    AFFIRM “the mighty actuality” and the guarded, guided grace of 
    your oneness with the Holy SPIRIT.

    Determined to remain un-fooled with you, no matter what well-disguised “fake news” and views come knocking!

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